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Toronto National Tower

The AN Tower in Yorktown.

The AN Tower is a 1,815 foot (533m)-high communication and observation tower in the central business district of Yorktown, Erie. Completed in October 1976, it is the tallest freestanding structure and tower in the world and the Western Hemisphere, is a symbol of the city and state, and a popular tourist destination in the Great Lakes region, attracting millions of tourists every year. One of the Tower's most unique and well-known features is the 360 Restaurant near the top of the 'main pod' that revolves around the core of the tower once every 72 minutes. The 'AN' refers to American National Railways, the corporation that funded the Tower's construction in the early '70s.

On June 5, 1997, militia mastermind Michael Raines was apprehended by the FBI following a firefight in the main lobby, after attempting to destroy the tower using explosives. Raines is currently imprisoned in the Federal Detention Facility at East Barry without bail, awaiting trial.

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