The Map

Greater Americas Map 820


North America

  • Northern Territories -
  • West Mountains - CrimsonAssassin 00:49, January 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Nemaska - Tim
  • Tarresund Kingdom -
  • Lower Elwha -
  • The Great Plains - Imperium Guy 15:25, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Mojave States - Enclavehunter 18:07, January 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Olomec Empire -
  • Azteca - RandomWriterGuy 22:51, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • Karribia -

South America

  • Antiliaflaggreateramericas Antilia - FP
  • Muisca Confederation - LurkerLordB
  • United Amazon - TacoCopper 23:40, January 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • 220px-Banner of the Inca Empiresmall.svg Incan Empire - Monster Pumpkin 15:47, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Huari -
  • East American Confederacy -
  • The South Andean Union -
  • Patagon flag Patagon -IhaveSonar 19:54, January 18, 2012 (UTC)


  • Gaul Tribes - Mod Controlled
  • Mongols - Mod Controlled


  • 810: An Antilian expedition east, led by Franco Vivarro, discovers the OTL Cape Verde islands, and names them New Tobago. He explores further east and comes across Africa. Amazed by his discovery, he hurries back to the port of Caracas in Antilia to convey the news to the King.
  • 811: Vivarro sets off on a new expedition, this time with three other ships. They once again pass New Tobago, then on to Africa, which Vivarro names New America. When they reached New America, they split up. Two ships went north, two went south, mapping as they went. The northern ships sail all the way round to Europe, which they name Eu'ropa, and into the Mediterranean. Once that was explored, they turned home with their new maps. The southern ships made it all the way round New America to the Indian subcontinent. They then went home with a detailed map and news of a good colonizing site.

The Game


  • The Aztecs begin to aim for a large, powerful number. They plan where to invade, but it is kept secret. The Aztecs begin to build up their army.
  • Nemaska is extremely interested by the Discovery of New America but sees the need to first build up the economy and military. Work begins on a new port city in OTL Newfoundland.
  • The Zipa of the Muisca Confederation (the leader), Aquimín, is worried that conflict could arise with the Antilias to the north. Thus, they propose an alliance between the two bordering nations.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia accepts.
  • The Mojave build up their military. Expeditions into their territory find some lakes in the high mountains.
  • Antilia continue exploration of New America and Eu'ropa, and also send ships to colonize at what they call New Caracas, which is OTL Gujarat in India. Work begins on a new port town on St Lucia.


  • New Caracas expands. Antilian explorers heading north from the New Caracas colony are amazed to discover a range of enormous mountains, visibly taller than any anyone has seen before. The are named the Gailurrak. King Osoa announces plans to be a peaceful nation with a thirst for knowledge, to find out about the world around them without the plague of conflict. In response to this they offer an alliance to the Aztecs.
  • The Aztecs receive the news, and they agree to the alliance with the Antilians. Inspired by them, they decide to construct a massive navy to join them in the sea trade. They continue to build up their army and begin to build defenses all across the empire's southern border.
  • The Muisca begin to build up their military, wishing to bring the small landlocked nation to the southeast into the great confederation.
  • What is that nation called?
    • It is called Tiahuanaco. FP
  • The West Mountain Nation is established. The nation is divided into different states. The capital is a port town built near OTL Seattle.
  • The Mojave begin infrastructure improvement across its territories. Connecting OTL Los Angeles to OTL San Diego by an road.
  • Nemaska continues to build up the OTL areas of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. A complete overhaul of the military begins the Nemaskan government states that it is for defensive purposes.


The Mongol campaign south takes its toll and land is lost on the east and west. Troops run away from angry people who are ready to kill soldiers.

  • More Antilian colony ships are sent to the southern tip of New America, and the King encourages more nations to begin to colonize the bountiful lands of the other continent and the lands beyond. An envoy is sent northeast of the New Caracas colony to try to negotiate with the tribes living there. They are met with a warm welcome, and agree to have their land become part of the colony as long as they are left alone by outsiders. This means the colony expands.
  • The Aztec trading and fishing navies expand. Building of fortifications on its southern border continue. They also continue building their army.
  • Aztec's player, RandomWriterGuy, resigns due to inactivity.
  • The Muisca continue to build up their military in order to invade to the south.
  • United Amazon begins to send ships out to find other areas in the world. The Government begins a process to end poverty by giving loans out to build workshops powered by mills using the running water of rivers. The military also is improved.
  • Nemaska continues its military build up. Tensions rise with the Northern Territories after a Nemaskan ship mysteriously sinks near their territory.


Chimú explorers heading west cross the entire Pacific and reach a new land, which they call Terra Australis.

  • Inca: The Incan Empire, not wanting to be outdone by its neighbors, starts to increase the size of its navy and army. It also proposes a treaty to the Muisca Confederation, suggesting increased trade, a military alliance, and, secretly, a coordinated offensive against Tiahuanaco. The Incan Emperor also orders the development of a written alphabet to begin. A cargo ship is blown off course and discovers OTL the Galapagos Islands, claiming them for the Empire.
    • The Muisca accept the alliance
  • The Mojave sends troops and settlers to the north, claiming OTL Reno for the Mojave. The navy is expanded as is the army. The Mojave also begins an design for an weapon, not revealed to next year. An alliance and trade agreement is sent to the Great Plains.
    • Great Plains Diplomacy: The alliance offer is accepted and a military agreement is asked for.
  • The Great Plains: War is declared on Greater Iroquois and troops march into the lands claiming them as their own. However troops encounter some resistance, with only a third of the lands falling.
  • Antilia: Continuing the peaceful trend, King Osoa proposes a South American Union to be formed, allying all the major powers in South America. A naval port begins construction on New Tobago.
  • The Aztecs continue to build and improve their military and navy, They continue to build fortifications to the southern border. They begin to prepare for war.
  • The Muisca confederation invades Tiahuanaco, and agrees to give the Incas the southern third of Tiahuanco if they help.


Previously discovered countries' borders are mapped and are published in every American country. Meanwhile, the Gauls start to fall apart as nationalist groups declare independence for their peoples'.

  • The Great Plains: After the Greater Iroquois high commanders realise that they were fighting a worthless war, troops are ordered to surrender and the whole country is taken over. It will still take a few years for integration and the leaders of the former countries are offered the position of mayors from the new states that will form from the former country.
  • Aztecs: The Aztecs officially declare war against its northern neighbor. Troops slowly advance north into the territory. They also send their fleet to the western Pacific Ocean to see what is there.
  • Patagon: After much deliberation, the governors of several Patagonian cities choose a high ruler. This ruler then goes on to order the construction of a series of aqueducts to bring water to cities and towns further in the desert, order the development of a written language, and propose an alliance with the Incan empire. Additionally, he launches a recruiting campaign in Buenos Aires and several other sizable Patagonian cities to increase the size of the army. Finally, he commissions a flag to be created for Patagon, which will most likely feature a lot of blue.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire accepts the alliance.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire invades what is left of Tiahuanaco and unite with Muisca forces. An Incan fleet of seven ships sail to Eu'ropa and establish three colonies at OTL Madeira, Southern Spain, and Southern Ireland.
    • The UK would still be united, so colonizing southern Ireland without some roleplay would lead to direct war.
    • The UK is already a nation?
    • The UK & the rest of the world is just a bunch of unorganized tribes, the grey parts are the discovered parts by the Americans I believe, not organized territory.
    • So creating a colony there wouldn't be declaring war on an actual nation, right?
    • Never mind, it looks like it is a primitive nation actually, but they would probably be unable to oppose colonization (like what the Europeans did to the Americans in RL)
    • Maybe small skirmishes but nothing much. However, no super or hypercolonization!
    • The UK and Ireland are currently not a unified nation, but nor is it primitive. It is actually a large group of tribes, all unified under one leader. Not exactly as powerful as the Mongols or the Gauls, but they won't give up without a fight. FP
  • The Musica seize the northern two-thirds of Tiahuanaco, giving the southern third to the Incas. They celebrate their great victory.
  • The Mojave, after hearing about an island off the coast of Mojave, sends three ships and establishes the colony of OTL Big Island of Hawaii. The natives oppose the landing, but are subdued after seeing the power of the Mojave Weapons.
  • Antilia offers for all South American countries to unite in a military and trade agreement in a South American Alliance or Union. Even if this does not go ahead, Antilia offers an alliance and trade agreement to the United Amazon to the south.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Incan Empire rejects the offer of a South American Union, saying that the Empire cannot agree to a Union that would have corrupt and unstable countries in it.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Apart from the founding members, each country will have to apply in turn. Those with a corrupt or unstable government will be rejected.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagon agrees to this alliance on two conditions: Member nations cannot be corrupt or unstable, and member nations cannot unjustly abuse local populations in their own nations or when colonizing or at war.


The British tribes fight back the invasion and without a standing force, the Incan colony is half destroyed.

  • Patagon: With the written language complete, the high ruler orders schools to be set up in all Patagonian cities and towns in an effort to increase general education levels. Four ships depart from Buenos Aires: Two head east to hopefully establish a colony on the Falkland Islands, while the other two head west to explore what is OTL Australia and New Zealand. The army continues to grow, and the aqueduct system is about a year away from completion.
  • The Aztecs continue to invade its northern neighbor, the Mojave, and manages to secure the southern portion of the country and begins to slowly advance to the south. They begin to establish small bases at Taiwan as pit stops to China.
    • Just out of curiosity, don't you mean the Olomec Empire? Based on the map it doesn't look like the Aztec have a border with the Mojave.
    • That is the Olomec Empire, not Mojave. FP
  • ​The Mojave begins to mass an number of troops and defenses along its southern and northern borders, and establishing forts on the coast. Meanwhile, the colony in Hawaii expands to include the Big Island, and sends an second colony to Oahu. Research into an advance firearm begins.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire invades the Chimu Republic, stating that the corrupt dictatorship must end. Although winning victories on land and at sea, the Empire fails to capture any senior government officials. Incan sailors discover and colonize the OTL Azores.


On the 1st of November, a massive earthquake (magnitude 9.4) shakes the southwest corner of Eu'ropa, destroying tibes and seriously damaging the Incan colony situated there. A huge tsunami rushes across the Atlantic Ocean and strikes coastal American countries, causing extensive damage. The worst hit countries are: Nemaska, the Great Plains, Karribia, Antilia and the United Amazon. Atlantic islands such as the Azores and Bermuda are left devastated.

  • Antilia: Being one of the worst countries hit, the coastal regions are destroyed by the tsunami. The bulk of the navy, anchored in Maracaibo, are sheltered in the Gulf of Antilia and survive virtually unscathed. A survey puts the death toll at around 19,280.
  • The Incan Empire: The Empire abandons the Ireland colony following the earthquake and Native attacks, relocating the population to southern Spain. Soldiers and supplies are sent to the Eu'ropa colonies to stabilize them. The dictator of the Chimu Republic is captured and the country is annexed into the empire.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire offers supplies to countries devastated by the tsunami. It also offers a safe haven for the Olomec Emperor if the country falls to the Aztecs.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia gladly accepts the help as it is desperate to get supplies to the survivors on the coast. King Osoa expresses his gratitude to the Incans and offers an alliance in this time of need.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire accepts the alliance. The Emperor also expresses new support for a South American Union.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagon urges that the South American Union is established with the Incans, Patagonians, and Antilians being the founding members and allies.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Agreed. The South American Union is formed.
  • Patagon: The country expresses its condolences to those impacted by the tsunami and sends ships with supplies to each. The aqueduct system and schools are for the most part built and operational, so overall poverty levels begin to decline and the average Patagonian's power rises. The army stops its recruiting campaign after increasing its size by 50%. The two ships sent to the Falkland Islands successfully negotiate with the few natives and establish a colony there. They built a port town under the name of Saldaz to act as the capital. The ships sent west to OTL Australia and New Zealand, however, have not been able to establish a colony yet, and tensions are high with the locals.
  • The Great Plains: A new leader is elected and his approval ratings skyrocket as the Leader handles the devastated areas effectively. The army and militia are called in to evacuate and rescue people in the devastated areas.
  • The Mojave: The People of the Mojave send their condolences and supplies are sent to the Great Plains. Meanwhile, the remainder of OTL Hawaii is absorbed into the Hawaiian Colony, and to prevent an rebellion, gives the natives equal rights found on the mainland.
    • Great Plains Diplomacy: The Mojave are thanked for their supplies and condolences. They are asked whether they would like to set sail with the Great Plains' ships.
    • Mojave Diplomacy: Yes, that would work.


  • Patagon: The Australians are adamant in not wanting an outside colony on their island. Having no desire for an unnecessary war with the natives, the sailors head to southern New Zealand and successfully establish a colony there without alienating the locals. Before they leave Australia, however, they map the rest of the southern coast. Back in South America, the high ruler realizes that uniting many lands with many different cultures could one day lead to strife and rebellion, so he proposes equal-rights legislation for citizens of all Patagonian territories. Poverty levels in Patagon continue to decline with the completion of the aqueducts and the new education system.
  • The Aztecs manage to secure the central part of the Olomecs and begin to move north. Their colonies in Taiwan expand and begin to plan new, other colonies in Southeast Asia.
  • The Mojave establish an port on their colony of Oahu, called Pearl Harbor, due to the large numbers of pearls located underneath. An second colonization fleet is sent to OTL Singapore, which was recently discovered by an explorer, and establishes the colony of Singapore. The people of Singapore are given equal rights the same as the people on Hawaii and the mainland. More forts are established on its southern border, and forts were established on the coast, and more forts are built on the northern border.
  • The Incan Empire: Following the aftermath of the earthquake, an Incan expedition defeats several already devastated tribes in southern Spain, expanding the colony. A fleet also creates a small outpost on OTL Tasmania to compete with other nations colonizing the same region.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Emperor reiterates his offer to provide a safe haven for the Olomec royal family.
  • United Amazon begins a massive project to build ships. It sends the nation's smartest to design a better ship design to make it go faster. A plan to send a ship out is made with the goal being 821. It also begins to implement an education system to keep up with other nations. However, the initial costs are higher than expected so many rural villages are skipped in building schools. However, it gives funds to move into cities in exchange for the villager's land.


  • United Amazon continues the project to build a fleet of ships. There will be an expedition of five ships with 40 people each to go out and see what all the noise about the outside world is all about. This expedition is still getting ready and will leave next year. Most of the schools are finished, and the cities are soon exploding in population as villagers leave their farms and move into the city. To grow more food, a new plan is come up with in which all houses must be converted to be able to grow food on their rooves and around the house. This bumps up food production, but until it is high enough, it will import whatever is needed to prevent starvation in the cities.
  • The Incan Empire: The Incan Army begins rapid expansion in the Incan Colonies, conquering more of OTL Spain and all of OTL Tasmania. Completion of a written alphabet slightly improves the economy. A union is proposed to Huari and the South Andean Union, bringing them all into one nation along with the Incan Empire.
    • The Greater Americas Colonization Sphere

      Colonization spheres in dashed lines

      Incan Diplomacy:
      The Empire proposes a treaty to all colonizing powers, dividing the known world into spheres of influence. Each nation should colonize only in their sphere or in unclaimed areas if the accept. The reason for this is to prevent conflict between colonizing nations.
    • The Mojave Accept the proposal.
    • Tasmania, fine, but I am pretty sure that Spain has 3 more countries to be conquered. Slow it please.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: Patagon does not agree to this proposal, stating that land is not divided up equally among nations.
  • Muisca: now establish a colony in OTL Philippines, at the southern area of the island chain. They add their claims to the map.
  • The Great Plains: With most of the disaster struck areas rebuild and the fleet back to pre-earthquake numbers, a colonization spree begins. Its aims, mainly the lands of OTL Liberia, Terra Australis and the Kingdom of Mysore, with the latter as a trading partner. Ten ships will travel to Liberia, containing 200 people each, while 15 ships will travel to Terra Australis with 200 people each again. A new name is presented by the President to his people, the Union of the Great States, and a referendum decides that the new name will become official. A flag will soon be decided on.
  • The Mojave expand their Singapore colony an few miles north into the Malaysia Peninsula, not very far though. Construction on Pearl Harbor begins in Hawaii, as well as schools and infrastructure. On the mainland, the army and navy is improved, forts are established at the southern border, and northern border, and coastal citadels are planned for the coast. R&D researches on an new type of ship, and irrigation and filters are also being researched, to expand the water, so cities could expand away from the coast.
  • Patagon: Legislation is passed making discrimination(defined as any unique treatment) against anyone based on sex, skin color, religious beliefs, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual preference illegal. While prejudice still will exist in the various Patagonian territories, it is now officially condemned and will start to wither away. The economy continues to slowly improve.

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