Never in the field of human conflict, has so much, been owed by so many, to so few. - Winston Churchill

Welcome to ASB Belligerence, a fun game that combines the elements of both orthodox map games (i.e., Principia Moderni and Axis vs Allies) and unorthodox map games (i.e., Alternate Nations).

Note: Anyone interested in the history or military progression of this game should Check out this page. Anyone interested in the scientific progress of the game's nations, can Check out this page

ASB Belligerence 22

The Current Map


The rules are simple:

  • To play as a nation you must create one first
  • To create a nation, you must include the climate, currency, literacy rate, national sport, etc. Along with a short history of the nation
  • You are allowed to create as many nations as possible, however, keep in mind that you may only post again after five turns
  • OTL Nations are forbidden
  • Nations can be set anywhere between modern day and prehistory
  • Keep everything logical. Don't include Cybermen or Space Ninjas
  • Once a nation falls to your control, it becomes a puppet state
  • You may form a union with another nation, as long as both parties consent
  • Keep your nations around the same size as Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Augmentations are allowed, trans-humanism is banned
  • Turns will begin every day at 16:00/4:00 PM MT
  • To keep corruption to a minimum, only head mods are allowed to ban
  • Failure to follow these rules once will result in a one week ban
  • Failure to abide by these rules twice will result in a month-long ban
  • Failure to follow these rules thrice will result in a two-month ban
  • Failure to follow these rules four times and over will result in a perma-ban
  • Have fun

Modus Superprimus

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De Jure Mod

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Eric4e-Vandalising map games, attempting to get off the blacklist, Perma-banned.

Nation Sign up


  • The Shogunate States of Japan OMGdidiwin
  • Socialist Commonwealth Republics of Scandinavia and Britain:Tao64 (Conquered by Japan)
  • Gambian Catholic Hippie League - Claus
  • Union of German States Kirbs01 (talk) 06:38, August 22, 2015 (UTC)
  • Communazi Republic of West Russia


  • Empire of Zimbabwe (Evacuated due to the MRSK-1 virus)

East Asia


  • The Socialist Scandinavian Union or S.S.U. (created after the Japanese breakup of the Socialist Commonwealth)
  • Roman Republic (Occupied by Japan after the Formidae invasion)

North America

  • Confederate States of America-Vatonica (Temporarily co-occupied by the Shogunate states of Japan and the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy)
  • United Neruviks of Mamothia (Exterminated and Occupied by the Formidae)

Central and South America

  • United Kingdom of the Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

Polynesia and South Asia


Turn One - Turn 20

Round 21

  • PASA sends galaxionaut Alma Vosk to explore the anomaly on Eris (Which PASA has nicknamed the "Eris Relay"). However, instead of finding the frozen planet, Vosk discovers a ring of ice and debris (which is most likely the former ice-dwarf) orbiting a metal frame. At the center of the structure, is the same sphere of energy that the Huang Jiang drone was able to record. Intrigued by the contraption, Vosk decides to pilot the lander into the Relay. Communication was lost for six seconds, before returning back to Vosk. She reports that after she entered the Relay, her ship was launched at FTL speeds and ended up exiting a similar Relay orbiting an unknown planet in the Glise 436 System. PASA names the Planet, "Vosk", in honor of the galaxionaut. Astronomers back at PASA are also having trouble identifying what the Eris Relay truly is. Some speculate that it may be a wormhole, given that traveling at FTL speeds would require you to have negative-mass, and even then, it would still take you 75 years to travel to the the planet. Others speculate that it may be a cosmic engine. More galaxionauts are sent out to research the vessel. Almost as immediately as Alma's landing on Vosk, an impractically corporatist alien faction named, "Aesmar Kha'l Thenus (The Aesmar Sovereignty)", files a lawsuit against the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy for unsolicited usage of technology on their region of space. The Confederacy argues that ancient technology should be the shared inheritance of everybody, as long as improves the quality of life for everyone, however, Aesmar Kha'l Thenus insists that the Confederacy should pay the allotted total for infringement on privately-owned property. PASA sends diplomats to the Aesmar home-planet in hopes of making peace with the faction and dropping the unneeded lawsuit. Upon hearing about the Shogunate's discoveries on Venus, PASA sends galaxionauts and construction drones to settle the area and propose a trade agreement with the Dominion of Oll'ekda Demaarvys. The Confederacy is able to construct two bases on the planet, before the Venusian Relic activates again. The same hazmat clad Ant-like creatures (PASA has nicknamed them "Formidae" after the Latin word for ant) appear from the portal and begin attacking the Polish-Aztlano and Japanese bases on the planet. Within a mere two minutes, the Formidae are able to overpower and destroy the bases and surrounding Oll'ekdan settlements. Upon hearing of the damage, The Confederacy begins sending tank-landers to the planet's surface, and proposes a military alliance with the Dominion. The Confederacy also begins construction of "Hive-ships", ships surrounded by plasma-cannon fitted drones that are not only less expensive than mechs, but also deal more collateral damage. After making contact with Lmvnopp, the Genistiwakkan Order and the Farlander tribes, PASA decides that they cannot solely rely on electronic translators, and instead begin sending diplomats and linguists to learn the languages of Mars. The Confederacy also proposes the idea of an Interplanetary Fleet, and invites its allies to join.
  • After learning of the attack from the Formidae the Shogunate States of Japan send a team of twelve Mark II Lancelots to Venus along with a million bionically modified soldiers and ten million specially designed drones. A military alliance is created between the Dominion of Oll'ekda Demaarvys, Poland-Aztlan and Japan. The Japanese learn that the Formidae are an ancient group that has been trying to keep Venus pure for some time. They have carried out genocides of entire species in order to preserve the culture of the planet. Japan does not stand for this and joins the Interplanetary Fleet and demands a complete invasion of known Formidae bases. Japanese fugitives that were once part of the Shinotenshi are spotted in OTL Quebec. They use the CN Tower to broadcast a strange program. Within a few minutes more than 50,000 citizens are found paralyzed dead. Japan officially declares war on the ex-Shinotenshi members and dubs them "Shi" which simply means death. They also add them to the list of terrorists and urge members of UNATCO to help eliminate them before anymore lives are lost. The Shogunate States also establish permanent bases in Lmvnopp and Ika-Kidla Delai and begin extensive search on the Martian and Venusian languages. Strangely, many of the Japanese scientists are able to pick up some of the Martian tongue due to a distant relation to Kanji.
  • The Union continues to monitor the stars, watching. The Kaiser hears of the Interplanetary Fleet, and informs the PAC that they would join when they had the necessary technology. The Mercury probe picks up odd signals, prompting a space ship launch to investigate. What was found was not an alien civilization, but the remnants of one long past. It had an odd structure on it that looked like the Eris Relay, except without a bluish glow and with massive cracked areas. Also found is an odd substance, mildly radioactive in its impure form, dubbed "Cadentium" after the Latin word for fall, since the scientists who discovered it did so by tripping over it. German scientists have no idea about what to do with these developments. For now, development begins into spacecraft capable of mounting Howitzer Z1's, and S41 rifles and Howitzer Z1 cannons begin being retrofitted on what used to use conventional ammunition. Equipment begins being transported to Mercury to study the discoveries made there.
  • In an attempt to make a larger empire, Gambia makes claims on Cyprus, Crete, the Bahamas, the Lower Antilles, Bermuda, the Maldives, and the uncolonized portion of Central-Southern Africa.
  • The Communazi Republic joins the interplanetary fleet and creates the space citadel, a floating fortress in space that can fire plasma from space to its desired target. We create the Russian Mars Colony "New Russia". We establish permanent trading bases and embassies in all of the countries in Mars except The Farlands and Ika-Kilda Delai. We were informed that some of the Farlander Tribes were Land Pirates such as The Rsullvertpon Tribe and The Feghinejrrioklut Tribe, and we do not establish any bases in Ika-Kilda Delai because we do not want the Iritkisins to be angered at us. We were informed that The Old Empire, also known as Xunrue were once The kingdom that unified all the countries therefore spreading knowledge of each of the races throughout Mars for 700 Mars Years until The Farlander Horde begin the Great Invasion of Xunrue which resulted to a Farlander Victory. After the invasion both Xunrue and The Farlander Horde dissolved. We begin sending cosmonauts Maxim Simyolov and Sonya Gorelova to Venus to interact with The Venusians and specifically to build a base near Dominion of Oll'ekda Demaarvys. We send Twenty Bogatyrs, a million bionically modified Cosmo soldiers and Two thousand Mk.II Landcruisers to defend our cosmonauts. We get into deep research about Martian and Venusian languages. We begin mass production of mobile tank castles and Aircraft capable to be used in Mars such as the Yak-74, MIG-28 and Vorobey-45. Our scientists and researchers in Mars observed that the Martians don't drink but eat food that grows inside certain rocks in Mars and we found a new type of liquid substance that is similar to oil and is nicknamed "Red Gold". As there are an abundance in New Russia we establish oiled fields and oil rigs with permission from The Iritkisin Empire (whom never knew about these machines). We send C.S.S. "puteshestvennik" to Pluto but members of the spaceship spot an unknown spacecraft near them and were sent a radio message saying the following words, "Turn back now, we are The Vergotinihlyypoel Horde and we are not afraid to intervene". Our crew members were mystified about how they could speak Russian. We immediately turn back seeing the enormous spacecraft armada. We warn the other nations about the Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde.

Round 22

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy renames the Hive-ships, "Habakkuk fleets", after the old testament prophet who prophesied the fall of Jerusalem, and begins deploying 50 of them to combat the Formidae threat. PASA also sends a million Nano-augmented soldiers and 500 tank-landers to aid the Habakkuk fleets. The Habakkuk fleets are able to drive back the Formidae, and clear an area around the Venusian Portal. Deciding that there is not enough time before the Formidae break through the barricade, Polish-Aztlano soldiers begin entering the portal, hoping to gain a tactical advantage over their ant-like nemesis. Outside, soldiers are also able to retrieve the corpses of a male and female Formida (both soldiers), and send them to the University of Tlapan for research. Through their spies and diplomats on Aesmar, the Confederacy is able to learn that the Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde is a secessionist group currently fighting a civil war against Aesmar Kha'l Thenus, and has begun turning to the Sol System for possible support. The Confederacy also learns that the reason Vergotinighlyypoejj was able communicate with the Russians was because of an anonymous Earth terrorist group supplying them with e-translators. Fingers are being pointed at Invisible Faction, however, UNATCO reminds the populace that IF has no access to military units or spaceships. Joint Task Force 27, however, is able to locate three unauthorized spaceship launches off the coast of the Balkan Peninsula, and immediately begins mobilizing. The Confederacy is also proposing a military alliance with Aesmar, on the terms that they drop the impractical lawsuit. Fearing that human terrorist groups may make contact with alien terrorist groups, the Confederacy proposes the idea to expand UNATCO into the Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism Coalition (IPATCO) to the rest of its human and alien allies. PASA detects an usually object hurtling past the Kuiper Belt. The Oberon Satellite is sent to report on the object. A portal similar to the one on Venus opens up in north Scotland. The portal is dormant for five days, before Formidae troops emerge and begin exterminating the populace. Upon hearing the news, the Confederacy rushes to the Socialist Commonwealth's aid and encourages its allies to do so to. PASA also discovers two new substances on Charon, and names them, "Hiktrum" and "Solid Argon".
  • Japan immediately sends troops to OTL Northern Ireland and launches attacks on the advancing Formidae. After the battle is over the Shogunate States surround the portal and declare Scotland to be a protectorate of Japan until they are able to close the portal. Japan learns that Shi has been sending signals to the aggressive Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde. Shogunate Kai urges the members of IPATCO to join in the search for the members of Shi before they start a way between Earth and the Vergotinighlyypoejj and wipe out the entire Human Race. The Japanese also discover a black hole on a journey to the edge of the galaxy. The ship named "The Emperor" is pulled into but exactly 33 minutes later it emerges and crashes into Earth. The astronauts on the ship were somehow able to collect a sample of the dark matter in the hole and they soon begin working on a weapon. The Shogunate shut down the project and quarantine it knowing that if a weapon was created it would be used for evil purposes. (I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add maps of a terraformed Mars and Venus because this is getting a little confusing).
  • Mod Response: I'll work on that.
  • The Communazi Republic have already learned the Iritkisin Language from help by the Iritkisins and we start trade with the other Martian Factions. We create the Asteroid spaceships, ships capable to be fast and destroy anything like an asteroid. We begin mass production of asteroid spaceships to protect New Russia. We send 700 Bogatyrs, 800 Mk.II Landcruisers and tqo million soldiers to eliminate Formidae that was spotted at Russian Hawaii. We send two million Bogatyrs to Scotland to test the power of the Bogatyrs and to finish off the Formidae. Our cosmonauts in Venus make four permanent bases and were able to ward off Formidae by using our powerful Bogatyrs. We send our Cosmonaut Prokhor Pavlovich Khabalov to inspect Mercury but on the way we find a nomadic space civilization called The Quefeksmarr Nomads, which roams the part of space near Mercury. Our Cosmonauts nickname them "Venetian Nomads" because the whole civilisation is giant city floating in space the size of Luxembourg and are nomads. We make contact with them and we are greeted by the friendly Leader of The Quefeksmarrians "Hemugin (President) Asteakarn Tyatunskarr" and they requested us a trade agreement. We accept their trade agreement, to learn more about the civilisation.
  • German scientists on Mercury have discovered, after some experimentation, that Cadentium is highly radioactive when purified of other rocks native to the Mercurian surface. Additionally, the Eris Relay-like structures, named the Pillars of Dual Destinies after the very bipolar climates of Mercury, are found to be made of a different substance, named Dualium after the structure from which they came. Progress has yet to be made into the nature of the structure. Hearing of the Vergotinighlyypoejj horde, the new German starships, dubbed simply starships, are designed to more closely mimic a heavily-armed and armored Flying Citadel in space. Existing Flying Citadels are used to drop Landkreuzers and other supporting paratroopers into Formidae-occupied Scotland, as well as deciding to test the MRSK-1 bomb, or "Murker," on Formidae troops to see if viruses originating from Earth would have effect on aliens. Further infrastructure is built on the surface of Mercury, with hopes to eventually incorporate the entire planet into the German Union. More Landkreuzers and Para-heavies are constructed.

Round 23

  • Upon researching the Formidae corpses, the University of Tlapan discovers that they do not have voice boxes or any sound manipulation organs. The University hypothesizes that the species must communicate neurally. The University begins experimenting on the brains. The University also discovers that the male and female Formidae samples are actually two different species. Polish-Aztlano spies report that the Formidae functions much like an ant colony. Due to the absence of a hive queen, the spies deduce that the female genome must've died out sometime in their prehistory. Faced with mating or going extinct, the ant-like male proto-Formidae must've mated with an all female aphid-like species, forming the modern Formidae race. The spies also hypothesize that society and the government function like a brotherhood or a fraternity. Upon hearing about the Quefeksmarr Nomads, PASA sends diplomacy ships out to make peace and propose a possible trade agreement with the Nomadic nation. The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy is able to learn every Martian Language (with the exception of North Martian) and begin sending diplomats to learn Oll'ekdan and Quefeksmarr. The Aesmar Sovereignty agrees to drop the lawsuit and agrees to join the Interplanetary Fleet, on the condition that outside nations must ask before using the Eris Relay. PASA begins exploring the icy surface of Vosk, before discovering a strange structure beneath the ice. The Shaka Zulu drone is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, PASA begins experimenting with the Eris Relay's core, which the Confederacy has named "Trans-hydrogen", due to its structure being composed of one proton and one positron, making it neither matter nor anti-matter but a transmatter substance. This allows the beamous substance to have a negative weight, without spontaneously exploding on contact. PASA begins developing trans-hydrogen warp cores, capable of bringing a ship to post-FTL speeds. PASA also discovers a new metal on Vosk that shares the same properties as argon gas. PASA nicknames the metal "Solid Argon". Two more Formidae portals open up on Earth. One opens up in Neruvik territory, decimating the entire nation. The other opens up in the middle of the Roman Republic, occupying most of its land. The Polish-Aztlano military is able to advance on the Formidae and drive them back, however, the ant and aphid-like menace have a new trick up their sleeves. They begin releasing a vapor across their territory, that would cause any Humans, Martians or Venusians to spontaneously combust on contact. Due to their genetic structure, the Formidae are safe from this gas. The University of Tlapan begins working on a counter-agent to the gas and asks other research facilities to do so as well. Upon hearing of the Formidae's exploits, the Great North Martian Empire launches an attack on both the Iritkisin Empire and Ika-Kidla Delai, occupying both of their capitals. The Polish-Aztlano Military aids the two nations by sending 500 Habakkuk fleets, 10,000 Tank-landers and well over three million Nano-augmented troops.
  • With the collapse of Mammothia, Gambia expands, expanding their Alaskan colony.
  • The Japanese create a sound weapon that is able to interfere with Formidae communications and allows them to advance on the land in the Roman Republic. Mostly robots are used for the invasion but some biologically enhanced soldiers also go. Soon after the wake of the battle the portal in the Roman Republic is surrounded and the Shogunate States declare the remaining area of Rome to be a protectorate of Japan. Japan receives lots of civil unrest in the Socialist Commonwealth so they launch a major attack on the area. A short battles ensues and Japan, thanks to their superior military, carves out two new states: Great Britain and Ireland and declare that all of the Socialist Commonwealth belongs to them for the time being. The Shogunate insist it is to protect the people from further harm from the Formidae but riots begin all over the land. Soon entire colonies annex themselves and all Japan is left with is Great Britain, Ireland, the East and Northernmost American colonies, Greenland, the Alaskan colony and the land in India. The other colonies that annexed themselves quickly suffer from poverty and fall apart, all except one: The Scandinavian Powers (Consisting of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway; it is similar to OTL UK). The Shogunate States also learn that the terrorists organization, Shi, has grown and managed to create Seppuku X-1, a highly advanced version of the original product that is able to spread much more swiftly. Shi raids the North Coast of Russian Australia and kills thousands. Japan sends its elite group of Mark III Lancelots to stop it and succeed but a large portion of North Australia is left desolate. The Japanese are willing to help West Russia rebuild if they will help to hunt down and eliminate Shi who are now presumed to be hiding in the Outback.
  • With the Shi in The Outback, The Communazi Republic sends The Vecherniye Kazaki to hunt them down and they successfully eliminated seven of the members. With the Formidae in Rome, we launch a massive counterattack on The Roman Balkans and Southern Italy, occupying all of the territories. We declare war on The Great Northern Martian Empire because of our military alliance with The Iritkisin Empire as we send eight million Bogatyrs, three million mobile Tank castles, nine million drones, 900 thousand Mars aircraft, seven million Mk.II Landcruisers and three million nano modified cosmo soldiers. With the overwhelming amount of our military forces in Mars, we are able to occupy its capital and the central territory of The Great Northern Empire. We are also able to retake The Iritkisin capital and defend the empire itself. We have already learned all the languages on Mars with the exception of the Farlander Languages. We ask the Aesmar sovereignty for permission to use the Eris Relay to discover more planets. The Quefeksmarr nomads inform us that they left Mercury to settle in other planets, the reason is that Formidae are currently attacking Mercury.
  • Japan already owns the remnants of the Roman Republic but the Shogunate are willing to give the Balkans to West Russia if they promise to protect them. The Japanese keep Southern Italy (now called Hetalia) and Greece as protectorates.
  • The Communazi Republic pledge to protect Japan, IF they accept an alliance with us, or we can have a personal union. (Sorry for making another mistake, please forgive me).
  • Japan's Response: It's fine! We accept an alliance because the Socialist Commonwealth no longer exists. Japan gives Russia the part of the Balkans that are closest to Northern Italy. They also ask if West Russia is willing to sell the Netherlands to them.
  • The German scientists find their first civilization on Mercury! Unfortunately, it's the Formidae. Luckily, German Celestial Citadels are able to transport Xenotanks and Xenokreuzers in large enough numbers to put down the invasion. The source is a similar structure to those found in the Commonwealth, and looks like a non-broken version of the Pillars of Dual Destinies. Near these, they find their first Mercurian civilization on Mercury. They attack German scouts. The Germans attack back. The Germans occupy the entire surface of Mercury. Infrastructure follows after the Xenosoldiers, incorporating the entire surface into a network of transportation which quickly moves things from one point on the surface to any other point. Experiments into the portal demonstrate to the Germans the properties of Trans-Hydrogen, named "Dual Hydrogen" after its two nuclei, a proton and an anti-proton, around which orbited an electron and a positron. Scientists were startled that this structure failed to obliterate itself. Experimentation begins into Dual Drives, which are capable of FTL travel, as well as into repairing the Pillars of Dual Destinies.

Round 24

  • Following the unidentified object, which PASA has nicknamed "The Kuiper Anomaly", Polish-Aztlano galaxionauts successfully land on the Saturnian moon of Titan. The galaxionauts are able to scout around for a bit (and even discover trace amounts of Hiktum) before approaching a dome-like structure in the ice. Believing it to be the possible Kuiper Anomaly, the galaxionauts venture towards the metalic dome. The galaxionauts are able to scavenge around the dome for a while, before the camera cuts to static. At first, Mission Control brushes off the minor blackout as a technical error and tries to re-establish communication with the team on Titan. However, the camera miraculously (and mysteriously) re-starts, showing footage of the dome taking off in a direct course with Earth. A dead galaxionaut is visible for two seconds before getting incinerated by the Anomaly's exhaust engine. The Polish-Aztlano ambassador to Japan calls it, "A literal Attack on Titan." Alerted by the news of the Anomaly's collision course, PASA begins outfitting every combat vessel with a Trans-Hydrogen warp drive. The University of Tlapan also begins working on creating Trans-Helium, a Trans-element with two positrons orbiting a cluster of two protons and two "Dark-Neutrons". Aesmar Kha'l Thenus sends the Confederacy a strange transmission which they received while hunting down the Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde. PASA is able to compare the transmission with other alien transmissions they have received over the past year, and determines that the transmission may be that of the Formidae's. Learning that the Formidae are in league with the Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde, The Polish-Aztlano military puts in extra effort to prevent the Great North Martian Empire from allying with the two factions. Upon hearing of the UGS' discoveries on Mercury, we establish contact with the unnamed Mercurian race, and propose a trade agreement and a military alliance with the Mercurians. Surprisingly, Polish-Aztlano scholars discover that Mercurian is incredibly easy to learn, as it shares the same mouth movements and vowel sounds as most of Earth's languages. After traveling through the Eris relay, the PASF-NSS "Helios-Ektabga", a joint Polish-Aztlano Quefeksmarr research ship, crash lands on Glise 581c. The explorers are alive and safe, however, they have no way of leaving the planet. Luckily, PASA and QGH (Quefeksmar Ga'lav Henfotz or The Quefeksmar Space Agency) are able to send rescue crews to retrieve the ships, however, neither agency knows how to reach Glise 581c, as the ship was intending to travel to the Glise 674 system and accidentally arrived in the Glise 581 system. After Texan secessionist group, "Sons of The South" begins leading a militia of citizens and former Confederate soldiers and officials against the Japanese colonial capital, The Polish-Aztlano Military begins mobilizing, and instantly defeats the Texan secessionists. Fearing that another uprising might occur, the Confederacy decides that the best idea of preventing another uprising, would be to occupy Texas (since they have a closer relation to the Confederacy) until the state calms down, and then return the land to the Shogunate. However, the Confederacy is willing to scrap the idea and return the land immediately, if the Shogunate does not agree to the terms.
  • The Shogunate States begin creating new mechs that are similar to the Lancelot but much bigger. They are capable of space travel and are equipped with dark matter weapons. The Japanese decide to name these new machines "Titans" and place them all around the world, especially the portals that they currently occupy. The Japanese allow the Polish-Aztlano confederacy to control Texas for the time being due to their strong alliance with the nation but they do request that their viceroy is allowed to stay in the Lone Star State and continue to be an ambassador for Japan. The Shogunate States also declare that they will not be focusing on space anymore but will continue with their space program with the German States. They announce that they will mainly focus on wiping the scum off their native planet of Earth and prevent a possible alien invasion using the Titans.
  • The S.S.U. or Socialist Scandinavian Union, begins advancing into West Russia in order to secure land and its title as a superpower.
  • The Communazi Republic declares war on the S.S.U. and initiate Operation Winter Cobra. We send off 70 million soldiers, 100 million military drones, 30 million Mk.II Landcruisers, 20 million Mobile Tank Castles, 80 million Bogatyrs and The Benelux fleet as we occupy Norway, Sweden and Finland. We offer the S.S.U. a peace treaty IF they don't want West Russian Intervention on Denmark. We annex the Central and west portion of The Great Northern Martian Empire, we also offer a peace treaty to them if they want to be left alone. Our Red Zeronium spaceship "Anastasyia" discovers a new planetary system near the Solar System and we call it "The Fenenko System" named after the captain of the spaceship "Anastasyia Fenenko". We develop a new mech that rivals the Japanese "Titan" mech with our new "Gundam" mech named after our scientists' favourite anime "Gundam Wing". Our Gundam mechs have weapons stolen from Formidae bases in Mercury such as the "Black hole Cannon" which is a cannon that launches mini black holes that can eat up a whole city. We garrison our Gundam mechs all over the world and in space to secure Earth and the Interplanetary fleet.
  • The S.S.U. surrenders to Russia and accepts the peace treaty. For now they will focus on upgrading military power rather than expanding.
  • The Communazi Republic annexes Norway, Sweden and Finland and suppresses opposition in the Scandinavian region.
  • The S.S.U. opposes Russia's claim to Scandinavia and says that the terms of the peace treaty were that they would remain a free nation. They are willing to pay taxes and promise no more invasions of Russia if they give them back their land.
  • Communazi Republic Response to the S.S.U: The peace treaty states that "Sweden, Norway and Finland will be annexed by the Communazi Republic of West Russia if the Socialist Scandinavian Union decides to sign and accept this treaty, furthermore The Communazi Republic will stop further intervention in Scandinavia." So we will not give you back Scandinavia.
  • The German scientists on Mercury have made headway into the structure of the Eris Relay-type objects on Mercury, and are nearly finished repairing the Pillars. A scout troop is sent into the formerly-Formidae portal, and they come back with a declaration of war from the Aesmar Sovereignty. Having not known of the existence of this group, the scouts had claimed that the portal had belonged to the Formidae, who had been occupying the area. The Aesmar thought this meant that they had been with the Formidae, their enemies. The Kaiser was informed, and attempted to make some kind of peace with the Aesmar, but they would have none of it. It was their right to own an intergalactic transportation system and to allow and disallow its use as they saw fit. So, the Kaiser reluctantly ordered troops to invade the planet on the other side of the portal, which was an Aesmar colony called Glise 674-Gamma. Research begins into how to construct portals like those of the Aesmar, and recruitment of Xenosoldiers and IF pilots begins.
  • The S.S.U. asks Russia to at least return Southern Sweden and if that is done they will end hostilities.
  • The Communazi Republic will give the Swedish state of Skâne (correct me if I'm wrong) ONLY if they stop hostilities in Russian Scandinavia.
  • After much time and consideration the S.S.U. agrees to Russia's offer and promises to end hostilities. They set up their new capital in Copenhagen and send an ambassador to Moscow to finish discussing the terms of the Peace Treaty.

Round 25

  • Not wanting to see hostilities between its two allies, The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy persuades the UGS to cancel the invasion of Glise-674 Gamma and convinces Aesmar Kha'l Thenus to allow the UGS to use the Relay. Two bubbles appeared out of Earth's orbit and captured the population of Houston and Bangalore, before fleeing to what PASA has confirmed as the "Kuiper Anomaly". The Confederacy tries to send a transmission to the anomaly, however, the anomaly remained unresponsive. The Polish-Aztlano military also tried to infiltrate the object, however, they soon realized that the anomaly's exterior was virtually indestructible. Not wanting to harm the inside population, the Confederacy ruled out the usage of Purple Sun Bombs, which would destroy the whole thing. The military is continuing to guard the surface, in case any of the transport bubbles came down to collect any more of the Earth's population. PASA also begins working on an orbital defense system of re purposed surveillance satellites and attack drones. Following the Houston-Bangalore incident, the Russian and Japanese colonies in India rebel and secede into the "Free Indian State". The population of Houston tries to mirror the Bangalore revolution, but is quickly suppressed by the military.
  • Rather than fight the creation of the Free Indian State Japan decides to accept defeat and allow the Indians to form their own country but they still will have partial control over it. The State of India can now be compared to OTL Hong Kong except relations between it and Japan are much better than China and Hong Kong's. Japan introduces the Guren Colossi. They are the biggest mechs in the world and they are used to invade former Socialist Commonwealth so that the Japanese can set up a state in Australia and defeat the remaining members of Shi. The operation is successful. The Shogunate States also create an embassy with the S.S.U. after a portal opens up in the middle of Nyhavn Harbor. Strangely enough Formidae do not exit this portal but gigantic aliens that call themselves "The Gesusoi". The Japanese know they must have a connection to our own solar system due to their language being so similar to Eastern Asian dialects. The Gesusoi are easily frightened by the Terrans (what the Gesusoi referred to people from Earth as) and immediately flee the area. A few minutes later the portal explodes causing a terrible power outage throughout all of Northern Europe. (Can you please update the map? I've updated my own map on the nations page so things won't be so confusing ^_^)
  • The Communazi Republic does not fight the Indians, but make a country for them with a Communazist Regime and be part of the new organisation we created called "The Russian Commonwealth" (much like the OTL British Commonwealth). The new independent country is called "The Communazi Republic of India and Persia", which is the size of Russian Persia and Russian India. Our relations with the country is excellent as we trade them materials sufficient for their economy. We build the Great Russian Bullet train Railway which stretches from The Russian Mainland and stretches to all the Russian colonies in Afro-Eurasia and The Communazi Republic of India and Persia. We introduce the new mech "The Cossack Titans" which are used in space to battle recent ambushes from the Vergotinighlyypoejj Horde. We successfully eliminate all the Shi members in Australia and we ward off other alien attacks in The colonies and the Mainland. We set up an embassy with The S.S.U.
    ASB Belligerence 23

    Current World Map (Sorry I couldn't get Mars and Venus up here)

  • The Union of German States decides to offer the Aesmar peace terms, including the completed reconstruction of the Pillars of Dual Destiny in return for the ability to use the Relay System and the territory taken during the earliest phases of the invasion. The Union sees the success of the Titan and other mechs, so the Germans begin creating a mech of their own, codenamed the Sturmann. The mech is capable of travel in space using Dual Drives and can be carried on spacecraft as a support troop. The new Sturmann mech, as well as more Celestial Citadels, enter mass production, with the goal of defeating what the Kaiser calls "Space Terrorists." The Celestial Citadels already in existence begin attacking Vergotinighlyypoejj supply convoys in an effort to leave ambush squads stranded in space. Exploration begins on Europa, a moon of Jupiter that is covered in ice.

Turn 26

  • After the success of the Trans-Helium Engines, the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy begins making improvements to the Habbakuk Fleets, developing specialized Trans-Helium drives for the ships, and modifying them to be able to attach together to form physical structures during battle. Hoping to locate the crew of the Helios-Ektabga, PASA begins sending rescue crews into the Eris Relay. Instead, PASA encounters the planet Glise 799 A, a Formidae colony. The Confederacy proposes a joint invasion of the planet to the rest of the Interplanetary Fleet, their reason behind it is “To learn more about the enemy and infiltrate it from the inside.” Galaxionauts, Joseph Blackrider and Seiga Miyazaki, disappeared mysteriously off the surface of Mars two hours ago. PASA was able to establish com-feed with the two Galaxionauts. However, what they were able to receive was far more cryptic. According to the The Genistiwakkan Ambassador to Northern Mars, the audio that was transmitted by PASA mission control was translated as “We know your weaknesses and we have captured two of your kind as hostages. You know nothing of us and unless you stop the counteroffensive against our fair nation we will make your own citizens scorch your cities and the blood will be on your hands.” Puzzled by the message, the Confederacy organizes another World Assembly meeting. The Confederacy also proposes the idea of expanding the World Assembly into the Interplanetary Assembly. PASA also asks the UGS if they need help with their Europa expedition.
  • The Communazi Republic ceases invasion of The North Martian Empire to stop further people from being taken as hostages. Meanwhile in the Fenenko System, we discover sixteen new planets: Fenenko 1a, Vasilev 67b, Kaori 9ws, Jbwencaster 45, Acetopia 56, Spartian 78, FoD362, Willister 89, FXV-110b-003, Martoonoosy 90m, JohnRex 89g, PaC 9e, Seiga 67k, Vatonica 78a, Revo9 and Tao79. Our Quefeksmarrian-Russian joint colonist team starts to colonise the sixteen planets in the Fenenko system. We send 90 million cosmo troops to invade Glise 779 A. We start to expand our Australian and Brazilian colonies on former Socialist Commonwealth territories in Brazil and Australia.
  • Citizens in Rome protest and demand the independence of the Roman Republic.

Round 27

  • Following the Rome riots, the Confederacy willingly gives the former Roman Republic independence, on the terms that the country joins the Commonwealth of Former Polish-Aztlano Nations (Which would be the equivalent of the OTL British Commonwealth). This is partly due to the fact that throughout the years of the Confederacy's occupation in the territory, most of the locals have grown fond of the nation's culture and identity. PASA begins synthesizing Trans-Lithium, Trans-Beryllium and Trans-Boron, while using the Eris Relay to locate more Cosmic Relays across the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Following further riots and rebellions in our American Colony, the Communazi Republic grants them independence. But their country has to be a Communazist regime, we must have an alliance, trade agreement and have to be part of the Russian Commonwealth. The new country is now called "The Communazist Republic of America". We supply the new country military, financial and material aid. We set up bases in all of the planets in the Fenenko Planetary System and surprisingly found no intelligent life forms on any of the planets.
  • Japan will return the rest of the land on the Italian Peninsula to the Roman Republic as long as they do not invade any Shogunate territory and create a trade partnership. The Shogunate States also invade and reclaim former Socialist Commonwealth territory around the Middle East. Japan also sends troops up to the S.S.U. to set up solar panels and install solar devices so that the nation will again have power. They also study the strange portal that caused the power outage.
  • With the discovery of an abundance of Totallium in the UKC The Communazi Republic declares war on the UKC as we send in 12 million N-COM soldiers, 40 million mechs, 90 million drones and seven million Mk. II Landcrusiers. We hastily occupy all of the islands but still meet opposition in the countryside. We warn other nations to not participate in this war.
  • After many rebellions the area of Texas breaks free and becomes the independent Republic of Texas.
Current Map.

Current Map by Zlello.

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