A list of nations for the 7th and 8th centuries of the Hijra timeline.

7th Century


Middle East

  • Kingdom of Abasgia Byzantine Vassal State
  • Kingdom of Albania (Caucasus) Sassanid Vassal State
  • Kingdom of Alodia
  • Kingdom of Armenia Theoretically independant, but partitioned between Byzantium and Persia
  • Kingdom of Axum
  • East Roman Empire (Byzantium)
  • Kingdom of Ghassan Byzantine Vassal State
  • Himyarite Kingdom
  • Khazar Empire Established 650 A.D.
  • Kingdom of Kindah Title and lands fought over by the Lakhmids and Himyarites
  • Lakhmid Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Lazica Byzantine Vasal State
  • Kingdom of Makuria
  • Kingdom of Nobatia
  • Kingdom of Oman Sassanid Vassal State
  • Aryan Empire (Persian Sassanid Dynasty)



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