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ANZC Airways


7 December 1996, Jervis Bay

Commenced Operations

8 December 1996

Primary Hubs

Jervis Bay, Brisbane, Auckland

Secondary Hubs

Bunbury, Newcastle, Adelaide, Geelong

Theater of Operations

All Inhabited Continents

Fleet Size

23 NZ-1, 26 NZ-2, 15 NZ-3, NZ-C1 Cargo Class (one on hold)

ANZC Airways (also known as Commonwealth Airways and ANZC Marvello) is the flag-carrier airline of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. Founded by Andrew Marvello, ANZC Airways was set up after the wake of doomsday in 1983 and is currently the third largest airline in the world (behind African Airlines and Lufthansa). It operates airships built by the 'New Zeppelin Company' across the world and is the only airline to fly to all inhabited continents worldwide.

History of ANZC Airways

ANZC Airways was set up on the 7th of December 1996 and commenced operations from Newcastle to Jervis Bay the day later. These operations lasted four months and consisted of a twice daily helicopter service. This route is now flown nine times a day and is one of the most flown routes in the world.

After four months of operation, the founder (Andrew Marvello) made a deal with the New Zeppelin Company, ordering two NZ-1's for service. Later in the year, Marvello yet again struck lucky and formed a temporary partnership with the New Zeppelin Company.

After success in the aviation industry, ANZC Airways ordered a further 21 NZ-1's and the newly produced NZ-2. The latter airship was able to fly much longer distances with an additional BMW engine and a max speed of 120 km/hr.

After six years in service, ANZC Airways grew to become the third largest airline in the world with an additional 25 NZ-2's and 15 orders for the new NZ-3 which could handle over 150 passengers. In 2006, ANZC Airways began one hour flights to and from Australia and New Zealand. These flights offered first, business and cattle class seats with an onboard bar for the indulging types. The following year ANZC Airways was awarded the Atmospheric Airline award, and has continued to be awarded that award until present day.

Airship Fleet

ANZC Airways' fleet consists of 64 airships and 16 helecopters which fly to over 50 destinations worldwide. The NZ-3 airship is operated from Australia to New Zealand, with an onboard bar and sauna for first class passengers. The NZ-3 is the largest of the three airships built by the New Zeppelin Company for passenger use, however the C1 Cargo Class is twice the size and is currently on hold for ANZC Airways.

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