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  • Colonies or puppet states can become independent from your nation if they are not happy with your nation. These then become a new nation and are added to the list, free for new players.

North America

  • The Aurorian Tribes - CountingSheep 17:04, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • West Mountains - CrimsonAssassin 00:49, January 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Nemaska - Tim
  • Tarresund -
  • Vulktarn - Galleth Grimsnak 21:03, February 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Union of Greater States Union of The Greater States:
    • Flag of Turresund Tarresund Kingdom - incorporated
    • Flag of the Mojave States Mojave States: Enclavehunter 18:07, January 3, 2012 (UTC)
    • Flag of the UGS Union of the Great States: - Imperium Guy 15:25, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
      • Flag of the Great Plains The Great Plains - incorporated
      • Greater Iroquois flag Greater Iroquois - incorporated
    • Unionist Terra Australis Union Australis - incorporated
  • Azteca - RandomWriterGuy 22:51, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

South America

  • Antiliaflaggreateramericas Antilia - FP
  • Muisca Confederation -
  • United Amazon - TacoCopper 23:40, January 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Inca Flag.jpgThe Incan Empire of the Andes - Monster Pumpkin 15:47, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • Flag of Cusco Kingdom of Cuzco - Incorporated, Founding Country
    • Flag of ChimuKingdom of Chimor - Incorporated
    • Flag of the North American Union.svgSouth Andean Union - Incorporated
  • East American Confederacy - DeanSims 21:02, February 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Patagon flag Patagon -IhaveSonar 19:54, January 18, 2012 (UTC)


  • Mongols - Mod Controlled
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: Bobalugee1940
    • Flag of England Holy Kingdom of Europe - Bobalugee1940 21:15, January 22, 2012 (UTC)
      • Kingdom of Angland united into Europe
      • Kingdom of Norway united into Europe
      • Kingdom of Flanders conquered
      • Kingdom of Denmark conquered
      • Northern German Tribes conquered
      • Polish Tribes conquered
      • United Kingdom of Great Britain Changed into the Kingdom of Angland
      • Dominion of Finland annexed/conquered
      • Germany-Switzerland: DeanSims 19:32, February 5, 2012 (UTC) united into Europe

The Game


This year is a go. The previous years have been archived.

The Franks collapse as smaller nations raid them for technology and surrounding nations take over most lands of the Franks. The Mongols manage to make contact with one of Patagon's exploring ships in the area. The meetings go fine, and everything looks OK, for now at least.

  • Patagon: A fleet of five ships is sent to northern Terra Australis. There, the natives agree to become part of Patagon, on the conditions that they will have full access to Patagonian technology and their current leader will still be in charge of the colony. Considering his accomplishments and popularity among his people, the high ruler agrees to this as long as the local leader will still answer to the mainland. The national economy continues to improve.
  • The Incan Empire: The Emperor issues a law giving Eu'ropa natives similar rights to Incan citizens, such as the right to own property and serve in the armed forces. While improving the natives' rights, it is far from making them equal. An exploration fleet discovers OTL Italy and colonizes OTL Sicily.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire suggests that the Empire and Huari merge into one nation. The Emperor also asks the Great States for an Alliance.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain: With the increases of foreign colonizers, the King of Wessex marries the daughter of the King of Northumbria on January 2. The King of Northumbria is soon killed by food poisoning on January 30. The King of Wessex then becomes the King of Northumbria as well. He then quickly captures the Kingdom of East Anglia on March 21, the Kingdom of Mercia on June 3, and the Kingdom of Cornwall on September 2. He then declares himself the King of All England. The Kingdom of England then comes into effect on the 22nd of September. King Christopher I of England begins to rebuild England from its wars of unification. The Scots and Irish recognize the new King of All England with the Treaty of London.
  • The Mojave: The colony of Singapore continues to expand northward, by an few miles, and increasing construction of Pearl Harbor begins. Scout ships are sent to discover what else is out there, they discover OTL Japan, Korea, and the Coast of China. Meanwhile, research on the firearm continues, and the building of the forts continue. Landing parties are sent onto the newly discover lands, but the landing parties are forced off their land, and they head back to Singapore.
  • United Amazon is all set with its expedition, and one team of three ships head north, and land in OTL France, while the other expedition heads south, and misses OTL South Africa and instead lands in Madagascar. The sailors in France leave behind 50 men to establish a small fort using nearby resources while the rest go send information about there information, while the ones in Madagascar have to stay for the rest of the year there because of storms.
  • The Aztec: officially gain control of the Olomec and make contact with the Mojave. They ask them for an alliance and trade agreements. They establish colonies across the Philippines, covering every island except Mindanao.
  • Antilia: The King announces plans to try and capture the territories of the Caribbean. Attacks are launched and the nation falls within a year. Incorporation of the nation begins and is predicted to take around a year or two.


Particularly bad El Niño activity in the Pacific causes bad flooding in the Incan Empire and a terrible drought in Terra Australis.

  • The Mojave accepts the trade and alliance agreements from the Aztecs. Research on that new firearm is complete, and is equivalent to OTL Kentucky Long rifle. The colony in Singapore continues to expand up the Malaysian Coast.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire invades Huari and swiftly defeats the small enclave. A draft is introduced to increase military power and a lot of resources are put into R&D. Militias are ordered to assist flood-affected areas immediately.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The
      The Greater Americas Colonization Sphere

      New Colonization Spheres are based on controlled land and historical claims. Undiscovered land not included.

      Empire suggests a new colonization sphere treaty and insists that all colonial powers either agree to it or propose a counteroffer.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia disagrees with the treaty for some nations have a very small area, and some have a large area but are mostly sea. The King notes that in the treaty the Incas have the most land area on the map, and it was them that proposed it, and Mojave have almost none at all.
    • Union Diplomacy: Predicts that nations will not follow the spheres and think that everyone should be able to colonize where they want to. Discussions will take place if things get bad.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagonia agrees to the idea of spheres, but the current boundaries have already been violated and the land is distributed very disproportionately.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire ends the plan due to lack of support.
  • Union of Great States: Due to droughts, colonizers move eastward to try and gain fertile soil and more water. Ships sail northeastward and land on what was a former Incan colony. They establish diplomatic contact with the leader and propose a trade agreement and possible alliance. Two large colonies are established on OTL New Zealand's North Island. It is predicted that the whole island will be Union territory in two years.
  • Patagon: Strict water rations are imposed on the Terra Australis colony in order to help the population survive. OTL New Zealand is named Calland. They also propose to the Great States this deal: If they turn control of their Calland colonies and the eastern half of Terra Australis over to Patagonia, then they shall have free access to the western half of the large island, with no opposition from Patagonian forces whatsoever.
    • Union Diplomacy: They counter offer with that the Union can have North Calland and for this Patagonia will be allowed the whole East coast and Union will explore unknown territories and document their finding to the Patagonia high command.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagonia agrees to a split: The Union shall have western Australis and northern Calland, while Patagon will get southern Calland and eastern Australis. The Union will explore and report back to both countries as planned.
  • The Aztecs propose the Antillians an invasion of what is now OTL Colombia, and asks them to prepare for that moment. They officially settle Mindanao, laying claim to all of it. They begin to establish settlements in what is now Indonesia.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia agrees to invade as long as they get a fair share of the land. Antilian troops invade the Muisca, despite previous alliances. The navy starts a full on assault on the north coast on the Muisca, destroying several ports.
  • Kingdom of Angland: King Christopher I of England gains the support of the Irish and Scottish lords against their respective kings. After gaining the support of the Irish and Scottish lords he usurps the Scottish throne and the Irish throne. The popular rebellions kill the weak Irish and Scottish kings. The lords then sign the Magna Carta Union (Great Charter of Union). This makes King Christopher the king of Ireland, Scotland and England. King Christopher I declares the Kingdom of Angland as the "nation that will stand against the horde of vile infidels." King Christopher calls for all Christians to "rise up against their infidel occupiers".
  • United Amazon gets word of where its expeditions landed, and they send 300 men to each location found. manufacturing rises due to the need of jobs, and the school system is funded with new tariffs.
  • The Muisca now reign over the island of Mindanao, the large island at the southern end of the Philippines.
    • Wait a minute, two different nations claimed the same land this turn. This probably has to be resolved. I blame people for not reading each other's posts.
    • I will do an RNG for this. Aztec Mindanao: 1-5; Muisca Mindanao: 6-10. FP
    • Results: 4 = Aztec Mindanao. FP
  • Antilia: Antilia focuses mostly on the war with Muisca, but also some ships are sent to expand the colonies in New America and Gujarat.


The Incan colony is expanded by the colonists. It now covers 2/3rds of OTL Spain.

  • Union of Greater States: The Mojave and the Union, over talks (my talk page) have united. All colonies of both former countries are now one. The North Calland colony is linked up and the Terra Australis colony is expanded as well. Explorers discover Aboriginals while exploring north, non-Union territory.
  • Kingdom of Angland: King Christopher now begins a rebuilding project of Ireland and Scotland. He also begins to attempt to modernize the Anglish Army and Navy using some of the technology found in the former occupied territories in Ireland. The Bishop of London, along with bishops from Edmonton, Dublin, Tipperary, and twenty-three other cities send a letter to the Pope to request the declaration of a crusade against the "invading heathens".
  • Antilia builds up defence on the border of the Muisca and continues its naval assault. The king calls for the Aztecs to invade from the thin border in the north, and also to join Antilia in the naval attack. The Gujarat colony expands, and with it comes a new colony across the Gulf of Omancia, on the OTL Arabian Peninsula. It is named Omancia.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Historians from Antilia would like all nations affected by the tsunami on 1st November 818 to put out an approximate or official death toll, so the entire scale of the loss of life can be accepted. Antilia's was 19,280.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The loss of life from Incan Colonies is about 10,340.
    • Union Diplomacy: The loss of life was around 35,675.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Though not under Antilian control at the time, the Caribbean death toll of over 78,530 is added to the number. Unless other nations add more to the tally, the global death toll stands at >143,825.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire increases the amount of soldiers in its overseas colonies. Fortifications are built along the northern border and along the coast. Hospitals are built across the Empire. A navy base and fortress are constructed on the Galapagos Islands.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor insists that war with the Muisca cease at once. If they do not, the Emperor promises to stand with their ally.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: The Anglish asks that the Incans free their European holdings back to their original inhabitants.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that he will only negotiate with foreigners if he is treated with respect instead of being called an unholy infidel.
  • The Aztecs declares the invasion of the Muisca. They send troops to the southern border of the empire to invade the northern region. Northern Borneo is covered in Aztec settlements, who hope to explore deep down into the region.
  • United Amazon: The Amazonians land more men in France, bringing the total population to 1,000 as cows are discovered and are able to produce milk. Men are also sent to Madagascar, and bring back wild animals as tribute to the king. United Amazon officially declares these colonies part of United Amazon.
  • Patagonia: Supplies are sent to all three overseas Patagonian territories in order to build schools. The leaders of South Calland begin negotiations with the tribes on the northern half of the island about expansion. It is strongly urged that the war against the Muisca must end; it is wholly unnecessary and irresponsible, and it will tear apart the fledgling South American Union. However, if the war is to continue, Patagonia will side with the Incans and the Muisca. The army and navy are readied for combat.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia agree that the losses have become so great in vain and so Antilia pull out of the war, and declare neutrality.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagonia urges the Aztecs to end their campaign as well.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia greatly apologises to the Muisca about the pointless war, and the rash decisions made that led towards it. The King offers a renewed alliance. He also urges the Aztecs to end this pointless war, but still Antilia is neutral in the war.
    • The Aztecs: agree and apologize.


  • Patagon: The army and navy are still on standby over possible Aztec aggression towards Muisca. Hearing about the success of the Mojave long rifle, funds are allocated for development of a superior Patagonian firearm. The South Calland colony expands to cover the entire island.
  • United Amazon begins exploring more of the French Inland, and establish a second colony north of the first one. In Madagascar, exploration is also continuing, however a shipment full of supplies and 500 men miss Madagascar and land instead north of the Antila Colony, however they are interested in the fertile ground and decide to stay. An alliance request is sent to Antilia.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: The alliance is accepted.
  • The Aztecs end their campaign in Muisca. Norneo is officially under the Aztecs and the coast of OTL Vietnam is being settled. The military and navy are expanded and upgraded.
  • The Incan Empire: Military expeditions in the Mediterranean conquer Corsica, Sardinia, and the Balearic Islands. A trading fleet discovers OTL Greece. Schools are built across the Empire.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor suggests to the South Andean Union that the two countries come together as a new country like the Union of Greater States.
  • Union of Greater States: More colonizers go to Terra Australia and some colonizers decide to live live as the natives. The try to go and communicate with the Aboriginals. Eventually, translators are trained and communication and trading begins. Some colonizers take it upon themselves to help the Aboriginals who want to jion the colonizers.
  • Antilia: More ships are sent to populate the South New American colony, and its expands along the coast. The newly constructed port on New Tobago is opened, offering a new trading post for the colonies. Due to this, Antilia offers a trade agreement to the Incas and the United Amazon, and all their respective colonies.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire accepts.
  • Kingdom of Angland: King Christopher I of England now begins to build up the industry in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The King also begins to make changes in the military which allowed for more gunpowder units to be deployed than the common spear/pike infantry commonly deployed at this time. The King orders the first general conscription which made all able bodied males between the ages of 18-25 to serve in the militia or federal army.


More comes to be known about the Australian Aboriginals and colonizers from Patagonia and UGS show more interest in learning their ways. Meanwhile, relations with the Maori start to deteriorate due to the language difference on both islands.

  • Patagonia: Seeing as only a few Patagonian colonizers know the languages of the natives on both islands, a team of diplomats are sent to both islands to learn about and befriend the natives. They plan to learn the languages and train translators, who would then teach the languages in Patagonian schools. The natives are considered equal to any Patagonian citizen and therefore have all the rights of one, but the language barrier must be broken first. These diplomats will also teach the natives the Patagonian language. Back on the mainland, the economy continues to improve, and Patagonian supremicists protest all of the recent equal-rights laws brought about by the high ruler.
  • The Aztecs continue to expand south on Borneo and Indochina. The military and navy continue to expand and upgrade. it proposes a union with the UGS concerned about the growing power of South American States.
  • United Amazon begins sending more colonists to the colonies. The sale of land is encouraged, however the first prices were considered high by many, so land was given away for free. The French colony grew the most, as many people had a interest in the new animal "cow" as called by the natives. The colony's population reached 15,000, the South African colony: 4,000, The Madagascar Colony: 3,000. United Amazon begins to expand the French colony east, to get more land to sale to Amazonians, the South African colony is expanded eastward as well. Back at home, the steam engine is created (not implausible, the first steam engine was made in 1796), and small-scale workshops and a few factories as well begin to open. Wood is used for fuel, since there is no coal.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: We order that you RETREAT from Europe IMMEDIATELY and give your land back to the Christian Europeans, you spineless heathen mongrel!!
  • The Incan Empire: High-ranking Military officers reform the armed forces, adopting new skirmishing tactics and issuing soldiers new rifles. With this change, the army expands into northeastern Spain/southern France.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor assures the Aztecs that the South American nations are not violent by nature and asks for an Alliance. The Emperor also asks for a Union between the Empire and the South Andean Union.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: We order that you RETREAT from Europe IMMEDIATELY and give your land back to the Christian Europeans, you spineless heathen mongrel!!
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor denies the King's order, but instead legalizes Christianity. Troop levels are increased in Eu'ropan colonies and armies are ordered to be on standby.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The King continues to modernize the military with newer muskets and tactics. They begin to hire hunters to teach the archers and musketmen the art of guerrilla warfare. The Priests and Bishops in the nation prepare the nation for a Holy War against the "heathen mongrels from across the sea". The Anglish begin to massively arm their people for war against the invaders. The King of Angland attempts to contact the Pope once more and once again requests a crusade be called.
    • Could a mod tell me what the Pope says to the Crusade call or if the King can even contact him?
    • Yes, can whoever in charge of inactive nations start to respond to player's requests?
    • Calm it. Unless you have discovered Italy, which will happen in around two-to-three years, you cannot call a crusade. What you could do next turn is say that explorers go looking for the famous pope.
    • Angland is a European country and unless contact was lost with the Pope the King should be able to contact the Pope and other European rulers.
    • Besides, it says that the Incas discovered Italy in 821.
    • Fair point, I was looking at it from the angle of an "American". I would say if you can convince the pope (RNG that), you can go crusading.
  • Union of Greater States: Inspired by what the Patagonians are trying to do, the UGS also sends out a team of diplomats to both islands to learn about and befriend the natives. They plan to learn the languages and train translators, who would then teach the languages in UGS schools. Although previous translators already understand and can translate the language, this is planned to go a step farther. Many more ships are sent out to Terra Australis, equivalent to three fleets. The colony in OTL Africa is given less priority.


  • The Aztecs: continue to expand their colonies at Borneo, where all of central Borneo and the coast of OTL Vietnam is now occupied. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading.
  • United Amazon sends more men and soldiers to France in response to the Anglish threat presented. The population reaches 60,000, and the South African also reaches 60,000, thanks to the increased military presence. Madagascar finally breaks 10,000, but growth is slow and there is talk about giving it up. However, Madagascar is kept for now. The French AND South African colonies keeps expanding east, however the Madagascar doesn't expand much.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The King continues to prepare the country for the inevitable war with the Americans and continues to build large amounts of muskets. The King also continues to enforce the conscription of the people into local militias and give them training. The Anglish Bishops continue to preach out against the beliefs of the Americans and encourage people on the mainland to resist the Americans.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire concludes its draft with every able-bodied male from 18 to 40 in the armed forces. The Army also introduces cavalry after large numbers of horses are tamed. The naval base and fortress on the Galapagos Islands are completed.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor offers the South Adean Union one last chance to join the Empire in a peaceful union.
  • Patagon: Plans are made to expand the Australis colony westward. The development of the new rifle is complete, and is distributed among the bulk of Patagonian troops. A large improvement project is begun for the navy. More land near the Rio Parana is converted to farmland, while more factories are built in the cities.
  • UGS: Arms manufacturing is commenced to upgrade army weapons. The colony on Terra Australis is expanded to encompass most of known land east.


  • United Amazon continues expanding the French colony, with the population reacheing 120,000. The South African colony reaches 100,000. Cows are being domesticated and sent back to the homeland. The king eats the first cow in South America. The natives in South Africa and France are being pushed back or killed, as the Amazonians need a lot of land to raise cows. The miltary is expanded, and research for a new gun begins as the first students from the schools built earlier graduate.
  • The Aztecs continue to expand and upgrade their military and navy. Aztec control of the Borneo island continues to expand south as it defeats numerous tribes on the island, who are sacrificed as prisoners of war.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Anglish launch an invasion of the Pas-de-Calais with 15,000 soldiers the Crown Prince of Angland, Christopher II, personally leads the army and quickly destroys the weakened Frenchmen. The Pas-de-Calais is totally taken over by the end of the year and most of the Frenchmen swear fealty to the King of Angland. The King does this to 1) capture more land for Angland, 2) to keep land away from the Americans, and 3) destroy the traditional rivals of the English. The King offers an alliance with the Incans if they introduce Christianity to the Incan mainland in south America and the rest of their colonies.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that Christianity has already spread to the Incan heartland by native Iberian traders, and that the Empire does not have a policy of spreading religions. He is still interested in the Alliance.
    • Wait, who did you attack. Did you attack French natives, the Incans, or the Amazonians.
    • I believe he meant the native French.
    • Okay, that makes sense.
  • Patagonia: The navy continues to be upgraded and expanded, and more schools are built throughout Patagonia and the overseas territories. Patagonian researchers realize the potential of the steam engine and begin experimenting with it. Supremicists, resenting the equal treatment of the natives in the colonies, stage protests in Buenos Aires. Patagonian farmers purchase some cows from the Amazonians in order to expand their businesses, and the liquid known as "milk" becomes the latest fad.
  • The Incan Empire: Soldiers and colonists spread further into Southern France, establishing a border with the Amazonian colony. Fleets explore OTL Iceland and Japan. To ease strains with Christians, all forms of Human sacrifice are banned throughout the Empire.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor offers the South Andean Union one last chance to become federate with the Empire into a new country. Annoyance with years of failed negotiations result in increased troops along the southern border.


Relations improve significantly with the native Aboriginals and they tell the colonizers about all lands they know about in Terra Australis. All areas of Terra Australis is open to explorers now.

  • Patagon: The upgrading of the navy is near completion. Seeing that relations with the Aboriginals of Australis are good, an expansion treaty is proposed to the lands south and west of the colony. The high ruler, back at home, proposes that slavery shall be outlawed and punishable by death in all Patagonian territories, which only serves to further inflame the extremists. Finally, Patagonia offers to send the South Andean Union enough rifles to arm half of their army in exchange for the Strait of Magellan, the lands to the south, and the lands ten miles to the north of the strait. The Union would still be able to use the strait freely. These rifles would be manufactured and sent over a period of five years.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union of Greater States offer Patagonia half of Terra Australis while they can keep the other half. Like so:
      Australia deal (The Greater Americas)
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagonia accepts this offer, assuming that the split will be east-west. I was speaking to the South Andean Union, though, not you.
    • Union Diplomacy: We know. However, we were just offering the land.
    • South Andean Diplomacy: The South Andean Union agrees to the exchange of the land, however it wants to keep control of the Strait of Magellan.
  • The Aztecs take over all of central Borneo and continue south. The Molaccas are being colonized the the coast of Indochina is officially Aztec. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They propose a dynastic union with the Antillas and Incans.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that he is interested in a dynastic union but questions where the capital would be and how the nations would stay united.
    • Something like the Franco-Swedish Union in Principia Moderni. There would be three capitals: a political capital at the Aztec capital, an economic capital at the Incan capital, and a military capital at the Antillian capital.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that he needs to think about the union. He is not saying no, he just needs time to consider it.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: The King has the same response as the Incans. It is in consideration.
  • United Amazon continues expanding its colonies, in France the colonists expand north due to the lack of French Natives, and being expanding east as well. It South African colony also expands east, and official population counts are: France, 250,000, South Africa, 170,000, Madagascar, 25,000. The population in South Africa explodes because of gold mines found there, and the king gets the first piece of gold mined in South Africa. The king orders more people to be sent there, and the price of land is lowered to attract more people.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire invades the South Andean Union. The new cavalry catches the enemy by surprise, and the army advances 30 miles into the country. Incan soldiers and settlers colonize OTL Iceland, valuing its strategic position.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire offers to purchase United Amazon's colony in Eu'ropa in exchange for two tons of gold.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: The Kingdom of Angland accepts an alliance with the Incans if they allow the Pope to appoint Bishops to Incan cities and establish churches in Incan lands.
    • United Amazon kindly rejects the offer due to the fact that the French colony is the biggest colony the Amazonians have. Please tell me you were talking about France and not Jupiter's moon. I looked up Europa.
    • Yes I meant France. In this game Europe is referred to as Eu'ropa.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Kingdom of Angland continues to expand its French holdings and lands 4,000 extra troops into France as they continue to expand. In several places the French people joyously accept the Anglish as "protectors of the faith". The Anglish continue to expand their manufacturing industry.
  • Union of Greater States: With the language learned, the colonizers take upon themselves to "modernize and civilize" the Aboriginals. They move north-westward to capture the territory and bring the aboriginals into their fold. They ask for more funding from the Union, to which they reluctantly agreed to. However, the Union puts focus to colonize the Malayan colony into Indochina. It has silently been expanding but finally has been put on fast-track. The natives are mostly avoided as they head into Indochina.
  • Antilia expands all colonies, stretching food resources and water supplies. King Osoa offers an alliance to the Kingdom of Angland across the ocean, and gives them support in the territorial takeover on the mainland. Troops are sent to help organise the locals.


  • The Aztecs: Borneo is officially Aztec, and so are the Molaccas. They make contact with the Chinese and ask for trade agreements. The military and navy continue to expand and upgrade.
    • Hasn't the wheel been around for thousands of years?
    • I believe that if American nations can sail around the world and have guns, I think they would have the wheel.
    • The wheel has been around for ages. Think about something before you put it in, please. FP
  • United Amazon: Seeing as the Anglish are now right next to the French Colony, it now begins expanding South and East. Unlucky land owners here who bought this land when no one moved out here, now have a large demand for their land. They turn into wealthy land owners by selling it, and soon begin buying out a large amount of land East, helping the colony expand. Forts are also built around the border next to the Anglish. The Amazonians begin to step up their colonization program, with it becoming the first priority, hundreds of thousands of Amazonians leave their rain forest tribes and get a free ticket (courtesy of the Government) and move to France or South Africa, and a few move the Madgscar. Manufacturing is expanded as people are moving into cities and now need jobs.
  • Patagon: The naval expansion is complete, and with all the farms and factories also being finished, the national economy improves. On December 26th, huge supremicist mobs clash with the security forces in Catamarca, a city of 100,000 in northwestern Patagon. Outnumbered and taken by surprise, the security forces are overwhelmed and the city falls. The leader of the mobs, Galzra Rodriguez, demands that the equal-rights laws are repealed, or else he will attack other towns. Reports of his abuse of the population reach Buenos Aires as rumors.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire suffers a military defeat in the South Andean Union, stalling their advance. Soldiers expand the Iceland colony to the whole island, and an expedition lands in Southern Italy.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire requests that Patagon does not trade with the South Andean Union until the war is over.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagon will agree to this only if the Incans agree to turn over the Strait of Magellan and the surrounding territories if they win the war. They also must treat the Andean citizens as if they were equal to Incan citizens. If the strait were to go to Patagon, the Incans would still be able to use it.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire agrees to treating the Andeans as citizens and proposes this division plan.
      The Greater AmericasAndeanDivision

      Orange goes to the Empire, Blue goes to Patagon.

    • Patagonian Diplomacy: The plan is accepted. The partition plan for Australis is accepted with the UGS as well.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: The Kingdom of Angland accepts an alliance with the Incans if they allow the Pope to appoint Bishops to Incan cities and establish churches in Incan lands.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that the Pope can appoint an archbishop to Cuzco. Bishops in Eu'ropan cities will maintain their office.
    • Anglish Diplomacy: Thus we are now allies.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Anglish continue to attack the Frenchmen and expands more into France. The Anglish expand into Flanders and quickly destroys the Flemish. The Anglish Navy begins to expand and build more ships. The King begins the construction of the Royal Armory of Cornwall which would be a huge ironworks that would be able to manufacture huge amounts of industrial goods, it is expected to be finished by 835GA.
  • Union of Greater States: Both colonies, in Malaysia and Australia are expanded. The Aboriginals in the west join the colony. The people are treated equally due to their similar skin colour with the citizens of the Union and objection can't be raised to this. It is learned that the Aboriginal lifestyle is like the ones the early Unionists lived and It is decided that a new flag will be raised for Terra Australis. The army is extensively trained as the threat from the north, according to intelligence reports, has significantly increased.
  • Germany-Switzerland: Germany-Switzerland asks Angland to help unite with the three other German states and the other Italian states. G-S invades it eastern German neighbor and takes it over, annexing it.


Many Patagonian colonists move south and westward, accepting Aboriginals into their country. The clash and riots continue on their homeland, however.

Meanwhile, a huge exploration drive by Aztec, Antillian and Unionist explorers help discovered many new areas in Asia, with most of the credit being rightly given to the Aztec explorers.

  • United Amazon: continues expanding its colonies. In France, colonists are asked to get family members to move to the colony and move East. The colony reaches half a million people. The South Africa colony expands Eastward, and reaches 400,000 people. In Madagascar, the population booms as many countries are moving West and East, it realises it could be a major trading colony. Ports and a few paved roads are built, as needed to trade. It reaches a population of 75,000 people. Manufacturing gets a major boost when coal deposits are discovered, and it turns out this is a better fuel source than timber for the Steam Engine. Factories are slowly being built, however they are providing a good source of jobs in the face of many people leaving their villages and tribes for the cities and colonies.
  • Union of Greater States: For the first time since colonization, a defence force is made for Terra Australis, consisting of Unionists and Aboriginal peoples. Many more tribes are incorporated into the Colony and the colony grows significantly this year, mainly through desert lands. Meanwhile, food harvest has been good this year and people are starting to move into towns and cities. Road construction is commissioned in both Terra Australis and the Union mainland.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire continues its war against the Andean Union. A naval victory allows the army to continue to advance to the capital, and explosive grenades are developed to force enemies out of caves. An Incan Army conquers northern Spain.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor asks the UGS for an alliance. The Emperor also publishes a document. Called the Eu'ropa Codex, it states that the Empire's goal is to colonize all of Eu'ropa.
    • Union Diplomacy: After much debate, it is decided that the offer for an alliance will be accepted by the Union. However, they do not agree to the Eu'ropa Codex, stating that other nations might also want to have a significant portion of land in Eu'ropa.
    • You know that the codex was not part of diplomacy, right? It was just stating my intentions for part of the game.
    • I do. I have no intention of starting a colony on Eu'ropa. I am just saying that we don't agree to the idea of the Codex.
    • Okay, cool.
  • Patagon: The colonists in Australis expand west and south. On January 3rd, the supremicists launch attacks on local towns and seize them. Several platoons of Patagonian troops head out from a nearby base on January 6th after hearing of the news, and they attack one of the captured towns. They manage to retake it, but are greatly disturbed by the high-caliber weapons in the supremicist's possession, weapons they did not have when the riots started in Catamarca. The army manages to capture a merchant who fought with the supremicists, and under interrogation he reveals the supremicists had been receiving training, weapons, and funds from himself and other wealthy sources. The mobs continue to attack other towns in the region, slowly carving out a lawless territory of about 100 miles squared. Galzra Rodriguez states, "We will not stop this noble insurrection until the government stops dealing with those filthy Aboriginals as full people!" On June 25th, the Patagonian army sets up a blockade around the supremicists' territory in order to prevent further expansion. However, due to the supremicist's advanced weaponry, they cannot retake the lands. A full investigation is ordered to find out where they are getting their supplies. Meanwhile, in the desert and by the coastline, many other Patagonians are enraged by Galzra's brutal rule and enlist in the army to fight against him. Even some Aboriginals travel to the country to join in the fight, despite the obvious risks that entails.
  • The Aztecs control all of the East Indies except Jakarta and Sumatra. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. The emperor makes a historic visit to Spain, where he is converted into Roman Catholicism. After this, he begins to westernize his country after the Spanish architecture and the Christian religion. They begin to settle lands on what is now Sri Lanka. They ask the UGS for an alliance and trade agreements. It asks the Incans and Antillians if they have made their disicion of unity, and asks the UGS to join.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Kingdom of Angland attacks the Danes and North Germans and quickly take control of the Danish peoples after they capture King Otto XI of Denmark in the Battle of Hannover, the Anglish then secure unconditional surrender of the Danes and North Germans in the Treaty of Copenhagen. The Anglish send a ship to Incan allies filled with missionaries and Christians. It lands in the city of Lima and they found the Cathedral of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the city. Many missionaries begin to preach all throughout Incan lands.
  • Germany-Switzerland: G-S invades the final two independant German nations, conquering them both and annexing them. Anglands conquest of Denmark and northern Germany is recognized. This gives G-S northern Rome/Italy, and further invasions are sent into the rest of free Italy, and the Papal States fall in late December, giving waht was once free Italy and non-Angland Germany to G-S.
    • Way too fast, you don't even have a standing army and you invade countries. Even if you did, all you would get is one country not 4 or 5. Think about it.


  • Union of Greater States: The Turresund Kingdom is invaded, on the pretext of national security. A blockade is begun with all available ships and the The Turresund navy is soundly defeated in a series of naval battles as they were no match to the Union navy. The army also does well and the Australis defence force is also brought in to support the main army. A third of the nation falls, and the remainder doesn't manage to hold out any well as the blockade takes its toll. The war is expected to be over in 2 more years.
    • I'm not a mod, but I have to say taking over all of the nation in one turn seems a bit fast, especially considering the size of the country and their army. (IhaveSonar)
    • Fair point. I did kinda get carried away.
  • Vulktarn: After the last erruption from Mt. Lemsa, the citizens of Vulktarm had riots after nothing was done to aid them. They fought for a new government and eventually they had won the new government was formed. Aid was sent out striaght away to damged towns. The government paid scientists to try to figure out how to predict erruptions to give the people a safe get away. The government also sent out parties to improve relations with neighbouring countries around them. The volcano had constructed a new land scape for people to build on although it may take some time due to the poverty in the town.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union asks for an alliance and a trade agreement with Vulktarn and sends desperately needed aid to the country.
    • Vulktarn Diplomacy: the alligance is accepted and aid helps towns start rebuilding efforts in areas.
  • The Incan Empire: Incan Soldiers enter the South Andean capital, ending the fighting. However, the peace treaty and unification treaty are not to be signed until next year. Armies and colonists expand in Italy, conquering Rome in March and defeating Venice in July. Colonists also move east to Greece and colonize Crete and the Peloponese. A fleet estalishes a small trading/military colony on the southern island of Japan after they scare the native Japanese with gunpowder weapons.
    • Incan Diplomacy: Knowing how much the Pope is to the Empire's Christians, the Emperor grants the Pope special status. He becomes the most protected religious figure after the Emperor himself.
  • United Amazon takes over the rest of France, and now border Germany-Switzerland. They ask them for an alliance, as well a non-aggression pact. They begin to build forts along the Incan border in Spain, to keep them out. Now that all land in France has been taken, the leaders of the nation are glad that they have two colonies in Africa. South Africa is expanded breatly, as well as Madgscar. Gold mining is stepped up as it is needed to finance the colonial expeditions. They also send a few more expeditions into Africa to explore more of the inland. Factories are now in every meduim sized city (30,000) has a factory. Maunfacturing makes up one tenth of the Amazonian economy, though it still won't make a huge impact until the next century when more inventions are made.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor offers the Amazonian people one last chance to sell their Eu'ropa colony along with some of their border territory to the Incas. They may choose their price.
    • United Amazon Diplomacy: The King tells the Incans that their Eu'ropa colony is their most populated colony, so it would make no sense to sell it. They don't want to sell land in United Amazon either, but ask istead if they want to invade a neighboring nation, such as the East American Confedercy.
    • You forgot that the Empire also wants to buy some of your border in South America.
    • Fixed it.
  • The Aztecs: continue to westernize under the cultural and Christian influence from Spain and Italy. The original religion is officially banned, with Christianity as the substitute. The Aztecs secure Jakarta and Sumatra, planning to colonize Japan. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They try to make sure people are Christians by giving benefits who those who are Christian and punishments for those who are not.
    • You are aware that by westernizing you would be making your nation more primitive, right? Remember, the American Nations are the more advanced. Switching the religions would also probably incur riots.
    • When I mean that, I mean in terms of architecture (Greco-Roman), art (Byzantium) and religion.
    • Just giving you a fair warning, I made a colony at Japan and if you do the same, that might create conflict.
  • Germany-Switzerland (Temporary under control of Monster Pumpkin): Germany starts to copy foreign technology to repel any nations that might threaten it.
    • United Amazon requests an alliance with Germany Swizterland to protect each other against any one who might want to steal land from us.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Kingdom of Angland sends troops into central Europe and capture the strategic land in the center of Europe. The King of Angland also begins to send trappers into lands owned by the Poles, called Poland, and begins to explore the areas there. The King of Angland considers crowning himself the King of All Europe and announcing the Kingdom of Europe. (I want to see what ya'll think about this and any other suggestions you have as I'm sick of the name "Angland".)
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor states that the King of Angland cannot declare himself the King of Europe, as most of Europe is out of his control. It also directly contradicts the Eu'ropa Codex, the Incan Document stating the Empire's goal to colonize all of Eu'ropa.
    • Why not change your name to Britain or something if you don't like Angland?
    • Because I want something althist-ish, something different/new.
  • Patagon: The majority of the army, swelled with new recruits and Aboriginal ranks, gathers on the southeastern side of the rebels' territory. On February 17th, at 3:26 PM, the rebels make a push into the army in attempt to break the blockade, but to no avail. The rebels are forced to retreat, and the army advances into the area from the southeast. The bulk of the rebels' defenses vanquished, battalions from the north and south are also commanded to attack, routing the rest of the forces. The army is ordered on pain of death to not intentionally harm civilians, only those who chose to disturb the peace in the first place. On March 8th, after a series of smaller skirmishes, the Patagonian army lays siege to Catamarca, the de facto rebel capital. The rebels have developed some kind of revolving cannon which sews havoc in the lines, but their lack of numbers proves to be their undoing, and the city is retaken by midnight. The inhabitants of the city rejoice, as Galzra had executed whoever stood up against him and had failed to provide many basic civil services to the population. The army learns from documents in a former rebel bunker that the insurgents had been funded by disgruntled Incan army officers, and that Galzra and a few of his cohorts had fled to the relatively lawless lands of the East American Confederacy. Enraged, the high ruler sends a message to the Incan Empire demanding that these villains be tried and suitably punished. Much of the population cheers at the victory. Most of the country had been friendly to the Aboriginals anyway, seeing as both lands are mainly comprised of desert, and therefore the peoples had developed similar customs and traditions. The high ruler hopes that the victory will bring the two lands closer together as a unified country, and states that he himself wants to behead Galzra when the rogue is captured.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor announces that most of the officers have been arrested and are awaiting trial. Several others deserted to the East American Confederacy.
  • The Auorian Tribes:The new country Auoria, Led diplomatically by The Auorian Tribes, is having troubles and rioting on its new and changed policies on whaling and bear poaching. Riots have broken out in the southern areas, both east and west. The Government is continuing to push with these new laws, and hopes that our law enforcement can keep the unruly rioters at bay. Also on the other hand, The Government is also asking for land in the West Mountains which are becoming important in land and hunting in those areas, and they are offering whale and support for some of the North-West Territories. Also we are sending settlers and colonies to Northern Eu'ropa, The Far North East Asia, and The small Archipelago north of Eu'ropa, And the Government is investing in war arms and military, to improve the army and its defense.
  • Antilia: Antilia sends envoys to the newly formed government in the Auorian Tribes and offers a formal alliance. Colony ships are focused on the sparsely populated Omancia colony. A new form of wagonrail is created and construction begins on a huge wagonway along the coast. The government comes up with a huge construction idea that will open up the western coast of America to the East. The project is offered to the Aztecs as it takes place on Aztec soil. The plan is to build a massive canal across the thin isthamus of the Panama area.


  • Union of Greater States: The war against the Turresund continues and another third is conquered. For the first time in the war, the Australis defense force moves into the front lines and allows the main army some rest. The Turresund, however, counter-attack and inflict major casualties. In Terra Australis, the last remaining tribes join Union Australis and no more expansion will be carried out due to the "Australis Treaty" with the Patagonians. More troops from the defense force are sent to the Turresund front from Union Australis and constription is carried out in Union Australis as well as the mainland. This starts to cause slight rioting and for now, the army have it under control.
  • The Incan Empire: Incan engineers discover a way to mass produce some types of delicate machinery. As a result, the revolving cannon (OTL Puckle Gun) enters into production and soon enters the military as well. A peace and unification treaty is signed between the Empire and the South Andean Union, merging both countries into The Incan Empire of the Andes. Swarms of colonists spread across Japan, and with the government supporting them they conquer all of Honshu. Rights similar to the Europeans are given to the Japanese.
  • Vulktarn: Rebuilding efforts are finished and towns are now running again although a few towns may need a bit more work. Scientists increase efforts to discover when the next eruption is going no where. With money left over from aid given the government tries to destroy poverty in towns and to improve military defences.
  • Patagon: On April 1st, an elite squad of Patagonian and Aboriginal troops raids ten miles into the border of the East American Confederacy. There, they find several huts which house Galzra and his supporters. After some resistance, they are captured and the rebellion officially ends. Galzra was in is underwear when he was captured and, according to the troops, looked like a miserable fool. Henceforth, the day was proclaimed a national holiday by the name of April Fools' Day. Supplies and troops are sent to Catamarca and the surrounding towns in order to help rebuild from the rebellion. Many of the Aboriginals choose to permenantly relocate to Patagon, as opposed to travelling all the way back to Australis. The Australis territory expands to the west and the southwest, but the tribes to the direct south, where the original Patagonian colonists were once denied landing, refuse to join.
  • United Amazon: Now that all the land bordering France has been taken, colonists have moved into small towns or taken any land that was still for free. As a result, population density rises. The South African colony is expanded as well as Madgscar as people now need more land to farm with. The South African colony expands Eastward, while the Madgcar colony keeps expanding north. Expeditions sent out earlier have eastblished a small town Eastward, near a river. This has brought many farmers to the South African colony. Madgscar has become a major trade stop for Amazionian merchants heading toward other colonies.
  • The Aztecs: continue the religious and culture Christnianization. The military and navy continue to expand and upgrading. They establish a colony in Southern Honshu.
    • The Incas already own Honshu. Please read other people's posts and do more than just expand and upgrade your military. Actually tell us how it is upgrading.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Anglish attack the Poles and after a series of brutal battles are able to secures Poland from the Polish warlords. King Christopher I of England personally hires architects to continue building the Royal Armory of Cornwall. The Anglish begin to allow Frenchmen from Amazonian France to enter Angland without passport. The Anglish also begin to build fortifications along the Anglish-Amazonian Border.
  • The Auorian Tribes: The Auorian Government has accepted The Antillians' Request for the two nations to become allies, as well as continuing to build up the army. The Hunting Polices on Bears and Whaling have gone through and the rioters have been stopped. The Government has still had no reply from the West Mountains, and are still waiting.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union ask for an alliance and trade agreement for the betterment of both nations.
    • Auorian Diplomacy: The Auorian Government graciously acccepts the agreement.
  • Antilia: A new form of rifle recently developed by scientists is put to the test when an uprising from the east demending the King's abdication is quickly quelled by the military. The government offers Vulktarn a research agreement to try and discover the workings of volcanoes. An alliance is also offered. A trade agreement is offered to the United Amazon via the Antilian trading post in New Tobago and the Amazonian one in Madagascar. A drought in Omancia causes many people to up sticks and move across the sea to the crowded Gujarat colony.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union wishes to buy the rifles off Antilia and set up factories in both countries.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia agrees and intends to begin shipment ASAP. Construction begins on the factories.


  • Union of Greater States: The war against the Turresund Kingdom is finished and the whole country is under is under Union control. However, a small portion is allowed independence and is left as the Turresund. The incorporation of the country begins and is expected to take a few more years. The defence force is quickly returned to Terra Australis when the government learn that they would be large scale rioting otherwise. Society in Terra Australis is still adapting and many new construction projects are started on Australis and Calland. Roads construction will continue and a new parliament building will be built to control the provinces.
  • Kingdom of Angland: The Anglish launch an attack from bases in North Germany and Poland to attack the Swedes. The Anglish forces land and quickly beat back the resisting locals. The main Swede Army is then put down by the superior firepower of the Anglish and they soon capture the capital. The Swedish King is killed and his only child, Ulrika, is forced to sign away her country to the Anglish.
  • The Auorian Tribes: The Auorian Tribe is flourishing and has plans to continue the colonization of Northern Asia, as well as they are sending a formal alliance to Vulktarn, as well as a trade suggestion to The Union of Greater States. The Military is advancing rapidly, as well as the scienctific discoveries. They have also send some resources to Turresund to help it recover from the war.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union accepts the trade suggestion and thinks that Auroia, Vulktarn and the Union should set up joint research facilities and military bases as well as participate in joint military exercises.
    • Vulktarn Diplomacy: Vulktarn agrees to be allies and likes the idea of the joint facilities and military bases.
    • Union Diplomacy: Union scientists at once will visit the site of the volcanoes and to do some research. Spots for bases are also mapped out.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: Expansion in Italy, Greece and Japan result after the capture of Venice, Athens, and Kyoto. Slavery is outlawed because the Emperor thinks it is immoral. The Empire accepts refugees from the Aztec Empire, who are fleeing because the government outlawed the original religion.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor requests that the Aztec Empire and Vulktarn leave Japan alone, as it already has a sizeable Incan colony.
  • Vulktarn: Scientific research had failed, but scientists have discovered that volcanoes give of sulphur and other elements and rocks. Vulktarn government takes advantage of this and decides to have sulphur as their main export. Vulktarn sends in a mining team to check if it is safe enough to mine and if it is mineable. Also Vulktarn has decided to expand by colonizing Honshu, Angolia and Nigeria. Millatary research continues.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor suggests that, in order to prevent a divided Japan, the Empire purchase the Vulktarn colony for almost anything they ask. The Emperor eagerly waits for a response.
    • Vulktarn Diplomacy: Vulktarn doesn't want money but we propose a idea. We shall rule the country together because we think it is not good to have a dived Japan but since you own more you sahll more control over japan but we will rule together. do you accept these terms.
    • Correct me if I'm wrong. Under this plan I own all of Japan, but I cannot make any major decisions over it without your approval. Is that right?
    • Yes, but no. We each own Japan as much as each other but if you suggest an idea and I refuse it would be passed and if I suggested an idea and you refused it wouldn't because you technically own more than me but we share the country. In simple terms we each own the country equally but you have a greater say in things.
    • To be fair, I liked my Idea better, not saying yours wasn't bad. Personally I think my idea is better because you have more say in Japan's affairs. What do you think?
    • As a mod, I am approving the idea the Incans have given as it gives both nations around the same say. 1 Imperium Guy
    • OK, I agree
  • Antilia: Antilia decide to use the info on volcanoes from Vulktarn to find some of their own sulfur resources, but with no avail. A huge new observatory is built on a mountaintop near Maracaibo, and new discoveries are made almost immediately. A huge colourful cloud of gas is discovered in the well known consellation of Orion. It is named a nebula. Also, a huge galaxy is discovered and called the Gurpila Galaxy, the Basque word for wheel.
    • Vulktarn Diplomacy: Vulktarn accepts to be allies. (I meant to do that last turn but I forgot and then a new turn came along. So this happened last turn, OK.)
  • The Aztecs: continue the religious and culture Christianization. The military and navy continue to expand and upgrading. They establish a colony in Somalia, hoping to expand control over the East African region.
    • Add a bit about discovering it first, as well as exploring it, LOL.
  • United Amazon: The Amazionans are astonished when one of their expedition teams meet up with a group of Madgscarian fishers. They now have a goal, to have the South African colony reaches the Indian Ocean. Thousands of settlers head Eastward, with thousands moving into South Africa to take their place. Madagascar also grows, though not as fast. An alliance request is sent to Antilia since they have colonies right next to each other.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: The alliance is accepted. It is also offered that sometime in the near future an agreement should be made over the split of the colonies in South New America (Africa).
  • Patagon: Seeing a lot of opportunity in the former Andean lands and Australis, many factory owners expand their businesses into the said territories. Farmers do the same. Aboriginals start to take advantage of Patagonian technology to begin their own manufacturing businesses as well. Research on the captured revolving-cannon technology begins, and supplies are sent to Catamarca in order to continue the rebuilding process. Plans are laid out for schools and an expansion of the aqueduct system in both Australis and the former Andean territories, and there is talk of building some sort of road to connect the areas on both sides of the Andes mountain range. On January 4th, Galzra is brought before a crowd in Buenos Aires and is beheaded for crimes against the nation, thus ending the Supremicists' Uprising of December 26th, 829- April 1st, 832.
  • Germany-Switzerland: The army creates its first musket, and it is mass produced and distributed to the military. Research into a rifle begins, and a series of castles is built along the Incan border.


  • Patagon: More factories and farms continue to pop up in Patagon and Australis, and to a lesser extent, South Calland and the Falkland Islands. The government, having finished its research on the revolving cannon, signs a major contract with several factory owners to produce 3000 of them over the next four years. Work begins on building more schools in Andea( former Andean Union) and in the newest Australis territories, as does work on three roads to connect both sides of the Andes mountains. The tribes in southern Australis, hearing rumors that the Incan empire is interested in colonizing the area, elect to join Patagon.
  • Vulktarn: Vulktarn is now producing a large amount of sulphur and is planning trade routes to its allies if they agree to the trade. Colonists are expanding in Nigeria and Angolia while colonising in Mali. A science program is being brought into schools to teach them more about the sciences of the world and space. Vulktarn's government next move is to increase education and health by building schools and hospitals in cities and towns. There has been a outbrake where people seem to think that the world is going to end this year so Vulktarn has decided to look for potential threats to the planet to calm people down. Military reshearch has stopped to put money to find how, when and will the world end.
  • The Aztecs: continue their cultural westernization. Exploration around Somalia leads to colonies to be established there. Missionaries from Azteca continue to spread the Catholic religion. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading.
    • As a mod I am telling you to stop writing the same thing over and over again. If your military expands, explain how. Monster Pumpkin
  • United Amazon: The colonies continue to grow, with South Africa growing Eastward so that contact with Madgscar is easier. Madgscar, meanwhile grow northward to get more land for ports and farming. France has began to run low on land, and prices on it rise. Cities have started to rise as one of the only choices for those who don't own land. Factories have also began to pop up as the demand for goods is higher in the city than it is in the countryside. Meanwhile, muskets are starting to be mass produced on a larger scale as there is a larger need for protection in the colonies.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: Incan forces expand into northern Japan, subduing the native Ainu tribes that inhabit Sakhalin and Hokkaido. Explorers and soldiers discover the Crimea, and a month later a larger force conquers the peninsula. Trappers travel up river and discover the cities of Kiev and Moscow. They report their findings to the authorities, who vow to send an expedition next year.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The official unification of Japan occurs, with many Japanese celebrating. To honor their joint administration, the Empire offers Vulktarn an alliance.
    • South American Union: The Incan Empire proposes that the Muisca Confederation join the union.
  • Kingdom of Angland/Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Anglish Army launches an assault on Norway, the initial assault fails, the second assault fails and finally the third assault fails. The Anglish are forced to enter the negotiation table with the Norwegians. King Christopher though, before being able to attend the meeting dies of fever. His son Crown Prince James is crowned King James III of England. The young (21) year old King attends the meetings after having led the conquest of Sweden only the year before. The King meets the Norwegian Queen and agrees to a personal union with Norway, creating the Holy Kingdom of Europe. King James III of England is crowned by the Pope himself as the King of All Europe. He and Queen Abigael become the King and Queen of Europe.
  • Union of Greater States: The Union continues the integration of Turresund territories and many roads they built are connected. More roadwork construction is also commencing in Australis, with new houses and schools being built for the residents. The construction of the parliament also continues, with a new era just over the horizon. A wild, chestnut coloured animal is spotted travelling on one of the roads of the Union. The animal is the "horse," an animal which has been contineously domesticated for over 20 years and finally put on sale for transportation. Soon, many of these animals start popping up everywhere and by the year's fall, many are present in Union Australis as well, due to western colonizing "immigrants" bringing the horses with them. There are rumours of a rebellion being planned and many policing units are sent around the Union of Great States and Union Australis. They manage to capture numerous rebels being trained in cells and the cells are dismantled. This will continue well into 835. Huge industrial projects commence in the Union, with the aim of manufacturing many new form of weaponry, including state of the art muskets and revolving cannons.
  • Germany-Switzerland: The army is increased, and plans for an attack are made for next year. Castles are also built along the narrow Amazonian border.


Huge hoards of barbarians attack the Incan colony in Crimera and the surrounding areas, crushing their control of Kiev and nearby cities, with fierce fighting happening around Kiev. The Incans are forced to retreat to half of the land they own, where the horde has yet to reach them.

  • Vulktarn: the world didn't end but the reshearch shows that the sun is going to expand one day but not for another billion years or so.Vulktarn colonies continue to expand while a request is sent to Antilia to work together to expand science and find out how and why things are. They are also making observitories in certain towns and cities that they think will have the best land to observe the sky. Farms are now being rebuilt now that the magma from Mt.Lemsa turning furtile.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: The research agreement is accepted.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire sends a large army to the Crimea, capturing Constantinople and the Golden Horn along the way. The army manages to successfully capture Kiev and the surrounding area. Colonists expand into Thessaly. New roads are built in Japan.
  • Germany-Switzerland: German forces invade the State of Austria, defeating it in a battle and expanding east.
    • European diplomacy: We ask Germany to join the Holy Kingdom of Europe in an attempt to form a continent wide barrier to American expansionism.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The nation of Germany-Switzerland politley declines, but does agree to a strong military, economic, and trade union, although not political.
  • Antilia: Scientific research continues into the worlds beyond and more nebulae are found. Construction begins on a large infrastructure of roads as well as scattered factories for mass producing the Antilian Rifle. A newly founded colony in Somalia is quickly abandoned due to fierce resistance from the local tribes.
  • The Aztecs continue cultural Westernization.
    • How many times do we have to say this. SOMALIA IS UNDISCOVERED!!!! DISCOVER IT BEFORE YOU COLONIZE!!! Regards, FP
    • I am very sorry. I'll erase it.
  • United Amazon: An expedition force is sentout to find another area to colonize, and land in OTL Turkey. They come back and inform the king about this, and a group of settlers and soldiers are getting prepared to establish a colony here next year. The South African colony expands more eastward, and soon cover most of the Okayango Basin, though it is lowly populated and will take a few years to get a good sized population. Meanwhile, muskets are now standard issue for all soldiers. Factories are slowly contributing more to the economy. Now, every major city in France has a factory, showing how France is getting more crowded, as it is back at home.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans send expeditions to Finland, the Baltic, Belarussia, and Eatern Poland. The Europeans send several landing parties to Finland and colonize the area. They come into contact with the Russians, who are highly unorganized and primitive, and they imeadiatley begin to fight over the area, the Finns in the area though support the Europeans and drive the Russians from their lands. The Royal Armory of Cornwall is completed and begins turning out a large amount of weapons and manufactured goods. The Europeans contact the Germans and ask them to unite with the HKE as a member nation.
  • Patagon: The various projects involving the new cannon, schools, aqueducts, and roads proceed apace. Patagonian sailors land in Egypt near the OTL Suez Canal and trade with the locals, map the area, and report back to the mainland.
  • Union of Greater States: The Union continues the construction of roads in Turresund territories and Australis, with new houses and schools being built for the residents. The construction of the parliament in Australis is near completion. Horses increase in number and for the first time are seen being used by the military as a quick transportation method from one place to another to capture numerous rebels being trained in cells and the cells are dismantled in Union Australis and Turresund, with the operation finally finishing when the last of the rumoured cells are shut down. Huge industrial projects continue, with the manufacturing of many new forms of weaponry. These are now given to defense forces all around the Union.


Thousands of Aztecs and Mayans gather in Aztec cities, protesting the government's ban of their native religion. Meanwhile, protestos in Athens and Constantinople demand the safety of the Byzantine Emperor.

  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: Outraged at hearing the army in Russia being defeated, the Empire sends four new armies to relieve Kiev. Apparently the Emperor was so mad he broke his wrist when he hit the table. The four new armies mange to drive back the Russians and save Kiev, which they then fortify. They saved their colony, but were unable to deal the crushing blow they had planned on. Fearing Amazonian competition in the Eastern Mediterranean, the army conquers Cyprus and establishes fortresses there. The Byzantine Emperor is temporarily relocated to Athens under full protection.
  • Vulktarn: With farms now booming along Vulktarn is planning to export wheat and other crops that it is producing. Colonies continue to expand and start to spread culture into the lands there. Vulktarn satrts to expand their navy by reshearching designs for new ships.
  • United Amazon: The Expedition team is sent out once more, but toward New South America (Africa) and it lands in Kenya after making a pit-stop in Madgscar. The king declares that this area is better suited than OTL Turkey, and the colonists that were prepared last year will now head there, and will reach there next year. They give a deal to the Incans: we won't establish colonies in the Eastern Mediterranean, if they don't mess with United Amazon's France. Meanwhile, the South African colony now begins to have more and more settlers move out to the Okayango Basin, and forts are built around the lands to protect from Indians. Meanwhile, an estimate by an Amazonian expert says that around 10% of all people in United Amazon live in the city, a high number for this time era. In a new plan to raise that number, many tribes that have been left out from the world have been taken from the rainforest and to the cities, where they will learn about civilization. At the end of the learning course, if they want to stay, they can and get a free house, or if they want to go home, they can do that as well.
    • Incan Diplmacy: While not pleased at having the Amazonian colony in France, the Emperor accepts the proposal.
    • European Diplomacy: We ask that you hand over your French colonies to us, as to rightly claim land that is European. The consequence for not doing so shall be invasion.
    • United Amazon Diplomacy: We refuse to give up our land to some barbarians. We tell the Europeons to bring it on.
    • European reaction: THIS IS WAR!!! The Holy Kingdom of Europe calls for their allies, the Incans, to attack the Amazonians as well, they ask the Germans to attack them and they promise that Amazonian France will be divided between all who help in the war. The Europeans invade France with almost 20,000 veteran soldiers that had been moved their from their campaigns in the East, Norway, and Finland. The European Navy attacks Amazonian ports all along the coast from their ships stationed in the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Amazoian reaction: Good luck trying to get past our forts and soldiers. They tell the Incans that instead of fighting a fellow American nation, they could unite together and remove this Europeon nation, in return they will get ALL of the French colony, allowed that displaced Amazonians are allowed to return home. Plus, the Amazonians will not interfere in Europeon affairs after the war, allowing them to get a large amount of land.
    • Incan Reaction: The Emperor is undecided on which country to side with. The only thing that is decided is that the Empire will get involved. The military is put on full alert, and many generals are consulted about all possibilities.
    • Antilian Reaction: Antilia declares neutrality in the war.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The Incans can have a good portion of South American UA territory as well as some of France. G-S declares its support for the HKE
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union will support United Amazon as they are nation who have kept to the traditional American ways. The navy is dispatched to support the Amazonians where ever necessay while the army is readied up.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The G-S asks what the Union wants to support the Europeans, if the Union helps the Europeans, the Europeans will help the Union take over North America.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union is content with the lands it has in North America and will continue to support their South American counter-part.
  • Geramny-Switzerland: To trun the tide of colonialism, the Empire of G-S establishes a colony in northern Masagascar, the Suez Canal area,and in OTL Liberia. G-S troops invade the neighboring states (of G-S IN Europe) and conquer two of them, wile invasions of four other states bordering it is completed succesfully by the years end.
    • .Your nation does not have the power to defeat American Nations yet. You would only be able to colonize Africa or Asia.
    • I am not fighting them, I am claiming untaken land on the continent of South America, so I am not fighting them.
    • By colonizing a superior nation, you are indirectly declaring war. You are not even fully able to defend yourself, let alone go conquering and colonizing. That area is a nation, the East American Confederation or something.
    • Might not like my answer, but no where. It is all taken.
    • darn, then i change my post establsihing a colony in northern Masagascar, the Suez Canal area,and in OTL Liberia.
    • Not all at once, only one place at a time.
    • United Amazon asks Germany-Switzerland for an alliance.
    • G-S Diplomacy: G-S accepts the offer.
  • The Aztecs begin to explore the coast of what is now Somalia. They chart the area and are thinking of colonizing it. They agree to end the ban on the native religion, yet there will be a discriminatory tax for non-Christians.
  • Patagon: The revolving cannons, nicknamed Warmongers by the troops, are introduced into the army and training begins on how to use them. The schools in Andea and Australis are complete, and work continues on the extension of the aqueducts and the roads bridging the Andean Mountains. Factories and farmland continue to pop up across the territories, and a few decide to locate to South Calland and the Falklands.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans move troops from Eastern Europe to western Europe. The troops are stationed along the UA-HKE border. The troops prepare trench works along the border and fortifications. The Europeans also send several large frigates and men-of-war to the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay and the Medditerranean Sea surrounding France. The Europeans also begin to conscript units from Norway, North Germany, and Finland to the Western border.
  • Muisca Confederation's player LurkerLordB has resigned.
  • Union of Greater States: All men able to work are put on building roads and factories to support the war effort. They are also ordered to help construct ships and work in ammunition factories. Funding is put forward for building new weapons still on the drawing boards. When the apparent shortage of men comes through, women are ordered to help in the effort of road building. Women are also widely conscripted as the men making up the army are allowed to rest. A blockade of European territories is begun and ship will attack the routes used by the European fleet to transport troops from Norway and Finland.


  • United Amazon: repulses the European invaders, and marches on to counter attack. Thousands of Amazonians have fled France in the face of invaders. Many have just gone to South Africa or Madgscar. Control of France will be relungished to the Incans as soon as they join the war on our side. Draft has begun, and 250,000 men have been trained back on the homeland. Scientists across the nation are now researching better weapons and to build a new better cannon. The small group of settlers that were sent out earlier have succesfully made a little colony in OTL Kenya.
  • Germany-Switzerland: G-S offers to mediate between United Amazon and the HKE, as both are G-S allies, and that the people of G-S are torn over which side to support. Whoever does not agree mediation, will be ignored politically by the Empire of G-S as well as economically and by a trade embargo. Colonies are established in Korea, OTL Yemen, Sr Lanka and Taiwan.
    • United Amazon is willing to negotiate.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The G-S asks that both sides agree to a cease fire so talks can begin.
    • United Amazon is willing to negotiate. As for the French colony, we will give it to the Incans in exchange that our settlers can return home.
    • Dude, we already said we were going to negotiate.
    • Oh, sorry, didn't see your reply. Talks begin on the talk page then.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: Troops march into the Amazonian colony, ready to protect it in the face of European or German aggression. Following recent government change in the Muisca Confederation, the Emperor suggests that they join the Empire for their own safety.
  • Union of Greater States: The Union sends its navies to help evacuate Amazonian areas while the remainder of the naval taskforce continue their blockade of Germany and the European Empire. The female army is now ready, after a year of training, to be used where the Amazonians think necassay. The projects of infrastructure construction, road building and weapons testing continue.
    • United Amazon: thanks the Union of Greater States for their support. If you want to send troops until ours can arrvive, then France would be a good place to start.
    • Union Response: The Union fleet lands the first female troops onto the beaches of France to assist the Amazonians. Crack female operatives follow suit and all forts now have extra troops to repulse attacks. The navy will also help get your troops across.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The Empire will declare war on the Unon and UA if the Union navy does not withdraw from German waters and stop its attempted blocakde of the Germany.
    • Union Response: The Union is willing to take the risk of war from a landlocked nation which cannot get near the Union navy.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The G-S is not at war with anyone right now and is trying to negotiate a ceasefire, why would the Union try and start a war with G-S?
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union has done nothing against the G-S. We have only supported Amazon and started a blockade of the European Empire.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The G-S asks all nations to participate in peace talks and accpet a ceasefire until such times as negoiatons end.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans withdraw back to their earthworks and fortifications. The Europeans set up batteries of cannons and rifled artillery. The Europeans launch and invasion of France from Cornwall to Brest. The Europeans quickly take control of the peninsula of Britanny. The European Navy destroy the evacuating ships and kill over 13,000 Amazonian refugees. The King declares a Crusade against the Amazonians. The HKE asks the Aztecs to enter into an alliance based on Christianity against the Amazonians.
    • G-S Diplomacy: The G-S asks all nations to participate in peace talks and accept a ceasefire until such times as negoiatons end.
    • You are losing the war according to the algorithm. You can't just decide that you kill or take over anything. Plus, rifled artillery wasn't invented yet.
    • how would the G-S tip the scales in joining either side, could you make an algorithm for both choices please, I would like to know. DeanSims 18:57, February 12, 2012 (UTC)\
    • It would depend on how many troops you contribute. Even then, going against three American countries isn't exactly somthing that can be easily won.
    • What will the American nations give me to fight Europe, I want as much of it as you can give me. I am willing to trade colonies for more of the main part of Europe. DeanSims 19:06, February 12, 2012 (UTC)
    • Incan Diplomacy: Following the slaughter of innocent civilians, the Empire declares war on Europe. Galleons from Iceland rake the Scottish coast, and Incan Armies apporach Brittany.
  • The Aztecs continue to explore the coast of what is now Somalia. They chart the area and are thinking of colonizing it. They explore what is now Zanzibar in Eastern Africa.
  • G-S Diplomacy: G-S spies seize maps of what Europe wants if it wins the war, and the Emperor is enraged, he immediately declares a state of war on Europe and the G-S launches a massive invasion of Europe, bypassing its fortifacations with well aimed artillery and a soon G-S troops occupy Warsaw, Berlin and are driving on Amsterdam.
  • How are you enraged, I'm giving you land.
  • Patagon: The Warmongers continue to be manufactured and introduced to the army, and the roads and aqueducts near completion. Factories and farms continue to pop up across the land. The high leader decides to stay neutral in the European war, seeing as Patagon has no desire to get involved in European affairs. However, if the war spreads to the Americas, Patagon will defend the home continents. An alliance is offered to both United Amazon and the Union of the Greater States.
    • United Amazon accepts the alliance request.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union accepts and as a gesture of goodwill, offers to fund the setting up of factories for the construction of Warmongers and hopes to buy them in great numbers if the buying of them is possible.
    • G-S Diplomacy: G-S apologizes about not assisting the UA at once, the G-S government was allied with both sides, but the map proved the final spark. The Union is offfered an alliance.
    • Union Diplomacy: The offer is accepted.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: The Warmonger deal is accepted.
  • Vulktarn: Vulktarn starts to find ways into using sulphur for boats, weapons and science while also Vultarn colnies continues to thrive (Ii colonised in Mali, too, but it's still not on the map).
  • GS Diplomacy: The Empire of GS declares that the war shall end now, and asks to unite with Europe to form the Holy Roman Empire under Europes controller. DeanSims 21:01, February 12, 2012 (UTC)
    • Holy Kingdom of Europe reaction: The Europeans accept the offer and absorb the Germans into the Holy Kingdom of Europe. King James III adopts the German King's son as his own as a sign of good terms. The King also anounces that the Incans and Amazonians have accepted peace with the Europeans.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor reports that King James III's statements are not true, and that negotiations are still ongoing. Armies are still on full alert.
    • European Diplomacy: The King states that he believed that the Incans had accepted the peace but assured the public that the Amazonians have agreed to peace.


  • Antilia: All Antilian colonies expand; Gujarat expands southeast, Omacia southwest, and South New America northwest. King Osoa thanks the leaders of United Amazon, the Incas and the Holy Kingdom of Europe for not leading the world into a costly and pointless war. The Holy Kingdom is asked for an alliance.
    • European Diplomacy: Will you agree to allow Christians into your country and have no religious restrictions upon them?
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Certainly. The religion will be welcomed with open arms.
  • Vulktarn: All colonies continue to expand inward. Research continues to find a use for sulphur while ash starts to appear out of Mt. Lemsa people are getting worried so Vulktarn decides to start up the volcanic research once again.
  • Patagon: The aqueducts and roads are complete, linking together and hydrating the two sides of the Andean mountains. Warmongers continue to be manufactured, and the army continues to learn how to use them. They also are installed onto navy ships, giving Patagonian navies the most firepower in the world. Distrustful of the East American Confederacy's unstable government, the high ruler orders military bases to be built along the border.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Incan government, now completely distrustful of the Muisca Confederation's new government, decides to invade for the security of both the Incas and the Muisca. The army and navy achieve both of their objectives, and secure the coast. The Muiscan colony of Taiwan is also seized. Rebel groups still maintain control in the eastern part of the country.
    • Incan Diplomacy: Having declared war on the Europeans a year earlier, the Incan Emperor requests that the agreement with United Amazon is honored and the land promised the Incas is given to them. He also says that, in order for permanent peace between the Empire and Europe, Europe must not expand to the east.
    • European Diplomacy: The Europeans need Lebensraum! We will continue to expand east as we see fit!
    • Amazion Diplomacy: We will give up the French Colony, and the Amazionan colonists will be heading home now.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor demands that the Europeans do not expand east, or else war will be renewed between the two nations. North and southeast are acceptable.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans rejoice at the news of the ending of the short war. King James III is hailed as a hero throughout all of Europe as a peacemaker and a political genious, showing the Americans the Europeans can not be pushed around. The Europeans annex the nominally German speaking region of East Prussia. The European Army is redeployed east but 10,000 remain on the western border. The Europeans also begin to instill more discipline in the Army. The Royal Armory of Cornwall continues to turn out a huge amount of weapons.
  • United Amazon: The Incans, Germans, and UGS are all thanked for there help in the short war. The Amazonian colonists in France are going home as control of the colony has been transfered and they don't want to live under foreign rule. Most go to Madgscar and Kenya, helping expand these colonies even more. Madgascar expands north as many people feel the need the need to take control of the island before the Europeans do. The drafted forces from earlier are now part of the regular army and are being trained as such. 150,000 are sent to help enforce the Amazion borders, the other 100,000 are sent to the colonies.
  • The Aztecs continue to settle Somalia. According to recent studies, 75% of the population is now Christian. They continue to explore what is now Zanzibar in Eastern Africa.
  • Union of Greater States: With the short war over, the UGS accepts the Amazonian "thank you" happily and reply that we were honoured to help another sovereign nation, and the navy continues to assist in transporting the Amazonian colonists wherever they see fit. The female armies are returned home and due to the role of the females in the war, females ask for more representation in Parliament. The projects of infrastructure construction, road building and weapons testing continue, speeded with with more manpower now available.


  • United Amazon: The South African colony expands greatly after a large number of Amazionians from France move here. It now covers all of the Okayango Basin and now borders more of Antilla's South African colony. The Kenyan colony expands southward, though not very fast. Back on the homefront, the first national Armball game takes place. The name for this is the Amazon Games. The best two teams, the Rio Grandes and the Brasilias compete against each other, with the Brasilias winning.
  • Union of Greater States: The first census of Union Australis and Calland is be carried out to celebrate the completion of their Parliament. Huge colonization waves are sent toward Indochina as well as Union Australis and Calland, with the Indochinese colony more than doubling its size. For the first time, they encounter hostile opposition and the army is sent in to deal with them. As the UAC colony is almost self-sufficient, most of its funds are diverted on the construction of the Indochinese colony.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Royal Armory of Cornwall continues to pump out a huge amount of weapons. The European Armies are sent to the former German colonies of Liberia and Madagascar to fortify the colonies. The European population in those regions expands and they quickly outnumber the native population. The Europeans send settlers to Suez region. Extra troops are also sent to that area and the expand and quickly crush the Muslim Armies and they capture Jerusalem and the surrounding region of Judea. Christians all across the world rejoice at Jerusalem being owned by Christians once more. Where is the Pope in all this?
    • The Pope is in Rome, which is controlled by the Incan Empire. He is one of the most important figures in the Empire.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire successfully establishes control over the rest of the Muisca, but plans on what to do with it are unknown at the moment. An Incan army defeats muslims at Tunis, and take control of the city. Colonists expand around the Aegean coast. Forces are increased in Kiev.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor proposes to give Vulktarn the island of Taiwan. In exchange Japan would go completely to the Empire.
    • Incan Diplomacy: It is also decided that som of the Muisca Confederation will go to Antillia, if they accept.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilian accepts, though the Muiscans were allies. Antilia offers to change the split of the Muisca, to be more convenient to both nations. (on talk page)
  • The Aztecs continue to settle Somalia. According to recent studies, 85% of the population is now Christian. They begin to settle Zanzibar and begin exploring in interior of Africa. They ask a union with the Antillians, Incans and Union (North American union).
    • Union Diplomacy: The Union ask to by the Aztec colony of Indochina from them. They will also consider the American Union proposal.
    • The Aztecs agree, but asks them to make sure Christianity is still in place.
  • Patagon: Two ships are sent to the area west of the OTL Suez canal, and they chart the rest of New America's coastline. Warmongers continue to be manufactured and introduced into the army and the navy. Research begins on how to convert the Incans' explosive grenades into explosive missiles for the cannons. Patagon would also like to invite the United Amazon to join the South American Union of the Incan Empire, Antilia, and Patagon. The East American Confederacy could join in the future, but they have massive corruption and poverty issues to tackle first.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor would gladly support Amazon joining the South American Union.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: The King is eager to support the South American Union and insist that the United Amazon join.
  • Antilia: Thousands of people flood into the South African colony after a rich field of gold is found. Prospectors flood in in their thousands and the colony expands greatly, stretching up the east coast, squashed up against the rapidly growing United Amazon colony. King Osoa celebrates fifty years.


A young Patagonian couple outside of Montevideo wow an audience by attaching wheels to a Union steam engine and having it roll forward. This is the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Other nations soon copy this idea and each of the great American nations now has working models. The Europeans also manage to do this, although slightly after the American nations.

Please check the talk page for the Industrialization key.

  • Vulktarn: They found something to do with volcanoes it turns out that the volcanoes are connected to the centre of the earth. Colonies begin to stop growing but they still are. They start to decide to explore the stars more so Vulktarn decides to make more observatories.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia also wants to explore the Cosmos so a trade agreement is offered.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire suggests a trade with Vulktarn. They would receive Taiwan in exchange for the rest of Japan.
  • Union of Greater States: The first census of Union Australis and Calland is completed, revealing the population to be around ten million people. Troops in Indochina are dragged into a full-scale battle with the hostile opponents and for the first time, Warmongers are used. They prove to be a great success, but have a slow firing rate. The battle is a clear Union victory, however, it highlights the need of an army in the area. The Indochinese colony continues construction and immigration increases. Women continue to demand greater rights, forming a "suffragette movement". Parliament offers them a tough choice, to get greater rights, they have to work for them. This includes to build and work in the new factories and rail-roads being constructed. The women reluctantly accept, but now have more more rights and freedom then before.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans begin to build industry and railroad lines. The first rail in Europe is completed from Berlin to Calais. The European Army invades Latvia and Lithuania, the disorganized tribes are quickly conquered by the Europeans. The Europeans also begin to send settlers to Liberia and North Madagascar.
  • The Aztecs continue to expand inland in Somalia and Zanzibar. They begin to convert the natives there to Christianity. They begin exploring the rest of the unknown East African exterior coast.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire declares war on Europe, angry that the peace plan they proposed was cast aside. Armies invade France, and fortifications along the Alps are prepared. Fleets in Iceland and Cyprus are readied for invasions. The first railroad is built between Cuzco and Chan Chan.
    • European Diplomacy: The deal was that I could expand north, and that is what I was doing, not east out Moscow but north towards Finland.
    • Incan Empire: The Empire will back down this once, and forces are withdrawn from European France. Be aware that Lithuania is east of East Prussia, so you can't go much farther than that.
  • Tarresund: Our empire joins the Incan Empire of the Andes in attacking Europe, our military is ready for a full scale attack and we will also go inland to the other towns of America.
    • Please elaborate what you do each turn. Also, you might have a difficult time fighting the Europeans.
  • United Amazon: We accept the request to join the South American Union. Factories are starting to become more common, and railroad track is being placed throughout the nation. The King himself hits into the ground the first nail for the track. The economy is booming thanks to the new factories and jobs everywhere. In South Africa, an expedition heads north into the unknown, hoping to map out some land. In Kenya, settlers start to head south in search for fertile land.
  • Patagon: The high ruler channels funds which would have gone into completing the rest of the Warmongers into laying train tracks across Patagon. Plans are made for tracks running from all of the northern Patagonian cities to each other and those on the west coast, tracks in the populated coastal areas of Australis, and a single line going north to south on South Calland. The couple who invented the original steam vehicle are given prestigious positions in the nation's newly founded engineering corps. The high ruler announces "Patagon has invented the Warmonger, the strongest weapon known to man, and the first train. We shall surpass even these accomplishments by becoming the engineering capital of the world!" However, people notice that his health seems to be declining at the speech.
    • The Incans invented the "Warmonger" (OTL Puckle Gun), and Patagon copied it after they discovered several Incan officers supplied it to the rebellion in the Northern part of the country.
    • The Incans invented the original rotating cannon, but Patagon upgraded it so it has more range and fires more quickly and named it Warmonger.
    • Regardless, it was still invented by the Incans. Upgrading something does not mean you invented it. I also looked through the records; you only said you researched it, you never said anything about upgrading it.
    • Meh, it's a politician's speech. They exaggerate things. :D
    • True that. :) on the throne of Antilia.

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