The reason the game starts in 336 is because the year 1 represents the year the first survivors started rediscovering technology and 336 represents a time when technology can no longer be rediscovered and so must develop naturally, the technology of the year 336 is WW-I. However, flying machines are not yet discovered and there are other technologies hidden in there too.

336 Summer


  • Empire of New Albion: A group of survivors re-inhabit the ruins of the city of Nova Londinium (OTL Boston). They declare the existence of the Empire of New Albion. They crown their leader Emperor John I with a simple iron circlet. Their first action is to re-establish control over the nearby farms to grow the food needed to survive their first winter. They also start cutting down the trees that had swallowed a good portion of Nova Londinium in the centuries since the city was last inhabited.
  • The Outback Colonies: The Maxamad tribe in Australia signs a charter with nearby tribes, creating a unified nation out of these tribes. While small for now, each main tribe's territory becomes a province. That being said, each of the three main tribes has a specialization. Maxamad is the head tribe, Newton is a tribe close to the ruins of an old-world settlement and therefore the technologically advanced tribe, sharing its knowledge with the other tribes. Theren is the war-tribe: they provide the military for the nation. While there are other tribes, these three tribes are the head members of the assembly and represent a portion of land near their tribes.
  • Japan: A large group of refugees and survivors gather near the Bombed out shell that was once Kyoto the level headed Japanese agree to elect an Imperial family and draft a constitution along with a reconstruction plan that includes the reuniting of the home Islands under one flag.
  • The Greater Isles: A holy man turns up in a large village (OTL Dublin) and begins preaching that salavation is needed or all the people shall burn in hellfire. Many people ignore him but some follow him. The holy man goes to several more large villages and preaches there all the while his congregation grows larger.
  • Federation of the Rio de la Plata: Some native American tribes create a oligarchic republic in the estuary of the OTL Rio de la Plata. This civilization develops a new organizational system based in three classes: Lords, plebeians and slaves.
  • Greater Slavic Confederation: wandering Slavic peoples find the city of Moscow and its Kremlin, containing many wonders and technologies. They find a map of the nation once called Russia.
  • Nebel-German Confederation: The Nebel-Germans are finally united under one leader, known simply as the Führer. He joins all of the separate Nebel-German states into one confederate union and prepares it to compete with the other German states of the smog fields (OTL central Europe).
  • The American Federation: Several large tribes in (OTL Illinois) band together and create The American Federation. It is a constitutional monarchy. The leader is King Charles I who acts like OTL President but with slightly more power and isn't elected. There are representatives from all of the tribes of the nation who act like OTL Congress, called The House of Tribes. The American Federation makes their capitol in the ruins of OTL Chicago, they name it New Chicago in honor of its former name, they vow to restore it to its former glory. They start by chopping down trees in the nearby forest, making farmland and planting crops and fishing in the nearby great lake.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: In a meeting with warlords and dictators of former India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and of northern Myanmar, the Federation of Hind-Bharat is formed, out of the sheer need to survive. A leader is elected out of the meeting, effectively becoming the head of Hind-Bharat. First matters of agriculture is discussed and suitable places to farm are chosen from rudimentary maps. Matters of an army are also seen upon, with all armed forces of former territories being merged to form a formidible army which was equipped with rifles and newly discovered machine-guns in the ruined cities of Delhi, Karachi and Islamabad. Calenders found by one dictator show, the date being shown as 1334. It is decided that the annual calenders will show 1670 all around the Federation, incorporating the 336 years since the first warlords appeared.
  • Biafran Union: The Igbo tribe manages to consolidate their authority in the Nigerian river delta, and create the Biafran Union. The Union is a Tribal system, with the current leader becoming. Weapons have been developed using ancient texts discovered in ruins along the coast, and the Biafran Army is considerably advanced in comparison to their neighbors.
  • The Palmetto Confederation: Banding together for protection form neighboring city-states, a group of survivors create the Palmetto Confederation, with its capital at New Orangeburg (OTL Orangeburg, SC)
  • two branches of government are created, the internal division, and the external division. the head of the external division earns his position based on military rank, and is also commander-in-chief of the military.
  • Republic of Riverside: Knowing that working together is the best solution to survive the chaos and warlords, two groups of survivors come together to create the Republic of Riverside, with its capital in the city of New Riverside (OTL Riverside, CA). The government of the republic is divided into three branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branch. Executive: commander-in-chief of the armed forces and signs or veto's bills; Judicial is in charge of debates that come up between Senate members, states, or individual people; and Legislative Branch is in charge of declaring war and accepting or declining bills.

336 Winter

  • Empire of New Albion: Following the harvest the New Albionites send a scouting part to search for other civilizations in the area. They manage to find a significant settlement in the old Dutch city of Nieuw Amsterdam. They find that the Nieuw Amsterdammers have not harvested enough food for the winter. The New Albionites, having harvested more than enough food from their farms, agree to give the Nieuw-Amsterdammers the food they need to survive the winter. This allows the two groups to form a bond of friendship that promises to stand the test of time. The leaders of the two groups sit down to the age-old tradition of Thanksgiving, which comes with announcements of the establishment of the new Republic of New Netherland. They draw up plans for a road connecting the two cities, but settle for a naval trade link until the road can be completed. The New Albionites spend the rest of the year repairing the old city walls of Nova Londinium.
  • The Outback Colonies: The lost city of Griffith is discovered by an Outbackan dig team. Though much of the technology is broken down and the buildings are decaying, it is the first of the seven 'Enlightenments of Australia'. An ancient Australian manuscript is found in a rusted safe. Using this information, the Outback people bring back a system of writing. Known as Griff, the language becomes the root language of several Eastern Asian countries.
  • Federation of the Rio de la Plata: The Federation in the estuary expands its own territory. Plebeian settlers are sent to the outskirts of the federated territory. The first king of the federation (elective, between the lords) are proclaimed.
  • The American Federation: The Americans, as peoples of The American Federation are now known, discover an old bunker with a sealed vault under the city found during the restoration of New Chicago. It contains a vast library. King Charles immediately orders several scholars to look over and note the texts. One thing found is a map of an old country called The United States of America, The King and House of Tribes vow to restore the country's former glory and more. The crops are brought in and more wood is cut. Walls are being built around the city out of stone salvaged from the old city.
  • Japan: Japan scavenging food, weapons, and Ammo from the ruins of Old Kyoto which they use to expand to Biwa Lake using it to supply fish and water for there ever growing population most Japanese welcomes the interim government with open arms and those that don't are dealt with
  • The Greater Isles: Many people begin listening to this holy man who preaches that we must unite to rebuild the world to its former territory all of OTL Dublin now follow him and his ideals.
  • Nebel-German Confederation: The Nebel-Germans start to upgrade their infrastructure, damaged by centuries of war. Their Führer commands a huge economic upgrade of the few factories they have been using for the last few decades.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: Fuel is discovered in barrels and is helped to power up the first car discovered. Scouts are sent to the south to incorporate more territories to the Federation. Scouts manage to get to Bhopal and it is officially incorporated into the Federation as it is leaderless. More expeditions are sent to Multan and Faisalabad, all leaderless and incorporated into the strong hand of the Federation. Crops are harvested and it is proven to be a good year. A railway-station is discovered and a diesel engine, still having fuel is powered up and it leads them to Amritsar, a city in the Federation. A new way has been discovered to travel from Delhi to Amritsar to transport various things.

337 Summer

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites begin the processes of recovering the territory south of Nova Londinium, with the intention to link up with the New Netherlanders to the south. The New Albionites recover a sizable amount of ancient firearms from the local headquarters of a mysterious organization known only as the "National Guard". When they officially found their army they name it the New Albion National Guard in honor of the legendary organization. By now the road to the New Netherlanders has been built, and has become officially garrisoned by National Guard soldiers until the day when New Albion's borders lie flush against New Netherlands'. The road has mostly remained unattacked by the bandits lurking in the surrounding areas mainly because of the fear the name "National Guard" strikes in the hearts of the highly superstitious bandits.
  • The American Federation: The American Federation finishes war building walls around New Chicago. The Americans discover an old armory from some mighty force. They acquire a large amount of old guns, artillery and ammo. With these weapons The Federation expands east into OTL Indiana.
  • Federation of the Rio de la Plata: The federation of the Rio de la Plata continues settling new lands. Ambassadors travel to create pact with other tribes and nations.
  • The Greater Isles: Many men and women have joined the Holy man in his pursuit to unite the world with this religion and begin traveling throughout Ireland attempting to convert people to the one true faith. The Holy man gives each of his disciples a book with a cross on it (OTL Bible) and tells them to preach the word of God with this.
  • Japan: Japans borders expand to incorporate all of Biwa Lake as Japan's borders grow so does its population and military. New Kyoto becomes an epicenter of trade.
  • The Outback Colonies: A map of Australia is found in Griffith. A massive scouting mission is planned. Though the titles are in Ancient Australian, it provides a general idea of where the Outback Colonies are in Australia.
  • Nebel-German Confederation: The Nebel-German's continue to upgrade the economy with another large influx to the industry.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: More diplomats are sent to surrounding areas to convey the message of being able to become vassals of the Federation to get support from them. The warlords in the Quetta and Indus region accept the support first and become influenced by the Federation followed by the one in Bangladesh. More farmlands are set up and former major cities attract attention of the Federation and it is decided that all trees in the city will be cut down.
    • If a city had major industry, it would not have it after the kind of war that led to this.

337 Winter

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites spend the otherwise useless winter months attempting to recover any usable technology from the city of Nova Londinium. Among the various finds are a pair of wireless telegraph devices found in an old building. They place one of the devices in the top floor of the tallest building of the city. They connect the device to the city's fledgeling electrical grid, and rig a primitive antenna to broadcast to the other device. They sent the other device to New Netherlands as a way to better coordinate their plans with the New Netherlander authorities.
  • The American Federation: The American Federation starts to develop its own electrical grid from examples found in ancient technology, they set up wires and poles over the nation and set up electrical plants powered by coal. They found a great surplus of coal in a huge depots around the state. King Charles and The House of Tribes realize that the coal supplies won't last longer than a couple of years so they create a special community of scientists to help either create a new source of electricity or salvage a source from the ancients.
  • Japan: In order to connect with Japans ancient and glorious past the Emperor re-establishes the samurai warrior class and symbolically declares Edo (Tokyo) the capital of Japan.
  • The Greater Isles: As the holy man's now known simply as the Prophet disciples continue to preach their followers grow. During the winter the disciples come into contact with a warlord who controls all of the North and North Eastern Ireland who decrees that all disciples shall be killed if found in his land. The Prophet sends many of his disciples to the south of Ireland which is mainly leaderless and in a state of anarchy.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: More diplomats embark on their mission to connect areas with the Federation. Some arrive in the former state of Rajasthan, where they find it in a state of chaos. People welcome the chance to be assimilate into the Federation. The cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer and Kota are added into the growing Federation. The vassal of Indus can now be linked up with the Federation and is quietly assimilated into the Federation with the leader joining the Federation Parliament in Delhi. Others arrive in the former state of Uttar Predesh and the offer of the vassal is offered with the offer being hard to refuse. More farmlands are created and wood production soars with more areas of the capital and other cities of the Federation.

338 Summer

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue to expand to fill the no-man's land between their two countries. The New Netherlanders, with the aid of the New Albionites, search for a legendary treasure that is supposed to lie somewhere under the city. They find it in the vault of a long-destroyed bank in the heart of the city. They split the amazingly massive treasure with their New Albionite allies, as it is larger than they can possibly use. It takes months for the New Albionite share to arrive in Nova Londinium by boat, as they do not trust the road's security enough to use it for such an enormous treasure.
  • The Outback Colonies: Several tribes join the Outback colonies, bringing in more technology. The Griffith Dig Project goes well. Records are kept and a map of the new outback is compared with the artifacts of ancient Australia. Meanwhile, several herbs for medical uses are rediscovered. Mortality from spider and snake bites decrease.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: In Las Vegas three tribes (the Omertas, the Chairmen, and the Whites) are united by a single person named Robert House. He unites the three tribes into the area of former Las Vegas. They form the Republic of Las Vegas. The three tribes together amount to almost one hundred or so people. they soon take a vote on their new President and overwhelmingly elect Robert House. He quickly organizes the excavation of the Las Vegas ruins. They find several hundred $100 USD bills, they mistake them for bandages and use them as such. The Republic of Las Vegas begins to expand finding various settlements such as Primm, Goodsprings and the Hoover Dam.
  • The American Federation: The American Federation hears word of a great tribe to the south in old St. Louis. King Charles sends regards and some fish to them to start good relations. The Federation expands a little west into Iowa. The Americans discover a huge reserve of gold and the king spreads part of it to the people, while keeping the rest in the national treasury.
  • Japan: Using the Samurai as an advanced team Japan expands into OTL Osaka and the surrounding area looking for resources and survivors both are found in large supply.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The vassals of Bangladesh is merged with the ones of Uttar Predesh, creating the vassal of Bangla-Uttar Predesh. Industry starts to provide jobs to the unemployed and Quetta is admitted to the Federation. Many new suburbs are built in Delhi and other major cities from the wood chopped and house-building material produced from industries. A duo of twin brothers, Kishen and Kunal Sharma, build a prototype aircraft using sheets of rubber and an engine powered by rare fuel. It manages to take off and flies for 15 seconds before in crashes in a tree. This gives hope to the brothers in being able to connect remote parts of the growing Federation. An expedition runs into former oil fields in Rajasthan and pipelines are soon laid to connect the field with all major cities in Rajasthan and Delhi. This gives the Sharma brothers hope and more prototypes are built.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet's disciples continue to preach throughout Ireland (in secret in the West). The Warlord begins attacking towns and villages that have converted, thus convincing the Prophet that his vision will require an army. He entrusts the responsibility in a man who was a mercenary but is now fanatically loyal to the Prophet and his faith.

338 Winter

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites mount another expedition for Old World technology. They rediscover the ruins of the local oil fields, and garrison them with National Guardsmen, along with the engineers to get them up and running. They start work on a pipeline to take the oil to both New Netherland and to New Albion for fuel. They start work on an oil refinery in a small community on the outskirts of Nieuw Amsterdam. The oil will provide a vital fuel source for the Old Word vehicles discovered in their territory, and provide life-saving heat for both New Netherlands and New Albion. The new community is to be called Fort Orange, after the royal house in the legendary homeland. The New Albionites plan to mount an expedition to the south to verify rumours a community of Old World Swedes discovered by a New Albionite ship that went off-course.
  • The Outback Colonies: An old gas station is discovered along an abandoned road. The Outback colonies use the gas to power cars found in ancient Griffith garage. A car is powered up for the first time in centuries. This allows the Outback explorations to move faster. Dozens of new tribes are discovered and several others join the Outback colonies.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Republic of Las Vegas attacks the settlement of Goodsprings and Primm. They are quickly over-whelmed and forced to join the republic. The Las Vegan armies find the Hoover Dam to be occupied by a heavily armed cult group that believes that their leader is a god. The Las Vegans wage a massive battle with the cult for almost seventeen days before the cult's leader is captured. The cult leader is then beheaded. The Republic of Las Vegas sends scouts down to the former Boulder City, they do not return.
  • Greater Slavic Confederation: The Settlers of The Slavs find solace in the winter clothing designed years ago by the old Russian inhabitants of Moscow. The Leader, Vecheslav the Great, declares himself the Tsar of the Slavs. The Settlers find ample interesting artifacts in the ruins of the city and the old Kremlin armory and Diamond Fund. The Slavs prepare for the winter, and discover many AK-200s and OTL modern Russian weaponry (along with their designs) and designs to make them and their munitions are discovered. over 200 working Kalashnikovs are found in the factories in the Izhmash factories in Moscow (don't say this isn't plausible, AKs can be left in the sand for a century and still work fine) yes, but those designs won't. Tsar Vecheslav orders an attempt to restore the aging plans for weaponry to generally improve the military power. the Tsar adopts the double headed eagle and the old Russian tricolor flag as his personal standard.
  • Japan: Japan establishes a fishing village on the Pacific coast near OTL Tsu and reaches out to survivors on the island of Shikoku.
  • The American Federation: The American Federation establishes friendly relations with the great tribe in Old St. Louis, they start trading resources.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The vassal state of Bangla-Uttar Pradesh is admitted into the Federation, however, there is a debate in the Federation Parliament whether the time is right to admit the Pradesh into the Federation. Expeditions are launched from Rajasthan to a fabled coast in the south using old trains as there are railway lines running south. The lines reach Ahmadabad and Jamnagar, from where the sea is nearby. It is spoken of truly and after talks with the leader of the Southern tribes (who control those two cities as well as another three called Surat, Vaddodra and Bhavnagar), it is decided that the leader wants to be admitted into the Federation rather than become a vassal. The Sharma brothers present their upgrded airplane to the Parliament, where the head approves the research into flying craft, seeing their potential of being able to explore new land. The army is upgraded with technologies found such as better rifles, found when the cities were being cleared of trees, and better machine guns. Industry continues to produce things for house building and the areas recently cleared are the first ones to be completed as suburbs.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet's army begins recruitment and all men who join the army will be cleansed of all past sins and any sins they commit while in the army. Much of Southern Ireland now believes in the Prophet's teaching and the Prophet's disciples go across the water (OTL Wales) to spread the message.

339 Summer

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue to annex the abandoned lands between their two nations. The hinterlands are almost completely annexed. They start using the oil being refined in New Netherlands to fuel the military vehicles salvaged from the National Guard HQ. They plan an offensive to push bandits from the lands to the north of New Albion.
  • Greater Slavic Confederation: Slavs send an expedition along the north and find another city with a Kremlin, named Novgorod. Some settle and a duke is named. By the end of the summer many have settled in this territory, giving it 1000 km sq of territory by the end of the year. The Prince of Novgorod decides to form a confederation with Tsar Vecheslav, and the nations are henceforth called the Greater Slavic Confederation. Many vehicle plans are salvaged from the Kremlin and some are put into construction.
  • The American Federation: The American Federation is attacked by bandits from the west. After recovering, the Americans launch a counter attack and destroy the bandit camp. Scientists recover an ancient for of energy creation, wind turbines. King Charles immediately orders the construction of these wind turbines all over the country.
    • Wind turbines cannot be all flash modern and new, but otherwise they are fine
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegans begin using cavalry from domesticated horses found in Primm. They begin a horse-breeding program to create capable war-horses. The Las Vegan Cavalry is sent to Boulder City. They find a cannibalistic tribe inhabiting the city that is heavily armed. The cavalry quickly beats the retreat back to Las Vegas. The army proper is sent to Boulder City where the Las Vegan-Boulder City War begins. The Las Vegans surround the cannibals in the city, whom have built a large wall around the city, and they begin a siege. Las Vegan re-builders in Las Vegas uncover, from under thirty tonnes of rubble, a large vault with the number twenty-one on its nearly impenetrable front door. They attempt to contact people on the inside but are unsuccessful.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The railway project is started, its aims are to connect all areas of the Federation. Another expedition, using old cars found in the deserts, is sent to northern Myanmar and the ruined city of Mandalay is discovered, where the people are living in desperate conditions. It is revealed in talks with the leader that the city of Akyab is also under his control. He accepts help and also agrees to become a part of the Federation, stating that his needs cannot be answered as a vassal state. No more expeditions are launched. A new prototype of the airplane, a small triplane is flown. Fuel production increases and the houses project is started in Indus and Quettan cities as well as Rajasthani cities. Cities of Bangla-Utter are not left behind, with the focus more on farming and industry there. For the first time, the industry starts to turn out guns and ammunition for the arm. A small frigate is found in the docks of Jamnagar. Plans are made to better industries in the cities.
    • Keep the industry small but otherwise fine.
  • Japan: establishes control over most of Shikoku and the ports at Osaka and Tsu are expanded. An expedition ship is sent out to discover what has become of the rest of Asia. A reconstructed factory near Kyoto begins to mass produce assault rifles similar to the Howa Type 89 and hand grenades for the military.
    • Well nice for you to have alien space bats in your research team and industry but no, not now, definitely not now.
  • The Greater Isles: The new commander of the Greater Isles army begins building trenches due to the fact that the warlord has a huge army on the borders with the warlords land. Training of the army continues and the standard rifle the "holy 38" (OTL M98 Mauser). Conversions continue throughout the land with much of the South now under the Prophet's control. The warlord begins gathering his army for an attack.

339 Winter

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites mount the offensive following a bandit attack on a farm controlled by New Albion. The power of the gangs is broken, and the remnants flee to the southwest. The gang's former capital, the city of Stratford (OTL Concord, NH), is garrisoned with National Guardsmen. It is planned to absorb the community once the lands between New Albion and New Netherlands are absorbed by the two nations. Fortunately the gang had been ruling the city by force, and the city's population welcomes the New Albionites as liberators.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegans continue the siege of the Boulder City cannibals. The vault in Las Vegas is breached by the Las Vegans by attaching mortar rounds to the door and detonating them. They find that the vault is filled with pre-war technology. The leaders of the vault agree to come out of the ground and begin a new life above ground. They join the Three Tribes of Las Vegas as the fourth tribe, calling them-selves the Vault-Dwellers. Several members of the community suggest the name be changed to the Union of the Tribes of Las Vegas, the Union of Las Vegas, or the Four Tribes of Las Vegas. The Boulder City cannibals begin to eat the old and the weak. The Las Vegans attempt to breach the walls of Boulder City but they proves to be to tough to break through.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The frigate found is brought to the attention to the Parliament and it is decided that it will be repaired to be sent to explore the unknown world. No expeditions are sent this year with the focus more on helping to build the internal economy. Railway lines continue to be laid and more diesel engines are found with carriages. It is decided that every city will be linked up through railway.
  • Japan: Rebuilds the subway systems in Osaka and Kyoto improving infrastructure and making the movement of goods and people faster. Japan expands North into Fukui and establishes a port near Kami. The fishing and farming industries boom as the population increases in size.
  • American Federation: The Americans start rebuilding factories around the country. They will produce a variety of goods, from guns and ammo to wind turbines. Digging out an old building workers uncover an old car that runs on hydrogen fuel. The car is found with limited hydrogen supplies and they start it up. King Charles is impressed, he orders the production of these vehicles and of hydrogen fuel.
    • While this still adds to your technology, you cannot be a ww1 tech level nation and discover exactly how to use hydrogen.
  • The Greater Isles: Trenches are continued to be built and many troops are stationed there as there's a large belief that the Warlord will attack in the Summer. During the building of the Trenches an old hospital is found and a drug called penicillin is found in there with many other drugs and machines that The Prophet does not understand. The Prophet then has his scientists and doctors to research into these drugs and machines.

340 Summer

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue to expand into the hinterlands in between their nations. The New Albionites begin repairs on a wide road leading to Stratford, which Old World documents call a "highway". New Albionite authorities recover Old World signs designating it Highway 93. The New Albionites redesign ate it New Albion National Highway 1, as it is among the first in the new network spanning the area. They begin systematically repairing the old roadways of the area, as this would be a boon to transportation to both New Netherlands and the semi-sovereign city-state of Stratford. The new road network is a boon to both exploration and expansion, as it nearly doubles New Albionite mobility, especially paired with the Old World motor vehicles discovered by New Albion. Scouting parties are soon discovering many previously undiscovered along these roadways. These communities enthusiastically agree to joining New Albion and New Netherlands, especially when they find out that they had defeated the feared raiders operating out of Stratford.
  • Outback Colonies: Sydney is rediscovered. The city, which had been virtually untouched by the war, was overgrown and had a problem with animals living in buildings. A restoration effort begins.
  • American Federation: The Americans become great friends with the great tribe of St. Louis. The peoples of St. Louis propose joining the Federation. The Federation agrees and St. Louis is a formal member of the American Federation and send a representative to the House of Tribes.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The siege of Boulder City begins to falter as the armies begin to doubt their leaders. Luckily a man known only as Achilles finds President House's favour. He becomes the general of the army and creates an ingenious plan. He calls for the cannibals to make peace with them and in return they shall be granted recognition as an independent nation. They allow out two ambassadors but when the gates open slightly the Las Vegans force their way through the doors. Achilles leads his men on foot into the city. With their new leader they pillage the town, kill all the men and take the females as slaves. The Vault-Dwellers and Whites were initially opposed to the idea of enslavement but were eventually won over. The entire town of Boulder City is burned to the ground and by the end there is not a stone upon a stone in the entire town. The Las Vegans discover Nellis Air Force Base and several long distance bombers. They also find in Nellis AFB a large cache of ammunition, training manuals, medicine, and rifles. They find no heavy weaponry such as artillery though, but they do also find explosives (bombs originally meant to go on the bombers).
    • Don't abuse this generosity, you can't suddenly start mass producing these.
  • Greater Slavic Confederation: Construction on a mock steel warship is completed. The Slavs seek to use it to expand their holdings. the City of Mariupol is discovered, or what's left of it. Russians continue along the coasts of the Black Sea, until they find Sochi. Its location is described to be so beautiful that the men that went there did not want to return. Upon hearing this, the Tsar Vecheslav orders a colony set up by the name of Sochi after some troops see a ruined train station and beautiful botanical gardens.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: A huge excavation team is sent to the desert to try to find things as that is the place where there will be treasures lurking. They are proved right and find trains, running on oil. There are simple instructions on how to operate them, in the secondary language of the Federation, Engdi (OTL English). This discovery comes at the time when the railways were almost complete. They are over 25 train engines and they are soon fitted to run on the tracks of the railways. Stores of ammunition is also discovered as well as plans on monoplanes, which are sent to the Parliament for inspection. These are given to the Sharma brothers, personal favourites of the Parliament when it came to aviation. The plans are for the super-marine . When Parliament is told of this, it is said that the brothers were given men in the 100s to build the monoplanes. Almost all cities are now completely free of trees and most suburbs are completed. The dock where the frigate was stored has more treasures, including battleships. They are all brought up to pristine condition and sent with the frigate to explore the rest of Asia. The fleet runs into the Japanese ship sent to explore the rest of Asia. Both are able to communicate through the language of Engdi, known as Eigo-o to the Japanese.
    • Planes, yes to simple bi or mono planes, a definite no to this kind of complexity at this time.
  • The Greater Isles: The warlord sends a huge attack against the Prophet but his three-fourths of his army is destroyed due to the fact that the Prophet's men are well entrenched and have superior firepower. The Warlord himself is killed causing a power vacuum while there is internal struggling many of the people who were praying to the Prophet's god openly support him and the greater army is sent in to help these people by winter half of the Prophet's territory is captured. Disciples continue to travel across the water preaching to people about the Lord.
  • Japan: Proposes a trade deal to Hind-Bharat and expands into the Kii peninsula. A Type 4 Ke-Nu is found near Kami this tank quickly become one of the most powerful tools in the Japanese arsenal.
    • Federation Diplomacy: (proudly being the first to do so) A trade deal is agreed upon.

340 Winter

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites rediscover a handful of pre-war trains in an Old World rail depot in Nova Londinium. The New Albionites work with the New Netherlanders to repair the pre-war rail network as a part of the infrastructure upgrading started earlier this year. The railroads, vitally heated during the winter, become the most popular form of transport during the winter months. The New Albionites open factories to produce the parts needed by the various pre-war vehicles used by the New Albionites and the New Netherlanders. They are powered by the rapidly improving power grid, and are supplied by steel salvaged from the numerous pre-war vehicles rendered inoperable by time and the EMP produced by the war. This sparks a new Industrial Revolution in New Albion and New Netherlands, as the strengthening industry in turn strengthens the standard of living of the two nations.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The new machine guns found are integrated into the rapidly growing army. More focus is put to rebuild old-rundown factories in the areas cleared of unnecessary vegetation. three or four land versions of the super marine found is build. However, the reliable planes are still biplanes.
    • Afraid not, Hydrogen is too advanced. Planes also, not ww2 era at all.
    • OK, fixed all posts
    • Thank you and in a nice way too.
  • Nebel-German Confederation: The Nebel-Germans pull resources and manage to equip their armed forces with bolt-action rifles and expand their current research teams to keep up with more advanced nations.
  • The Greater Isles: More people convert to the Prophet's new faith now called Christianity. It is now the fastest growing religion in Europe. With the warlord now dead the Prophet begins increasing the infrastructure within The Greater Isles. Train tracks are been built and there are plans to build an automobile.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegans continue to expand into the southern Nevada area. The Republic of Las Vegas detonates several tonnes of explosives in the Hoover Dam, totally destroying the feat of engineering. The Colorado river now flows freely once more. The Las Vegans begin creating slave farm camps to provide more food for the Las Vegans, the female slaves are sold as 'domestic servants'.
  • Japan: Improves Infrastructure and starts up several cars but gas is hard to come by. Japan expands fsrther south the locals accept the Japanese with open arms seeing as they bring prosperity and stability.
  • The American Federation: The Americans discover coal and a little oil deposits. King Charles orders the extraction of these resources. A warehouse is found filled with bolt action rifles and machine guns engineers name them the liberator rifle and the Chicagoan mg. They are implemented into the armed forces.

341 Summer

  • The list of the most "powerful" nations of the world:
  1. The American Federation : 15
  2. Federation of Hind-Bharat : 14
  3. Outback Colonies : 9 = Republic of Las Vegas : 9
  4. The Greater Isles : 8 = Nebel-German Confederation : 8
  5. Federation of Rio de la Plata : 6 = New Albion : 6
  6. Japan : 5
  7. Greater Slavic Confederation : 2
  • World Military Superpowers/s for the next five years : Republic of Las Vegas
  • World Trade Centre/s for the next five years : The American Federation, Federation of Hind-Bharat
  • World Influence Centre/s for the next five years : The Greater Isles
  • World Technological Developer/s for the next five years : The American Federation, Outback Colonies

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites continue expanding their territory, but they have decided to move to expanding their territory northwards towards Stratford. The remaining unclaimed territory south of New Albion becomes part of New Netherland's claims. The New Albionites continue to build apron the infrastructure left from before the war, and begin to tap the region's various natural resources. These resources feed the growing industry of New Albion and New Netherlands. The New Albion National Guard begins to use the armoured military vehicles salvaged to begin work on liberating the region from the bandits that still stalk the land.
  • Outback Colonies: Several tribes join the Outback colonies. Meanwhile, the restoration effort of Sydney continues. Several designs are discovered, including blueprints for an airplane. A hangar is discovered in the Outback. On November 29th, Joseph Mansfrey becomes the first person to fly a powered airplane since the nuclear war.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: An army expedition is sent south-east of Delhi into lands where no one has heard from in a while. For the first time since the history of the Federation, troops were forced to fight barbaric enemies. The troop leader decided that they did not want to continue in a fire fight and retreated into Federation territory. More focus is put on trade deals with the Japanese and to assimilate the newly build fighters into the air force.
  • Nebel-German Confederation: The Nebel-Germans are caught in the middle of the 27th year of the great smog wars between the northern alliance of Brandenburg, Westphalia, Saxony, Hamburg and Vorpommern and the southern alliance of Austro-Moravia, Bavaria, Palatinate, the Slovak Federation, New Hungary, Krakow and the Central Confederacy. This forces them to increase their armed forces size and to hire rogue scientists selling their skills in technology.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The male slaves taken are circumcised to distinguish them for the rest of the population. The female slave haves their right ears taken off to distinguish them. The Las Vegan Army attacks several surrounding tribes and peoples while expanding; they kill every male and drive the women out into the wilderness. The Las Vegans attempt to use the high powered HAM radio in the Vault. They successfully make contact with another Vault near Seattle, WA. Unfortunately they soon lose contact after the initial contact. They are presumed dead. The Las Vegans William Hamshire and Jessica Goodwaters head in a boat down the Colorado to find "... other civilizations.".
  • The American Federation: The Americans begin the manufacturing of the liberator rifle and and the Chicagoan mg and their respective ammo. Blueprints for a single winged flying machine are found. An engineer named David Wright finds the blueprint extremely fascinating and asks King Charles for funds, King Charles agrees.
  • Japan: Renovations are begun on old Kyoto and old Osaka. Tsu expands north along the coast to open up new fishing grounds while Japan proper expands toward OTL Tottori. More land on the Island of Shikoku is annexed.
  • The Greater Isles: Railroads are continued to be built throughout Prophet-controlled Ireland. Every day more and more people convert to the Prophet's new religion.

341 Winter

  • Nebel-German Confederation: the Nebel-German Führer orders the continuation of the upgrades to Nebel-German technology research and now also puts investments again back into Industry. Meanwhile a radio is found that can transmit to far lands, he sends out a constant message hoping that other nations pick up on the communication.
  • The American Federation: The American army is now fully equipped with liberator rifles and Chicagoan mgs. David Wright is almost half way done with building his "airplane". Troops capture several lands to the east. But what stops them, is a heavily walled and armed city called Indianapolis. The King offers them peace and trade, but instead of accepting the offer they shoot at troops. The King and The House of Tribes declare war on the great city and tribe. Surrounding lands are easily taken with the advanced weapons, but on Indianapolis has failed to be taken. A siege is laid.
  • Outback Colonies: More of Sydney is excavated. While much of the city burned down centuries ago due to a tribal war, rebuilding efforts are under way.
  • Empire of New Albion: During the fall months the New Albionites build numerous fortified communities along the rapidly expanding road and rail networks. Two of the largest examples of these new communities are Maihallton located in the former Maine Hall shopping mall, and Decker City located in the former Decker Towers in Vermont. The communities are garrisoned with National Guard soldiers to allow them to survive long enough to be completely incorporated into New Albion.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: More fighters are built and assimilated into the army. The Sharma brothers start training people on how to fly these new aircraft and although, initially, the mortality rate is high, more is learned how to fly these fast and complex planes (for the time). A few tanks are discovered in areas being cleared of vegetation. However, most of them are in no condition to work.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegans massively expand their cavalry troops and begin to outfit them with long spears and armour. The Las Vegan Cavalry attacks surrounding villages, they continue to expand and subjugate their neighbours.
  • Japan: expands into central Shikoku and builds up defences in all of Japans colonies. A colony is established near Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu with the help of a very supportive local population.
  • The Greater Isles: Railroads are continued to be built throughout Prophet-controlled lands. The Prophet declares that the ruins of Dublin City will be the capital of this new empire. The Prophet continues to send disciples to Wales to convert them to Christianity.

342 Summer

  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites continue to expand towards the numerous fortified communities, as the New Netherlanders continue to expand in the area formerly known as "New York". The New Netherlanders take a page out of New Albion's book by building fortified communities throughout the former American state. The New Albion National Guard continues to destroy any raider threat they come across, and soon become infamous enough to make most raiders either surrender or flee at the sight of them.
  • The American Federation: The Americans expand a little south. David Wright unveils his first airplane, King Charles is impressed. He orders them to be produced for an air force. The planes are equipped with a special variant of the Chicagoan MG and a slot able to carry ten light bombs. The Americans start shooting Indianapolis with artillery.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: A scrambled message is picked up on radio handsets in the Quetta region. More airplanes are built and it seems that the pilots are learning to fly the planes. Planes are flown in formation to symbolize the understanding the pilots have managed to get. The parliament is impressed and research is carried out on how to install the machine guns found and manufactured into the airplanes.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegan Cavalry attacks many more smaller settlements before coming upon a place known only as Gringo. The City-State of Gringo is populated mostly by Spanish speaking whites, they are heavily armed with "modern" rifles that are equivalent to the Mauser. The Las Vegan Cavalry are initially repulsed by the Gringos but soon they follow through with foot-soldiers. They soon overwhelm the settlement and they put the entire population to the sword. The President of the Republic of Las Vegas bestows the titles of knights upon the Las Vegan Cavalry, their name is hence-forth changed to the Las Vegan Order of Knights.
  • The Outback Colonies: Several tribes join the Outback colonies.
  • The Greater Isles: Many small warlords in the south of Ireland offer to join the Prophet as his lords. The Prophet agrees on condition that they help spread Christianity throughout their regions. The North of Ireland is slow to accept this new religion but with each year more and more people begin to accept it. The Prophet orders new guns to be made and orders some of his disciples to search for lost technology and to bring it to Dublin where he is building a research institute in a place called Trinity College.

342 Winter

  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Las Vegan President House dies in his sleep. Many Las Vegan citizens arrive from nearby towns and other places into Las Vegas to vote for the new President. The vote becomes highly contested between Achilles and a Vault-Dweller by the name of Louis Smythe. They soon begin to declare that the other is defrauding the vote and soon the city of Las Vegas is in a full blown riot as the supporters of Louis and Achilles clash in the streets. The Las Vegan Order of Knights arrive several days later as the riots continue. The LVOK surrounds the city and enters the city boundaries on horse-back and begin to attack both sides. They quickly take control of the city. The LVOK captures both Achilles and Louis and they decide that the both of them were responsible for the devastation and riots and they are executed as such. The LVOK then performs a coup d'état and takes over the government. The Council of Knights is established. They vote to create a new government with a Knight Master as the near-absolute ruler of the Republic of Las Vegas that is elected by the members of the LVOK. The result is an elected monarchy and the establishment of a pseudo-aristocracy run by the Las Vegas Order of Knights. The new Knight Master is elected from the ranks of the LVOK, his name is Phillipe de Leon. Knight Master Phillipe takes control and has the LVOK leave the city of Las Vegas while leaving roughly 50 knights to keep order in the city. The LVOK returns to the desert soon aft' and begins to subjugate the surrounding peoples once more.
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue the processes of founding fortified communities in the largest pre-wart buildings they can find. It's getting to that in some pre-war cities at least three fortified communities exist. They also continue the process of absorbing these communities into their nations, as well as any surviving pre-war towns and cities.
  • Biafran Union: The Union moves against the tribes to the south, in an attempt to get a southern coastline. Minor gains are made using their superior weaponry, which they have readily accepted, unlike the other tribes.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: Machine guns are successfully installed in the airplanes. A few tanks are brought to workable condition, while others are already working (all WWI era). 50 planes are recorded in their arsenal (including biplanes). An attack is planned. More industrial action takes place, with trees almost completely gone in most cities. Industry is able to produce things for building houses and things for aviation is still build by hand. Oil being extracted is all being saved as there is nothing to run on oil except aircraft and the trains which are running from fuel.
  • The American Federation: The Americans now have over twenty planes in their arsenal with pilots trained to fly them. They start making bombing runs and machine gunning runs on Indianapolis. The people of the city are terrified of the flying machines totaled with all the damage suffered , surrender and the city falls under American jurisdiction. Reconstruction is begun immediately.
  • The Palmetto Confederation: Much of the farmland that surrounds New Orangeburg is used once again for the first time in hundreds of years. the land turns out to be very fertile, and a crop surplus is created. This attracts traders from other local settlements. most of the surplus is traded for weapons (a few WW1-era machine guns, and one outdated artillery gun, respectively).
  • 'The Greater Isles:' A large attack from many of the warlords in the North of Ireland greatly damages the Prophet's train line and commerce in the North of the Prophet's lands. The Prophet sends his army along with his new men from the South of Ireland to deal with the threat. The Northern part of Ireland have advanced weaponry much superior to the rest Ireland but the Northern armies are disunited and small in number compared to the Prophet's army. The Prophet pushes back the Northern Warlords but does not win any decisive victories. Help is requested from the Prophet's Welch lands.

343 Summer

  • Republic of Las Vegas: A Vault-Dweller named Robert Joules writes the first writen history of the Republic of Las Vegas. Knight Master Phillipe orders settlers to be redirected from several desert outposts to the Colorado River. They establish a small farming community named Colorado Farms. The city of Colorado Farms expands roughly 44px down the Colorado River. They find several 'barbarian' encampments along the river. Most are killed by the Las Vegan Order of Knights and also by the Colorado Farms Militia Service. Two encampments are not killed but instead they are captured and turned into slaves, no males are spared though from the sword, only the women of the encampment are enslaved. This measure was to destroy the old encampments culture and discontinue its bloodline.
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue to absorb the fortified communities founded in the last couple of seasons. They also start restarting the mines and other industrial facilities left abandoned after the Great War. The New Albionites and New Netherlanders begin the processes of restoring their economies to something approaching what they imagine conditions wer Pre-War. The New Albionites send a few ships salvaged from Nieuw Amsterdam's port on an expedition of exploration, with the purpose of discovering any "civilized" enclaves on the former Eastern Seaboard.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: New technologies, a few trucks, are discovered. The trucks are found in workable condition and are used to drag the artillery guns south. Troops ride on horseback and set up into formation, ready to face the barbaric tribes. Aircraft land on flat terrain and refuel from the trucks. The attack begins on the barbaric tribes. The barbaric tribes' swords and pre-bolt rifles are no match for the upgraded bolt rifles and the vastly improved machine gun. Aircraft strife the troops but the barbarians cunningly shoot at the aircraft using the rifles and due to virtually no armor, many aircraft are lost to this, however, not before they severely damage the barbarian strength. The battle is a success and the tribes are captured and the children are taken away. The men and women become slaves, supplying mass-labour while the children are sent to be trained as soldiers.
  • The Palmetto Confederation: An Expedition is sent out on foot to find more resources, and/or expand their territory. a large settlement is found in Fort Charleston (OTL Charleston, SC). since most of the industry in the city was destroyed, and there is no way for the people to get enough food, and the Palmettos wish to have a sea-port, they agree to mutually assist each other.
  • The American Federation: Reconstruction of Indianapolis continues. During the reconstruction they discover old radio receivers and transmitters. The construct receiver/transmitter towers are build all over the country and they send out a message of peace and co-existance. They wait for replies.
  • Biafran Union: The Union finally achieves the coastal border they desire, after seizing part of the coast from other tribes. They plan to begin exploring along the coastline in the future.
  • 'The Greater Isles:' The Prophet, with the re-inforcements from Wales, sends a huge attack against the Northern warlords destroying them but also severely damaging his own army leaving it vulnerable from attacks in the future. All of the Northern advanced technology is sent back to Dublin to be studied. What interests the Prophet's generals is an armoured machine that moves on a caterpillar track (similar to OTL Mark 8) and a machine that flies in the air.

343 Winter

  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: The military campaign continues. More barbaric tribes are attacked by the Federation. The troops press south, with moderate re-enforcements arriving to bolster their forces. Aircraft are used again to help the troops but this time they escape the front lines which provides them with ample cover from their infantry. Tribes fall within a matter of days.
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites found many trading posts around the former New England region, and the former Maritime region of Pre-War Canada. There are trading posts connected by the rapidly expanding road network, and trading posts connected by the expanding New Albionite merchant marine. The New Netherlanders imitate this in the former American states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • The Palmetto Confederation: during a fishing expedition, what is believed to be a former military vessel is spotted in shallow water offshore. plans are developed to update, and repair old surface supply diving systems, and use those to salvage whatever technologies are available, but these are still in the development stage. also, a working hot-air balloon is found in New Orangeburg. it is decided to use it to take arial reconnaisance of the surrounding area.
  • Biafran Union: The Biafran Union begins constructing a navy, making several small vessels, and working on two ships with medium sized hulls. They are all made of wood, due to a lack of metal working industry in the Biafran Union, and are equipped with outdated cannons for defense.
  • Japan: Expands their military incorporating more Old World tech, the colony on Kyushu island grows and another is established near OTL Nagasaki
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Republic of Las Vegas continues to subjugate nearby tribes and peoples, they capture almost 300 more slaves. The LVOK razes several small towns as their blood lust increases with every kill. Soon almost 13 settlements have been razed by the LVOK. The Knight Master encourages the knights to continue attacking settlements, he does this because he knows that if they didn't get foreign blood they whould take the blood of civilians.

344 Summer

  • The Palmetto Confederation: Using a device similar to an elongated snorkel, the vessel (sunk in approximately thirty feet of water) was stripped of all technological devices, and, though a bit waterlogged, are to be studied in the future. items of interest include the ship's engines, a ship to shore radio, and some "heavy" firearms located on the deck. the balloon reconnaissance went well, and it is decided to use it to keep track of the area.
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites continue to expand their terriotry in the former New England region. More and more of the fortified communities are joined with either New Albion or New Netherland. The New Albionites and New Netherlanders also free a number of settlements formerly ruled by a cabal Pre-war criminal gangs known only as the Syndicate. The New Albionites rediscover and recover the legendary Reserve fleet in Philadelphia's Naval Shipyard. The ships, after necessary repairs due to the years of abandonment, are split between the New Netherlanders and the New Albionites. The shipbuilding facilities are reactivated and reoccupied by the New Netherlanders, and are made ready to start building ships agains. These vessels are much smaller than the enormous Pre-War warships found there, as the local industry has not recovered enough to build them that big.
  • Republic of Riverside: The newly formed Republic of Riverside Army expands away from the capital, mostly towards the city of Moreno Valley. When the they entered Moreno Valley, they were fired upon by a group of cannibals, inflicting light casualties on the army. After two weeks of urban combat, Moreno Valley is still under the hands of the cannibals. Reconstruction begins on Riverside, decaying buildings are tore down, and is leveled for farmland.
  • Biafran Union: Worried about the increasingly hostile resistance from the surrounding tribes, and wishing to focus on building a navy and ensuring domestic stability, the Biafran Union begins building blockhouses on their borders. They are made of wood, and are manned by trained soldiers. They will defend the land from raids, and serve as a warning in case of aggressive attack.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: Knight Master Phillipe is attacked by a slave from the former Boulder City. The Knight Master escapes with only severe damage to his left ring finger. It is mended successfully but he loses the finger to the first joint. The Knight Master orders that all the slaves who are male to be killed. They are all drowned in the Colorado River. The LVOK continues to expand the Republic of Las Vegas.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: Troops are ordered not to expand anymore and are ordered to hold all territories. All new tribe's people are Hindized and it is a success, most choosing a better life over death. More aircraft are built, with the aircraft number now totaling over 100. Railways are run and fuel production continues.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet consolidates his lands and continues to spread Christianity throughout the Islands and begins sending disicples to mainland Europe to spread Christianiy. R&D is continued on tanks.

344 Winter

  • The Palmetto Confederation: The engineers successfully hook up a ship-to-shore radio to an old transmitter tower, and gets a signal working. upon scanning the frequency, they make contact with another settlement in New Chicago, and give them their location using an astrolabe found on the old sunken ship. a military campaign starts to expand the settlement.
    • Be careful with this tech, otherwise fine.
  • Republic of Riverside: Ammo supplies for the Riverside Army's guns begins to run out. Fearing being overrun, Commander Mark Shaw asks his commanders what to do. One general, by the name of Tony Severino, tells Shaw that they should meltdown the old guns, and turn them into swords. He also stated that we should see if the tribe would like peace. After discussing the plan with President Perez; Perez orders the meltdown of all pre-war guns and non-essential metal items, and turn them into swords. He also orders an ambassador to meet with the tribe leader and discuss peace terms. The ambassador leaves for the tribe's headquarters. After a few tense days, the ambassador comes back with good news. The terms of the treaty were: The Moreno Tribe accepts peace between them and the Republic of Riverside; the treaty also states that the Moreno Tribe becomes absorbed into the Republic of Riverside; in exchange for absorption, the Republic of Riverside will reconstruct the town of Moreno Valley and that men and women are allowed to vote. This absorption allowed the Republic of Riverside complete control of the eastern portion of Riverside County.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: After a long time, new naval ships are ready for deployment and are sent to explore the 'west.' Rebuilding of cities continue, but it seems it will take at least five years for the suburbs of Delhi and other cities to become well connected with water and other essential supplies.
  • Biafran Union: The Biafran Union discovers the ruins of a large city on the coastline. It looks like it was destroyed by a large explosion of some sort, but the government is hopeful they can discover lost technology there. They also discover extremely degraded structures in the Delta. There are ruined pipelines that go into the ground. Scientists determine that they were used for drilling, but the government does nothing, since they cannot put effort into repairing them. The leader of the Biafran Union dies and Chinua Achebe takes over, as he is the leaders designated heir. He pronounces that it is a new era in the Union's history.
  • Empire of New Albion: The processes of industrialization begun by the reopening of the shipyard continue, as more and more factories open in New Albion and New Netherlands. The New Albionites and New Netherlanders found communities around the resources needed for the industrial build-up.
  • Outback Colonies: Several tribes join the Outback colony. Later this season, a faint transmission from somewhere in North America is found, appearing sporadically, then stopping after nine minutes. The Council deems the transmission to be a remnant from the Old World and ignores it for the most part.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet consolidates his lands and continues to spread Christianity throughout the Islands and begins sending disciples to mainland Europe to spread Christianity. R&D is continued on tanks.

345 Summer

  • The Palmetto Confederation: The military campaign continues. Life is good, but people are starting to argue that the government is not doing enough for them. The government begins to campaign more for the people. They believe a simple protest could become the worst
  • Republic of Riverside: The reconstruction process begins to come to an end. Much of the old steel and concrete is used for swords and shields, and the concrete is used to repair important structures in the republic. The Republic moves its army into the ruins of March Air Reserve Base. They're they find schematics for an bolt-action rifle and its ammo; the army sends an small detachment of soldiers to occupy the armory near by, in there they find massive amounts of pre-war guns, missiles, and other weapons that are meant for aircraft. President Perez, orders the majority of the guns to be melted down and the remainder to be shipped to the Pre-War Museum in Downtown Riverside. Perez also orders an small factory to be built and the production of the Riverside Rifle begins.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: A faint radio signal is discovered and a reply is sent back. The government realizes that radios could be the key to communicating quickly and efficiently. An old radio line is found and a message is transmitted to the other end. It works!! It is promptly decided that all aircraft should have these installed to communicate with each other as well as army troops, after this, all government outposts and finally the ships, about to be launched, should be fitted with this. The Federation starts to refocus on farming matters, noticing that there was a near famine last year. Soon, more unused areas are being utilized as farmland, being used to grow crops and trees.
    • Not yet guys, after 345 sumer and winter is completed and all this is archived
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites develop a new method of annexing the fortified communities, which they share with the New Netherlanders. They send National Guardsmen to each fortified enclave, and order them to use their authority to annex increasingly large circles around the enclaves. Done simultaneously with normal expansion from New Albion proper, this new technique increases the speed of territory expansion greatly.
  • Biafran Union; War begins between the Biafran Union and the powerful Hausa-Fulani tribe in the north. China proclaims that this will be a war to determine Biafra's destiny, and he asks that every Biaran do their duty. The Biafrans are outnumbered, but use superior technology to make some advances. Scientists are dispatched to the ruined coastal city, determined from records to be the city of Lagos, to recover possible technology.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet continues to consolidates his lands and continues to spread Christianity throughout the Islands and begins sending disciples to mainland Europe to spread Christianity. R&D is continued on tanks.

345 Winter

Machine guns and old monoplanes (20's era) are found in a newly explored huge vault by the Las Vegans

  • Republic of Riverside: The Riverside Republic moves its army into former Orange County and absorbing it into the republic. When exploring the newly absorbed territory, the army finds an abandoned weapons center and inside they find more weapons and other equipment. Technology such as radios and other useful stuff is shipped, under armed protection, to the research center on the former UCR campus. With the absorption of Orange County, the Republic now has access to the Pacific Ocean. Back home, the radio towers overlooking Moreno Valley, after a long year of silence, are restarted and the operators begin searching for other nations in the North America.
  • Federation of Hind-Bharat: More faint messages are heard, with the people calling themselves the Republic of Riverside. A response is sent back to them. The Parliament building begins reconstruction and expansion with the present-useable part being a fraction of the building. It is expected to be complete next summer. More aircraft continue to be build. Farms are continously made better, with suburbs also being completed in the areas of farmland for farmers.
  • Texas: The Republic of Texas is formed from strong nationalist views in Austin, with delegets from Houston, and Dallas. Austin and farmland around itself is only under complete control under the republic, with Houston and Dallas battling small inner-city factions.
  • The Outback Colonies: Several more tribes rejoin the Outback Colonies.
  • Republic of Las Vegas: The Republic of Las Vegas carefully drags out the airplanes and machine guns out of the new vault using slave labour. The Vault-Dwellers (whom are the smartest of the various tribes) begin to pour over the air planes. They find various ways to create monoplanes. They also create various engines but they lack the oil they need to run them. As a result the LVOK is tasked with finding oil. They sack nearly thirty settlements before finding a working oil-well. They quickly begin using the slaves to siphon out the black gold and ship it, mostly using large tanks that are pulled by slaves and horses over long treks, back to Las Vegas. They create a working monoplane that successfully flies o'er Las Vegas and over Primm before returning and landing again.
  • Empire of New Albion: The New Albionites and New Netherlanders continue to expand their territory further. The various armoured vehicles either discovered or built (Pre-War armoured cars, tanks and militarized Pre-War civilian vehicles) play a tremendous part in squashing any bandits or dictators found within the territory. The New Albionites officially found a new branch of the National Guard called the New Albion Armoured Corps (NAAC). They also establish an official navy from the reserve fleet found in Philadelphia. This force has proven to be essential to protect New Albionite fishing boats and merchant ships from the pirates that roam the seas.
  • The Greater Isles: The Prophet continues tp consolidates his lands and continues to spread Christianity throughout the Islands and begins sending disciples to mainland Europe to spread Christianity. A breakthrough is made on tanks scientists are now able to create a new version of a tank (OTL Cruiser Mk IV) This new tank is vastly superior to the tanks that he found in the North of Ireland. The Prophet orders mass production of tanks to be made.
    • Maximum amount of tanks that can be made in a year cannot be greater than 100 with the technology of the Greater Isles
  • 'Biafran Union:' War continues between te Union and the Hausa-Fulani tribe. The Biafrans make small advances, as they are still overwhelmed by more numerous Hausa-Fulani troops. Research into the ruins of Lagos for new weapons are accelerated.

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