The 5th Century is the first section of the Dark Age.

Iron Age Pt. 11 and Dark Age Pt. 1:
301-400 CE
Dark Age Pt. 2
401-500 CE
Dark Age Pt. 3:
501-600 CE


  • Egypt in 400 AD.
  • Egypt in 410 AD.
  • Egypt in 420 AD.
  • Egypt in 430 AD.
  • Egypt in 440 AD.
  • Egypt in 450 AD.
  • Egypt in 460 AD.
  • Egypt in 470 AD.
  • Egypt in 480 AD.
  • Egypt in 490 AD.
  • Egypt in 500 AD.

Egyptian Tribal War


African GU Labeled



Rest of the World

Grand Union World Map c. 500 AD

World c. 500 AD

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