Have you ever asked yourself a what if question about tech? Hopefully this is your answer.

So What Happens in this different world?

  • Betamax Defeats VHS in the first format war.
  • The video game market crashes completely in '83, video games are now mostly played on computers and mobile devices.
  • DVD succeeds the Betamax instead of VHS.
  • Blockbuster Video purchases Netflix for 50 Million in 2000.
  • Digital HD Betamax is the current standard for recording as the DVR concept was not popular with most people.
  • The Microsoft Zune defeats the iPod, Apple goes out of business.
  • HD DVD Defeats Blu Ray in the Second Format War.
  • Apple is no longer a household name with the failure of the iPod and iPhone, the iPad is never made.
  • Microsoft dominates the tech industry in Computers, Video Games, and Mobile Devices.

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