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This timeline explores what would have happened if the american forces had failed to win the american revolution. to do this, two PoDs have been used.

  1. During the battle of long island, a fog does not come to cover the american escape. As a result, the American escape is noticed by the British, who put troops on the other side of the river. The Americans, commanded by George Washington are forced to surrender, after several hundred dead and wounded. the captured american troops are sent to prison ships, were hundreds, including George Washington die in the horrible conditions.
  2. The battle of Saratoga went very differently then OTL. The British breakout attempts were successful, letting them to fight the Americans on even ground. The American were dreadfully unprepared for this maneuver, leading to the American army nearly being crushed at Saratoga with only a few escaping. Since the battle destroyed the last major rebel army in the, it motivated the french not to join the fight for America, feeling that nothing good could come of such a fight.


With the rebels in the north largely destroyed, the French offered minimal support for the rebels during the revolution. This was mostly because of the failure at Saratoga, combined with the fact that the continental army was almost completely destroyed at New York. With so little soldiers left, to the French it seemed like They would not help. In addition to this, the Rebels had long since lost much of the support for the revolution, with causletys so high. Thus, the revolution as a failure, and is now either refers to as "The American Uprisings" or, "The Failed Revolution."

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