Flight of Pompey

Caesar was declared Dictator of the Roman Republic for life after his legions threatened the Senate with death. Pompey and his legion fled to Greece while Caesar's army pursued him and, after a surprisingly quick 27-day journey, slaughtered him in 49 BC.

Caesar's Conquests

Conquest of Hispania

Caesar looked to Hispania (OTL Iberia) and sent his troops to conquer it. Troops from Gaul and Africa invaded Hispania and, by 48 BC, it was conquered.

Conquest of Germania

Soon, Caesar looked to Germania. By 46 BC, the west of Germania except for Jutland was conquered. Julius Caesar realized that, to conquer Jutland, which was too cold to invade, he would need to utilize the same technique that the Romans used to conquer Kemet. The rivers in Jutland were poisoned and the Germanic tribes fled Jutland back to Norway.

Death of Caesar

However, a senator named Brutus assassinated Caesar. This would start a war between Caesar's adopted son, Octavian, and another senator, Mark Antony, who believed himself to be the successor to Caesar. The final war of the Roman Republic would be won by Octavian after Mark Antony started to flirt with a Greek girl named Cleopatra. They were both slaughtered by Octavian, who then declared himself Augustus Caesar, emperor of the newly established Roman Empire.

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