Nations Attending
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio
Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand
Flag of the United States
The United States of America
Flag of Russia
Russian Federation
Flag of South Africa (NotLAH)
Union of South Africa and the Netherlands
Flag of United Republic 1973
United Republics

The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, The Union of South Africa and the Netherlands and the United Republics will convene here to discuss world issues.

Canadian War Talks

Commonwealth: We wish to take over administration of the City of Vancouver.

United Republics: As current government and protectors of the Vancouver Occupied Region, we are willing to give/trade the city and/or region depending on the price and such. 

South Africa: We would strongly support most of the region falling under American control due to the land border and the similarities in cultures. Maybe a couple city protectorates for the Commonwealth - but apart from that mainly American. We plan not to get involved with the troops - just plan to provide a stable voice to talks like these.

Commonwealth: The americans could take the southern part of the city, the UR can keep the downtown area and the Commonwealth taking North Vancouver.

  • This region is no longer under american influence, only Cascadia. 
  • United Republics: As of current state, the UR willl turn the CIty of Vancouver and immediate surrounding arrea into a Hong Kong style state, however, they are willing to transfer ownership at the right cost. 

World Stability Talks


Treaty of Canberra

Brazil - Colombia

Tensions are building, what response/stance should be held?

South Africa: Stop Colombia from expanding into Brazil.

Commonwealth: We agree with south africa.

United Kingdom

This nation is crumbling

Russian Federation: Just let them crumble the United Kingdom is not of our concern.

Commonwealth: If the Dutch attempt to cease power in the British Isles, we intervene and install a new government, assuming that any government that may form from any revolution of coup d' etat is unstable.

South Africa: We might be soon forced to act if the situation grows any worse. We would like to established a joint Anglo-Dutch Royal Family in the aftermath - and bring the United Kingdom into the Union as Britain. The nation tetters on the verge of depopulation due to the civil wars and the insufficient recovery time from the zombies.

Commonwealth: It's an idea that could work.

South Africa: Thank You.

Falklands: As part of the UR, I think I can post here, and we would like to suggest that as we have already funded pro-UR factions in London, and are a former UK colony, some of the people in the UK might be more comfortable moving to here? Just a suggestion. Also, the British Royal Family are still alive in Anglesey.

South Africa: Good. We will be launching a rescue operation in stealth to get them out of the country. This remains between the 5 of our nations.


Threats of nuclear strikes have been made, our response. 

War is over. We move on.

United Republics: France has yet to sign the treaty, probably due to the territory they loose in the treaty. (OOC: also due to their current absence from Althsit. 


Should anything be done to restore the Texas government in Exile to their homeland, or at least part of it?

South Africa: Nations are already taking the iniative. We should let them do the fighting and decide the outcome, with us just making sure everything goes normally. If our allies suffer too much losses then we might have to interveve on their behalf, however.

Commonwealth: The way this new "government" is acting is unethical and could upset the stability of the region, possibly causing more violence in the area

Falklands: Be that as it may, Rez believers should be free to practise their religion, so we propose the formation of a Rez. State somewhere they are safe from other nations, and vice versa.

This is the G5 confrence, only members of the G5 (Russian Federation, Commonwealth, United Republics, and South Africa, and the United States of America)  are allowed to put there input here.

Falklands: Yeah... We are a member of the UR, so...

Greater Vietnam - Wu

Tensions are clearly building, any response/stance ?

South Africa: We tell Vietnam to stop at Yunnan and just settle the region. However, we will make it clear that we will support Vietnam in any conflict.

Russian Federation: How about we let the people of the former Chinese provinces decide who they want to be with. The CSTO will support Vietnam if Wu starts to attack.

South Africa: The Yunnanese have made it clear they support the Vietnamese, so we back them then?

Russian Federation: Yes we back the Vietnamese.

Commonwealth: The vietnamese should discontinue any major expansion towards Wu territory and stop where they are. The commonwealth will support vietnam in any conflict with Wu.


How does everyone understand Nordic Germany and the HRE's autonomy within the Greater Germany.

Commonwealth: The HRE is an organization, not an empire. The surviving nationstates of former Germany should be united into a singular republic, including the proclaimed "Nordic Germany".

Military Alliance

Proposes a military and mutual defense alliance between the G5 nations that is more intament and involves more cooperative movements than the CSTO and the lack of involvement in world affairs of NATO. This alliance would have an application process for other nation to apply to join then be voted on by members. NB, this requires all members of this alliance to be very active. 

Too many alliances already. I think we should keep it like a group which meets to talk about world issues and such. No reason to make an alliance.


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