Below is a timeline detailing the events in Anglia The Great from 878 to 1000.

867 - 920

Southern Britain

  • Starting 867: The Danelaw expand in the Kingdom of East Anglia. Over the decade, the Kings become de facto vassals to the monarchy in Denmark.
  • 878: Alfred of Wessex dies in 878 after falling down a flight of stone steps and breaking his neck.
  • 878 - 886: The Danelaw expand into Mercia, and eventually annex it. Over the decade, several raids occur in eastern Wessex, with the aid of Viking bands.
  • 886 - 920: Wessex, having very little military power to confront the Danelaw head on, begins expanding into Wales, under the initial leadership of Edward. Within thirty-five years, Wessex amasses numerous lands over much of Wales. 

Northern Britain

  • Starting 878: The Danelaw expand in the Kingdom of Northumbria. Over the decade, the Kings become de facto vassals to the monarchy in Denmark.
  • 918: Taking advantage of instability in the Danelaw, Scotland, under Malcolm I, launches an offensive on Northumbria, taking a large chunk of northern land in this year.


  • 886 - 900: The Danelaw, while being powerful and influential, do little to curb Wessexian expansion.
  • 900 - 920: This is due to the domestic instability which began plaguing the Danelaw Kingdoms beginning in the tenth century. The instability is mostly caused by the effects of the Danish kings trying to impose Nordic cultural and financial customs on the native Anglo-Saxon population. Furthermore, the introduction of Danish nobility angered the Anglo-Saxon nobility, and raised fears of mass displacement.

East Francia

  • ~900: East Francia shifts to an early form of the Holy Roman Empire.

West Francia

  • 911:  Danish Viking leader Rollo establishes the Duchy of Normandy. Although he remains a Scandinavian by birth and blood, Rollo adopts the name “Robert”, pays tribute to the French/West Francian King, and marries a native French Noblewoman.
  • 911: The various Viking tribes in Norway consolidate to form the Kingdom of Norway.


920 - 950

East Anglia

East Francia





West Francia

950 - 1000

Holy Roman Empire






West Francia

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