Rise of the Barbarians

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun became the khan of the Huns in 406 CE. He declared war on Greece and Ionia, annexing them both. He also famously sacked Rome and crossed the Danube twice, causing much devastation in the regions. A final push to Rome in 420 CE resulted in him being crowned the Emperor of the Roman Empire. Soon after this, however, he was assassinated and the Huns withdrew to lands west of the Danube. The Huns would eventually be wiped out by the Avars.

Vandal's Carthage

Vandals took over Carthage in 435. This is given as the final end of the ancient era by some modern historians, with others seeing the fall of Alexandria and the fall of Rome as the beginning of Middle Ages.

Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Anglo-Saxon tribes from Jutland invaded the East Island of Albion (OTL Great Britain) in 445. Their religion was a Germanic one, but unlike the other Germanic tribes, who converted to Greek polytheism, the tribes converted the populace to Germanic religion. The Albic government retreated to the West Island (OTL Ireland).

Ostrogoths under Theoderic

Rome became an empire again after Theoderic declared himself emperor in 493 as the Ostrogoths overran Rome. This is seen as very tragic, as the emperor of Italia, Napoleno Bonapartoes, said, "Theoderic was a vile barbarian devoted to destroy the might of Rome."

Visigoths under Adalfuns

Even in Alexandria, Goths under Adalfuns invaded the region. These Goths took over the region in 498. 

Effects of Germanic Invasion

These Germanic tribes' invasion led to the end of the ancient era and the beginning of the medieval era. Even today, the East Island is known as Angland, or "Land of Angles," for example. They have had and still have a great influence over the world.

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