The reigning dynasty of the Egyptian Empire, is the 35th Dynasty to rule the empire. The founder of the Dynasty was Pharaoh Sesostris IX, who took the throne when his predecessor, Necho XVI died childless. The dynasty has so far existed for four generations, the reigning pharaoh being Seti XIV.


Prior to becoming pharaoh, Prince Sesostris was the nephew of Pharaoh Necho XVI. Necho who suffered from prostate cancer, was incapable of having children, and Sesostris' father, and Necho's brother, Prince Horemheb, died when Sesostris was 20. As a result of this, Sesostris was made Crown Prince of the Empire, and when Necho died, during which Sesostris was 24, he was coronated as Pharaoh.


Domestic Policies

Foreign Policies

During the reign of each Pharaoh, there was a political upheaval of some sort. During the reign of Sesostris, the Roman Fascist Party arose, and invaded China along with the Russians and Indians, thus beginning the First World War. The rule of Ahmose VIII, the Persian Civil War erupted, which ultimately led to the beginning of the United Islamic Republic. Under Horemheb XII, the UIR annexed India and Arabia, and relations tensed. And not long after the ascension of Seti XIV, the Second World War began.

List of Rulers

Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Pharaoh Sesostris IX 12 October 191617 April 1964Nephew of Necho XVI. Founder, 35th Dynasty
Pharaoh Ahmose VIII 17 April 196423 February 1991Son of Sesostris XVI
Pharaoh Horemheb XII 23 February 19917 March 2010 (assassinated)Son of Ahmose VIII
Pharaoh Seti XIV7 March 2010reigningSon of Horemheb XII

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