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Introduction and Foreword

Hello, I am Teonod. an amateur historian. The following texts will be an alternate history about what would happen if the Persians had conquered Greece in 5th century BC. This is not a scientific theory or "I think it would have been like this", it is impossible to know. Instead, this is a, "It would be really cool if that happened".

Now, let's get started.

Mardoniye's campaign

Mardoniye, son of Gobryas, is credited with the first successful conquest of Greece.

After defeating the Greek forces led by the Spartan King Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae, King Xerxes returned to Persia to gather a second army, seeing the great casualties the Spartans managed to inflict on the much larger Achaemenid force.

Mardoniye was left in command of the Persian troops, he embarked all his forces onto the fleet, abandoning the Boeotian region completely. Setting sail for Athens, the Persians pillaged every coastal settlement the could find while sailing around Attica.

The much smaller Greek fleet was lying ready for battle in the Straits of Salamis. Slow and steady wins the race, Mardoniye did not engage, entering the straits would remove any maneuverability from the massive fleet.


Vidarna, commander of the "Ten Thousand Immortals", disembarked just outside Athens, laying siege to it.

The ships were split up so they could block the Greek navy from leaving the straits.

Then began the waiting, it took three weeks.

After one week of minor stalemates and skirmishes, the Greek fleet was destroyed when they sallied/sailed out of the straits trying to break the blockade. The ships hadn't been able to land since the entire coast was occupied by the enemy. And they had started running out of water.

Another week later the entire countryside had been plundered by Vidarna, children was spared from the slaughter, instead they were held hostage. The Persians proclaimed to the Greeks that a child would die every 5 minutes until the city surrendered.

The persian archers had 10 hour shifts during which they bombarded the city nonstop.

Three weeks into the siege a fire broke loose in the city, killing thousands of people and breaking the last of Greek morale. They surrendered and opened the gates. Every living being in the city was beheaded and burned.

I haven't written a lot and still it took 1,5 hours and a lot of energy. Now im going to go play computer games. See you later!

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