At the beginning of Alexander of Macedon's campaign to conquer the Achaemid Empire, he died.

Greek-Persian War

Alexander of Macedonia had unified Greece and wanted to conquer some land. He was at the front line with a distinctive helmet. The Persians knew it and surrounded the front line. Spithrade, a Persian army official, struck Alexander at the skull. This axe fell true (POD) and killed him.

Fall of League of All Greeks

The League of All Greeks collapsed. The restored city-states would be weak, not knowing what they lost with Alexander's death. However, the one city-state that did not become part of the League of All Greeks, Sparta, would continue to be powerful.

Carthage Opportunism

Carthage saw this occur and decided to take use of this opportunity. They colonized the west coast of Italy. However, this would put them at odds with Rome (a great power at the time.)

Carthago-Latin War

Carthage invaded Latium and, with little resistance, occupied it in 327 BC.

Spartan Wealth

Sparta would take the east coast of Italy. Italy would act as a power keg amongst Carthage and Sparta.

Spartan Punic Wars

Eventually a battalion of Spartan soldiers crossed into Punic Italy. This minor act started war between Sparta and Carthage. This war would prove inconclusive and would last for a long time, incapacitating Carthage and Sparta.


Achaemenid Collapse

The Achaemenid Empire, after defeating Greece, collapsed at around 323 BC. They were already about to collapse and in their wake several small kingdoms were created

Punic Collapse

Carthage would also collapse at around 320 BC, due to stress with their war with Sparta. The Etruscans and the rest of the peoples of the Italian Peninsula would become independent as well (Latins, etc.)

Spartan Collapse

Sparta would collapse as well at around 317 BC, resulting in no powers existing in Europe as the Archaic Dark Ages began.

Rise of the Maurya

In Bharat (OTL India), however, the reigning Nanda Dynasty was overthrown by Chandragupta Maurya at around 320 BC (as did he in OTL), one of the greatest military commanders of history. He saw the anarchy occurring in what was once the Achaemenid Empire and invaded parts of it, putting them under his yoke at around 317 BC. This empire would be one of the only islands of civilization in the Archaic Dark Age. Chandragupta Maurya would continue his invasions and put almost all of South Asia under his control by 300 BC. 
South Asia (ed)update-1 v2

Maurya Empire by around 317 BC

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