This is the first part of the timeline for Cupiditate Regni Adductus. Read my editorial policy (on homepage) before editing.

A Family Squabble

The events of the killing of Phraates III and the sudden death of Orodes II have already been discussed on the main page. When Mithridates the Great took the throne, he chose not to embark on a bloody purge, but let nearly all of Orodes' and Phraares' advisors live, most notably a general named Surena , who , who even kept his position as Spahbed (chief general). In 56, Mithridate's son, , Orodes III, was born.

Things more or less continued as in OTL, with one important exception:

Crassus' Expedition

In 53 BC, Marcus Licinius Crassus , one of the richest and most powerful men in Rome, assumed governorship of Syria and began gathering forces for an invasion of Parthia. The Battle of Carrhae and the subsequent Parthian conquest of Armenia took place as in OTL. However, Mithridates chose not to launch an invasion of Syria, but only launched small raids, and did not execute Surena. As in OTL, Cassius gets some fame from repelling these attacks.

The Roar of Thunder

In 48 BC, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII

are stabbed by an agent of Achillas

. Turn the page...

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