The AFC Asian Cup is a 16-team international association football tournament played every four years, having been contested since 1952 in the spring. After the 2004 edition hosted in Japan, the AFC moved the tournament to 2007 and a less busy cycle. The most successful teams in the AFC are Korea (formerly North Korea) and Iran, with four championships apiece, though Kurdistan is the two-time defending champion. In 2015, Australia (which joined the AFC in 2009) will host the AFC Asian Cup finals.

Asian Tournaments

Year Host Country Champion Runner-up Third Place Leading Scorer Player of the Tournament
1952 China Kuwait
1956 Arabia Arabia
1960 North Korea North Korea
1964 Manchuria North Korea
1968 Thailand Iran North Korea Karafuto
1972 North Korea North Korea
1976 Kuwait Iran
1980 China Iran
1984 Turkey Philippines Turkey Kurdistan
1988 Manchuria North Korea Kurdistan
1992 Philippines Japan
1996 Kurdistan Iran
2000 Arabia Arabia Oman Japan
2004 Japan Japan Korea
2007 India Kurdistan Vietnam
2011 Korea Kurdistan Korea
2015 Australia TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

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