The 90's Revival (sometimes called the 90's Renaissance) is a broad word used to describe the popular, pro democracy movements of the later 21st Century. While the story of the 90's revival varies in different parts of the world anthropologists describe this as a single grassroots movement throughout the world

90's Revival Movements

While there are many offshoots the following have been agreed upon by the United Nations as the largest grassroots movements of the 90's:

- Pink Tide- (Latin America)

- Perstrolia- (Soviet Union, Vietnam)

- European Indication- (Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, Benelux, Italy and Scandinavia)

- American Spring- United States

- Arabian Spring- Egypt, Syria, Lebanon

- Japanese Revival- Japan


The 90's revival was caused mainly authoritarian cold war politics both in the United States and the Soviet Union While both alliances at time had some sense of democracy they had up to this point both failed in engineering true political representation of the masses. Both claimed to be protecting an ideology the Free Markets of the United States and State Socialism of the USSR both governments expressed repressive means in order to stay in power. Other seedlings included the campaign for minority rights and liberties and the growing environmentalist movement. This was true Western Europe, the Mid East and Latin America as well.


Movement for a United Europe

Japanese Revolution

Ouccy Cairo and the Middle East

The Rise of the American Spring

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