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Map- ACW

What would the world be like if the White Army won the Russian Civil War? Here's one scenario.

The year is 1917; the whole world has been engaged in a bloody conflict for years. In the Russian Empire, Tsar Nicholas II is overthrown, ultimately causing a civil war.

However, in this alternate world, the conflict is much different. Instead of the Bolshevik revolutionaries winning the civil war, the White Army manages to defeat them. The Soviet Union would never be founded, and Communism would remain just a theory, even now.

Due to resistance from the Russian population, the Red Army has trouble recruiting enough soldiers to win the war, creating a much smaller Red Army. The White Army easily takes out the weaker Reds, creating a world much different from ours.

The White Army captures Mongolia and Tuva instead of the Reds, giving China more capitalist influence. The Chinese Civil War never happens, and China remains the Republic of China. China's warlordism never becomes as powerful as it was; it gets easily stopped by China and Russia. The Cold War never happens, either, as the USSR never comes into existence; thus no Korean or Vietnam wars ever happen.


The main PoD in this timeline is the Bolsheviks winning the Russian Civil War. There are numerous other non-civil war related PoDs in this timeline, including the following:

  • Russia and China go to war against the Chinese warlordism, with a Chinese victory.
  • Russia eventually annexes Finland after the fall of the Russian Empire.
  • Russia attempts to invade the Baltic countries like the USSR did during WWII, however they team up and they founded the Union of Baltic States.
  • Germany eventually conquered the new nation.
  • Japan annexed Hawaii after the Pearl Harbor bombings.
  • Kurdish Iraqi rebels helped the Allies in WWII in hopes of making a Kurdish state. This led to an Iraqi civil war.
  • Danzig gained independence after WWII.
  • Pakistan helps Hyderabad not get annexed by India during the first Indo-Pakistan War.


Year Events
  • The February Revolution occurs.
  • The October Revolution occurs.
  • The Russian Civil War starts.
  • The White Army takes Moscow.
  • Finland gains independence from Russia.
  • The White Army begins their attempt to stop the Communist takeover.
  • The White Army regains Moscow.
  • The Bolsheviks conquer the entire Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • Russia exits World War I.
  • Revolts take place in the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • The White Army regains the railway.
  • Japan occupies the eastern portion of the railway.
  • World War I ends.
  • The White Army takes a majority of the Bolshevik-owned territory in western Russia.
  • The Bolsheviks occupy the Crimean peninsula.
  • The Red Army loses most of their southern Russian land.
  • The treaty of Versailles is signed.
  • Trotsky is assassinated, leading to no July 15th offensive. This offensive ultimately lead to the Red Army's victory in our world.
  • Pro-Bolshevik partisans rise near Japan's territory. Japan and the partisans fight.
  • The Allies exit the civil war.
  • The White Army begins their conquest for Mongolia.
  • The White Army successfully conquers Mongolia.
  • The larger White Army successfully defeats the anarchists.
  • The civil war ends, with a White victory.
  • The Republic of Russia is founded.
  • Mongolia and Tuva gain their independence from China.
  • Due to Ukraine being occupied by the Bolsheviks, even at the end of the war, Ukraine became communist; but this only lasted for around two decades.
  • Russia and China team up and declare war on the Chinese warlords.
  • The war ends with a Chinese victory.
  • In an attempt to gain some of their old land back, Russia invades Finland. They declare war.
  • The war ends with a Russian victory. Finland is annexed by Russia.
  • China annexes the UK's colony of Weihai.
  • Japan annexes the Hawaiian islands.
  • Japan's puppet state, Manchukuo, is founded.
  • World War II begins, with the Russian Republic and the Republic of China helping the allies.
  • Germany conquers Danzig, the "Czech" portion of Czechoslovakia.
  • Germany attempts to invade Poland, but the Russian forces are able to evacuate the German forces out of Poland.
  • Italy annexes Albania.
  • Germany invades Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and parts of France.
  • In an attempt to gain more influence, Russia invades Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.
  • In response to this, they form the Union of Baltic States.
  • Germany sees the mini-war as an advantage and attempts to invade Russia and the UBS.
  • Germany conquers the western portion of the Union of Baltic States and a small part of Russia.
  • The USA begins their involvement in World War 2 after the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor
  • Mongolia and Tuva join the allies.
  • Kurdish Iraqi rebels begin fighting for the Allies in hopes of creating an independent Kurdish state.
  • Yugoslavia temporarily collapses; Serbia and parts of Greece become Nazi puppet states.
  • Germany loses all of its Russian land.
  • All of France is conquered by Germany.
  • Albania gains independence, but it, Serbia, Ukraine, and all of Greece become Nazi puppet states.
  • The war on Germany and Italy ends.
  • Germany gives independence to all of the areas that became puppet states or were annexed entirely.
  • Unlike in our world, the Czech Republic gains independence without rejoining Slovakia, and Danzig gains independence.
  • Yugoslavia is re-created.
  • The USA nukes Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The war on Japan ends.
  • The Japanese empire falls, all of their territories gain independence. These include Korea, Manchukuo, Taiwan, and various islands. Not wanting to give territories to their enemies, Japan and China made an agreement allowing Taiwan and Manchukuo to become independent states.
  • The UN is created. The founding members are the USA, the UK, Russia, China, Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, Tuva, Manchukuo, Taiwan, Tibet, Afghanistan, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden. The council of five are the same as in our timeline.
  • Due to their siding with the allies in WWII, an Iraqi civil war occurs between the Kurds and the rest of Iraq.
  • France agrees to let Germany extend its borders so the recently re-created Saar isn't entirely enclaved within France. Saar never was annexed by Germany, either.
  • The Russo-Ukrainian War begins.
  • Kashmir & Jammu, Hyderabad, India, and Pakistan gain independence from the UK. The latter two went to war almost immediately after.
  • India attempts to invade Hyderabad, not wanting a large nation enclaved within it, but Pakistan helps Hyderabad out and expands its border up to East Pakistan.
  • The USA intervenes with the Iraqi civil war, siding with the Kurds.
  • Being the superpower that it is, the USA quickly beats the Iraqi army and creates a Kurdish nation.
  • The Indo-Pakistani war ends.
  • The Russo-Ukrainian War ends. Ukraine is forced to drop Communism.
  • France gives its colony of Indochina independence. It goes down peacefully, as the USSR doesn't exist in this timeline.
  • The Second Russo-Japanese War begins.
  • The EU is founded by France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany,
  • The Second Russo-Japanese War ends.
  • Alaska and Hawaii become US states.
  • France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany decolonize Africa.
  • Kazakh separatists rise in Russia wanting independence.
  • A referendum is held, a majority of voters vote "yes". The nation of Kazakhland is formed, with a similar location to that of the Kazakh nation prior to Russian annexation.
  • Danzig, Denmark, the UK, and Ireland join the EU.
  • Greece joins the EU.
  • Spain and Portugal join the EU.
  • Croatia and Slovenia gain independence from Yugoslavia.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina gain independence from Yugoslavia.
  • Macedonia gains independence from Yugoslavia.
  • Sweden, Saar, Austria, and Ukraine join the EU.
  • Serbia and Montenegro is founded from the land Yugoslavia used to claim.
  • Russia, the Czech Republic, the Union of Baltic States, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia join the EU.
  • The Middle Eastern War begins.
  • Montenegro and Serbia gain independence from Yugoslavia.
  • Kosovo declares independence from Serbia; everyone in the council of five agrees unlike in our world, where Russia and China were against Kosovo independence. Serbia reluctantly agrees and gives Kosovo independence.
  • Croatia joins the EU.
  • Iraq and Syria join the Middle Eastern War.

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