A Different Britain
Note- This TL is still under construction

In OTL's 2010 UK Election, the Liberal Democrats experienced a surge of support in opinion polls after leader Nick Clegg's perceived strong performance in the debates. Dubbed "Cleggmania", this hype ultimately came to nothing. However, a Con/LibDem coalition government was successfully negotiated, taking the Liberal Democrats into government for the first time.

But, what if leadership rival Chris Huhne had beaten Nick Clegg in the 2007 leadership election? During the 2010 campaign, several scandals emerge around Huhne, and he is forced to step down because of them (as well as poor results in the election). The Party decides not to negotiate a coalition with the Conservative Party, meaning Britain is ruled by a minority Conservative government instead. Nick Clegg is elected Liberal Democrat leader in July 2010, and shortly after he and several other key figures in the party negotiate a supply and confidence deal with the Conservatives in exchange for some concessions.

This alternate history will have big consequences for British politics.

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