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Pink Floyd-logo
A Different Floyd is a alternate history of Pink Floyd and music in general.

It describes what would happen if Roger Waters didn't leave the band in 1985. Waters decides to redo the band's album The Final Cut and instead decides to release it as A Requiem for the Post War Dream in 1983 as a rock opera and double album, It would go on to sell over 9,000,000 (4,000,000 OTL) copies world wide and would generate 4 (1 OTL) singles and become a commercial success. But there best was yet to come, there next album Radio K.A.O.S (which also became a double rock opera) would be comparably great as The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon, It would sell over 21,000,000 copies worldwide and become one of the best selling records of all time. It dawned 5 singles including two well known singles "Yet Another Movie" and the world widely known "The Tide Is Turning".

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