The Fürher of the German Reich, Adolf Hitler, stared at his map of Europe and North Africa, wondering what his governments next step should be. The date was 17th December, 1940. Hitler believed that the USSR was where Germany should go, but could they? Germany may or may not have the resources for such a daring move, and even so, could they fully occupy the ENTIRE country? And what about resistance afterwards? Hitler eventually determined that the plan was suicide for the nation, he then looked to the other side of Europe, to Ireland. The Fürher believed that if he could get the Irish on his side maybe, just maybe, he could attack the British mainland via that way, but not with Ireland's current form of government. Hitler also looked on to the Middle East where Britain's precious oil reserves lied, Hitler decided that if he was to run the British down he would need to cut off oil reserves, this would, of course, also be a benefit for the German Reich. Hitler then called his secretary "Secretary!" He bellowed, "Yes my Fürher?" She answered. "Get me in contact with Eoin O'Duffy of the Irish Free State immediately!" He shouted to her, the fate of Europe, and the world, was sealed.

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