ADOS Laboratory for the Amplifying of Society
Timeline: Age of Darkness

OTL equivalent: Western USA/Bay Area
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
San Francisco
Other cities Sacramento
  others French, Spanish, Regional dialects
  others Catholic and Orthodox Christianity
Legislature Meritocracy/Technocracy
Supreme Supervisor Frederick G. Cottrell
Area 53 426 km²
Population 534 127 (100AC) 
Established 23AC
Currency Tushori Credits

Ados-Lan is a North American nation bordering the Tushori Corporate Property to the southeast, Republic of California to the south, and New Deseret to the east.


The nation began as an effort to secure valuable scientific and educational works on the part of physicist Frederick G. Cottrell, who had been on the verge of creating a Research Corporation when the Depression and ensuing chaos struck California. As the situation worsened, Cottrell was able to gather together a group of like-minded scientists focused on retaining and adding to the body of knowledge the man had already secured. Eventually, the scientist was able to successfully create an organization for the preservation of knowledge, similar to his original vision of a Research Corporation: the ADOS Laboratory. Within several years, however, the main interest of the group shifted from simply gathering preexisting information to furthering research and studies, especially in the new and promising field of Biotechnology. At this point, several leading scientists left the organization, taking much of the southern territory with them and joined the budding Tushori Corporate Property. After the discovery of DNA in an Ados-lan funded laboratory, efforts to create a "perfect creature" spawned the Chimera Project, leading directly to the Plave's Rebellion. In recent years the organization has coalesced into a powerful nation, one of the few able to use and manufacture guns. Its power continued to increase with the discovery and implementation of semiconductors and computational technology, and its products are coveted as far as the Ironfist Empire.

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