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AOL States of America/
America Online States/AOL States
Timeline: AOL CDs Never Stop
OTL equivalent: United States of America
Flag of the United States
2013-present AOLSA BADGE.png
Coat of arms
So easy to use, no wonder it's Number One.
Hymn of America Online (Parody of Hymn of Our Union)
Royal anthem: 
Battle Hymn of AOL (Parody of Battle Hymn of the Republic)
USA orthographic.svg
(and largest city)
New York City, New York
 -  President Hank Hill
 -  Vice President Mimi Mimikins
 -  2014 estimate 318,764,000 
 -  2010 census 308,745,531 
HDI (2014) 1 (1)
Currency Dollar ($)
Time zone Various
Date formats MM/DD/YY
Internet TLD .AOL
Calling code 7
The AOLSA is basically the largest English-speaking nation in the world. It's owned by AOL.

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