Once the USA became independent from Britain, France and Prussia decided to help each other. Because of this, Britain started a large war between it against France, Prussia, and the USA. The war lasted 8 years and ended in 1791. Prussia decided to join with other states and created Greater Germany. The USA decided to rename it the American Kingdom. France stayed as it is. All three formed a big bond together. Together, they were the Atlantic Pact. Brittan didn't like this, and advanced their army on the west coast of France, blocking the Americans to bring in. What Brittan didn't now was that Germany created a big front on France. Britain fought heavy wars and lightly guarded its territory's in America so the Americans invaded West Florida and shot the Brittish out. It took over the Louisiana Terretory owned by Spain. France helped to. America grew from the Canadian Shield to the tips of Florida and Louisiana. France and Germany both raised armies to four million and took over Brittan. The Americans invaded to, with a 500 thousand army. After the London capture, Brittan surrendered. The three let Brittan keep all of it's land if it promised to let American supply go in. Brittan agreed. Because of the war, the victourios nations grew in big lands. Brittan, with its lands, secretly signed a pact with Russia. In 1812,

CV Germany (1945-1991)

Germany after the war of 1812

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