24 September 1940 Devon: It was warm for the end of autumn. John looked across the sea. The Dunkirk evacuation had brought half of the British army back. It was not the best but it could have been worse. Then he saw it. It was a few planes to begin with then more and more but they were not the RAF planes since they had run out planes more than factories could make. He knew they were Ju52s. Some with gliders. All supported by Me109s. But instead of swastikas on them they had lighting bolts instead.

22nd October 1919 Vienna: "Mr Adolf Hitler, please come in" said the gallery owner. The young man with the eye patch and mustache stood up. Back in 1917 Hitler had blinded in one eye by a shell. He was discharged two months later with portrait of staff at the hospital. He got 10,000 marks now. He was interested in art again. A art collector was interested and gave him a option for him and his wife to be Eva. "Well, I am here to tell you, Mr Hitler that Englishman is interested in your work" said the gallery owner getting a cigar out of box."Well who is he" asked Hitler. "Well, he is named Winston Churchill and he is giving you a ticket to America" said the owner. "I accept it but two questions: how much is he giving and who are you?" said a bemused Hitler. "Well, he is offering one million pounds and I am called Hershel Dietrich or once Captain Hershel Dietrich" as he lifted up one of his trouser legs to reveal a stump where half of his leg should have been.

2nd of May 1932 Berlin: Otto Shunbeck looked at the crowd and they loved him. His DFP was beating the DAP and the communists. His party was a Non Communist but said every religion should join. Like the Jews which were one of factors that helped. While DAP were Anti-Semitic he was not - which meant more party members for him. His friend Herman Andyol was in charge of the SR and the SS. His Chief of Propaganda Hans Thinklman was Jewish which helped a lot when it came down posters and speeches. Otto knew he would win.

15th of June 1933 New York: "Adolf you have done it again" said Hershel with huge grin. "You and your family get 5,000,000 from Molotov." It looked he had done well but tomorrow he was going to Germany do a portrait of Führer or leader of Germany. Otto Shunbeck. His polices applied to quite a lot of people. Because he was Non antisemitic he let anyone from any religion. Un like the DAP which was now outlawed and leaders shot. The communists had been exiled to Russia. Hitler got ready to go with Hershel. He would come back in time for his sons graduation.

8th of August 1938 Vienna: Albert looked at the city and wondered why his Führer needed him. He learned that he was minister for armaments. Fritz Todt retired the same day meaning the only person who could fill in the gap was Speer. The Führer's bodyguards were there which included Bruno Gesche, Emil Maurice and his most trusted bodyguard Reinhard Heidrich. Albert Speer was given a project to put 75mm high velocity cannons on his tanks. There would be at least 2000 tanks would be ready by 24th September 1940.

24th of September 1940 Devon: Herman felt stupid in the early hours. He had landed with other paratroopers. He knew that it was 10.00am and four hours earlier the ground troops had landed all across the coastline but he couldn't help, though, because he was stuck in a tree. But he saw three home guard soldiers in the wood. "Damn!" he thought.

24th of 'September 1940 Devon: Arthur looked around for any parachutists. He couldn't see any. The reason he was in the home guard, not the army, was because he got his foot blown off by a stupid farmer who thought he was a fox. Well, being in the home guard was better than being in the army because he got to stay at home. He got a tommy gun given and he could wear tweed. Then out of nowhere he heard a sound from above. He looked up and saw a paratrooper hanging in the tree and he was alive.

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