Abdication and Death of Chandragupta Maurya

Chandragupta Maurya would be converted to Jainism at around 298 BC. In the same year, he abdicated and starved himself to death in accordance to Jainism. His son Bindusara would be the new emperor of Bharat. Under his rule, the Zoroastrian East and the Hindu West began to clash. Much of his rule was occupied in trying to stop these violent clashes.

Roman Republic

After the collapse of Carthage, Italy went into disarray. Latium was the only place where there was no anarchy. Taking use of this, the Roman Republic, having been restored after the collapse of Carthage but only in control over Latium, expanded and, by 280 BC, was in control over most of the peninsula. After seeing the disarray in Greece, Rome expanded in Illyria (OTL Balkans) at around 275 BC and looked to conquer Greece. This is generally regarded as the end of the Archaic Dark Age.

Conquest of Macedonia

Rome would begin by conquering the least Hellenic of the Greek states in 270 BC: Macedonia. This would be done easily because Macedonia was still incapacitated after the League of All Greeks and, in addition, was hated by the other Greek city-states. Gradually, the remaining Greek states would fall under Roman influence, with the exception of Sparta.

Ashoka's Rule

Fierce Ruler

Ashoka became king of the Maurya Empire in 268 BC. His early rule was cruel. In this part of his rule, he invaded Kalinga, the last independent North Bharat nation.

Conversion to Buddhism

However, after seeing both a riot between Zoroastrians and Hindus and the suffering caused by his invasion of Kalinga, he converted to Buddhism. In addition, he declared that all land east of the Euphrates and west of Burma, going south to Lanka, must be ruled by one kingdom. Utilizing this idea, which was called the Ashoka Protocol, he declared the last independent South Bharati and Lankan kingdoms to be part of his empire. The kingdoms had no choice but to be part of the Maurya Empire. All of this occurred in around 250 BC.

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