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Artwork by GiromCalica[1].

  • 1450-60 - Deimos Constantin arrives. Takes 800 Byzantines to Siberia to build army and forge advanced weapons and armor, first revolving matchlock gun invented.
  • 1453 - Constantinople fallen to Ottoman hands.
  • 1468 - Deimos arrives to the farthest east of Siberia, unites all Koryaks to mass produce conscripts and weapons and create military camps. Decides to keep low profile from the Chinese, the Mongols and the Joseon about planned invasion of Japan.
  • 1493 - Columbus arrives in Martinique.
  • 1500 - Portugal colonizes Brazil.
  • 1500-1505 - Malaccan Sultanate fallen to Portuguese Empire, Majapahit slowly recovers, trade with Muslim merchants recovered wealth and power but Hinduism falls. Fear of foreign power spread all over archipelago, Majapahit uses this fear along with their wealth to allow all tribes to unite and turn Majapahit into a vast empire once again.
  • 1509 - Istanbul earthquake weakens Ottoman capital, decreased wealth.
  • 1510 - Constantin Empire established.
  • 1515 - Portuguese fleets arrive in Timor.
  • 1521-30 - Magellan arrives in the Philippines, but dies in the hands of the local datu. Francis I sends Lionel Monette to explore and find routes to China after the Ottomans stopped silk trade. France colonizes Canada.
  • 1526 - Mughal Empire established.
  • 1527 - Sack of Rome by Holy Roman Empire and Spain. Papal States become vassal of HRE.
  • 1530 - Francis I imprisoned in Spain for 2 years. Establishment of French-Ottoman alliance.
  • 1533 - Spain conquers Inca Empire. Neo-Inca state established.
  • 1535 - Spain conquers Mexica Empire and Panama.
  • 1539 - Bonifacio de Oviedo declared governor of Cuba.
  • 1540 - Time travel group Thoth arrives in Nagasaki, Japan. First encounter with Japanese was worship, believing the group was sent by the gods. Major studies of the country recorded and introduced modern technology.
  • 1543 - Portuguese merchants arrive in Japan, trade begins but advanced Japanese technology kept secret from foreigners.
  • 1545 - Constantin Empire invades Hokkaido, and then Mutsu province. News spreads from all of Date territory to the rest of Japan. Thoth alerted. Beginning mass production of rocket-based and gunpowder weaponry. Portuguese overhears events.
  • 1547 - Constantin Empire loses in Battle of Morioka. Deimos retreats. Constantin Empire dissolves and driven out of now-powerful Koryak States. Imperial court declares Thoth member Daisho Adams as shogunate.
  • 1550 - Japan declares war on Spain. Simultaneous invasions of Taiwan, Northern Philippines, Polynesia and Peru begin. Russia begins territorial expansion towards all of Siberia.
  • 1551 - Invasion of the Philippines. Most of Northern Luzon captured but unable to capture Manila due to heavy Spanish fortifications. Barangays in Northern Luzon converted into daimyos.
  • 1553 - Liberation of Peru. Neo-Inca state re-established as simply Inca Empire. Japan granted small land to establish trade as a form of gratitude.
  • 1556 - Shaanxi earthquake kills hundreds of thousands of Chinese, weakens Ming Dynasty. Comet appears over Holy Roman Empire.
  • 1570 - Benjamin Church, loyal member of Constantin, arrives in Martinique. Sold island from Spain to establish Constantin Knowledge ltd. Henry III crowned King of Navarre. Japan established as a whole empire, title of shogun abolished and converted into emperor. Massive riots led by old followers ensue. Invention of the "Church" by Benjamin Church, a snack consisting of meat in-between two slices of bread.
  • 1571 - Daisho establishes the Daisho-Adams Company. Unitary Japanese Empire beginning conversion into Federal Empire as a solution to the riot.
  • 1572-78 - Japan begins trade of advanced weaponry with Navarre, aiming to turn France into Protestant nation. War of The Four Henrys. Henry III renamed King Henry IV of France after rapid victories against ruling Catholics. Inca Empire begins weapons trade with underground Brazilian rebels. Japan also begins trade with Saudi Arabia.
  • 1577 - Spain reconquers Solomon islands from Japan. Netherlands granted independence from Spain after revolts by Orange.
  • 1580 - Volcano in Papua explodes, causing turbulence in shipping within its range.
  • 1590 - Saudi Arabian tribes unite due to inspiration from Japan, formation of Solak Caliphate under Persian immigrant and leader Bahram Solak. Ming Dynasty overthrown by San Dynasty after losing several battles due to family feud.
  • 1591 - Various Brazilian rebel groups begin fighting the Portuguese.
  • 1605 - Tsunami strikes Japan. No casualties in Japan due to development of concrete houses.
  • 1613 - Zulu Kingdom established under king Mandlenkosi Zulu. Taochi organizations form in China.
  • 1620 - Swahili tribes united, formation of United Swahili Kingdoms.
  • 1622-50 - Solak Caliphate declares war on Ottoman Empire. Solak Caliphate invades the Levant, and then ultimately led to the fall of Istanbul. Difficulty in invading Egypt due to fierce resistance by the now-free Mamluk caliphate. Solak replaces Ottomans as France's new ally.
  • 1630 - German and Swiss artisans arrive in Japan from France to search for sources of wealth by making complicated automatas that caught the eyes of Daisho II and mechanical scientists.
  • 1632 - Mughal Empire spreads southward.
  • 1639 - France conquers Guiana and Cambodia from Spain. Belgian revolution results in Belgium gaining independence from the Netherlands.
  • 1640 - Isles of Scilly run by brilliant underground Scillonian pirates Yestin Trevor and Kaswallon Jernigan.
  • 1655 - Solak Caliphate expands into East Africa. Unable to conquer United Swahili due to distance.
  • 1666 - Daisho II dies. Succeeded by Daisho III. Discovery of contained energy within seemingly indestructible stones in various places on Earth, research of aforesaid stones begin.
  • 1668 - Russian expansion begins. Halted by powerful Koryak states in 1799.
  • 1675 - England unites with Scotland, forming United Kingdom of Great Britain. British colonialism begins. Scottish clans still granted power to rule their claimed territory.
    • 1678-86 - UK colonizes South India. Mughal Empire declares war, loses after 8 year battles. All of Mughal becomes vassal of UK.
    • 1710-92 - UK colonizes Eastern America. Formation of 15 colonies. Unable to expand further west due to French and indigenous resistance.
    • 1725-40 - UK declares war on Solak Caliphate, captures Yemen, Oman, and then ultimately all of Saudi Arabia.
    • 1740-42 - UK attempts to colonize South Africa, driven out entirely by the powerful Zulu kingdom after the Last Stand in Willow Hospital.
    • 1748 - UK colonizes Somaliland.
    • 1791 - UK colonizes Australia.
  • 1683 - Fantasma cartel forms in Mexico. UK constructs Red Sea canal connecting the Mediterranean sea with the Red Sea to ease maritime trade.
  • 1684-86 - Scillonian pirates singlehandedly invade Cuba. Spain declares war on Scilly Islands, fails to invade islands due to heavy fortifications and the island's self-sufficient crops and wealth.
  • 1705 - Brazil declares independence and forms alliance with Inca Empire.
  • 1706 - Scilly Islands declare independence from United Kingdom.
  • 1707 - Constantin Knowledge ltd converted into Scientifically Analytic and Mechanical Company (SAMCO).
  • 1723 - French American scientists invent the first transistor. Integrated Development Machines (IDM) established.
  • 1730 - Earthquake strikes Inca Empire, little casualties due to base isolation systems in most structures.
  • 1733-45 - Scottich civil war between Campbell and MacDonald. Ended with Treaty of Hamilton.
  • 1733 - First confirmed report of a "ghost sighting" in French America. UK lost Saudi Arabia from Solak Caliphate, but managed to keep Yemen and Oman.
  • 1742-52 - Droz Movement formed, uprising against Japan and Germany for poor payment from their artisan jobs. Invention of the bicycle crossbow and early automatic guns. Convention of Nagasaki and Munich.
  • 1744 - Fantasma cartel spreads to Spain. Filipinos arrive in Europe to study history and politics.
  • 1759 - Kingdom of Sweden established, Finland becomes temporary vassal state. Estonia under Swedish control.
  • 1762 - Dutch colonization of the Fiji islands.
  • 1770 - Fantasma bandits steal Spanish crown despite high security. Replacement also stolen by massive Fantasma raids.
  • 1771 - Tumart Caliphate established.
  • 1788 - Attempted Dutch colonization of Majapahit led to the Jakarta massacre, the Netherlands declares war on Majapahit.
  • 1791 - All of Western America gains independence, formation of Federal system leading to the formation of the United States of America.
  • 1805 - Massive revolt in Spanish Philippines occur, ruled by wealthy Filipinos. Establishment of Kalayaan revolutionary movement.
  • 1812 - Invention of cartridge-based ammunition.
  • 1815 - Rapid increase of reports involving "physics-defying anomalies" all over North America. Yakuzas enter Joseon and San Dynasty.
  • 1822-90 - Queen Sigi of HRE assassinated by French feminist terrorist Emilie Victor. HRE declares war on France. Solak declares war on all catholic nations surrounding France, Hungary allies with France, UK allies with France. HRE, Italy and Spain ally against UK. UK gains help from Mughal India and finally gains peace with the Solak Caliphate. Excuse for Russia to attempted invasion of Koryak states. FIRST WORLD WAR.
    • 1824 - Invasion of Basse-Alcase. HRE victory.
    • 1828 - Spanish occupation of Andorre. Italian occupation of Hungary.
    • 1829 - Italian invasion of Croatia. Tactical retreat due to heavy fortifications in Dubrovnik.
    • 1831 - Liberation of Basse-Alcase. British victory.
    • 1838 - Battle of the North Sea. British victory, HRE fleet crippled.
    • 1851 - Battle of the North Sea. British and French victory, Spanish fleet crippled.
    • 1871 - French Liberation of Andorre. French-Solak victory, beginning of the Liberation of Spain by France.
    • 1872 - Battle of the Mediterranean Sea. Italian victory, French fleet retreats and regroups in Monaco.
    • 1873 - Battle for Somaliland. Italian victory, Somaliland becomes vassal state of Italy.
    • 1885 - Solak Liberation of Hungary. Solak victory.
    • 1887 - Battle of Hamburg. French victory. Battle of Taymyr Peninsula. Koryak victory. Christmas truce - every Christian nation declares one-day peace. Afterwards they all begin killing each other again.
    • 1888 - Almost every single fighting nation in the First World War forgot the reason why the war even began. Treaty of Geneva.
  • 1828 - SAMCO begins focusing on medical research, rediscovers electricity based on findings from Thoth manuscripts.
  • 1829 - Loen mobs form.
  • 1840 - Greece under financial crisis. Lefkada, Greece sold to wealthy Irish-Japanese twin siblings Maribel and Lafcadio Hearn. Hearn Republic established.
  • 1850 - IDM invents first camera, followed by film technology. Rapid development led to their increased fame. Daisho-Adams Company converted into Yuudachi Tech.
  • 1858 - IDM completes early giant punched card computers using transistor technology.
  • 1859 - Coronal Mass Ejection hits Earth. IDM's giant punched card computers malfunction, plunging the company into losing much of their wealth. SAMCO easily recovers.
  • 1861 - First hydroelectric dam built in UK by businessman Findlay Stirling. SAMCO reinvents radio technology based on findings from Thoth manuscripts.
  • 1870 - First functioning television invented by SAMCO.
  • 1883 - Krakatau explodes. Explosion heard around the globe. World witnesses unusual sights of the sky due to ash.
  • 1884 - Australia gains independence. USA begins oil drilling projects.
  • 1891 - Spain becomes bankrupt. Southern Philippines given independence at the cost of 800, 000 pesos.
  • 1895 - Estonian electricians reverse-engineer SAMCO products. Estonian Digital Revolution follows, spreading towards Russia and ultimately Joseon. E-estoni established.
  • 1902 - Invention of the first fully functioning heavy automatic firearms by SAMCO.
  • 1903 - USA discovers Hawaii, becomes federal state.
  • 1908 - Mysterious explosion occurs at tripoint of Russia, Mongol Empire and Koryak States. Ground zero declared as official tripoint of peace between the three nations.
  • 1910 - Invention of first functioning aircraft by Francis Bloxham. Invention of small-scale intercontinental ballistic rocketry by Russia.
  • 1912 - Bloxham Aeronautics Company founded by Francis Bloxham.
  • 1914 - Treaty of Amsterdam. War between Majapahit and the Netherlands end in peace. Joseon finally gained e-estoni.
  • 1915 - IDM invents the bicycle. Becomes a titanic success for the company.
  • 1919 - Yuudachi Tech reinvents the automobile 372 years after Constantin Empire's fall. Motorized bicycles followed.
  • 1928 - Nuclear energy discovered by US physicists. Extraction methods yet to be discovered. Mysterious ghost sniper commits shooting spree in New Jersey.
  • 1930 - Energy of unknown gems discovered in 1666 extracted by SAMCO, excessive energy causes frying of circutry. Effective resistors being developed. Gems renamed into "Karmic Gems" based on Shiva's power being comparable to the gems.
  • 1948 - World Wide Web reinvented by SAMCO. Fantasma gangs spread to Portugal, the Solomon Islands and the San Dynasty.
  • 1951 - Bloxham Aeronautics Company sold to IDM. Russia launches the first orbiting radio by SAMCO.
  • 1960 - SAMCO converted into Supreme and Powerful Agency of Manpower (SPAM).
  • 1961 - SPAM celebrates first anniversary of their reformation by building the first nuclear clock.
  • 1963 - SPAM becomes the first global conglomerate giving technical support to numerous countries. Loen bikers declare alliance with Yakuzas.
  • 1965 - First successful nuclear weapon developed in USA by IDM. SPAM invents first Karmic weapons based on Karmic gems.
  • 1970 - SPAM builds the first nuclear clock for the world market, world market established for all countries worldwide to enhance trade.
  • 1979 - John Smith becomes CEO of SPAM, with Deimos Constantin as vice-CEO. 8 Spanish commandos in Mexico desert their army and formed the Los Veracruz cartel.
  • 1988-93 - Business wars between SPAM, IDM, e-estoni and Yuudachi declared. SPAM arms every one of their scientists with handheld pistols.
  • 1991-98 - Loen bikers and Yakuzas enter a gang war against the Fantasmas. Massive gang shootouts reported in USA, British America, Mexico, Japan, Norway and Sweden.
  • 1991 - Mount Pinatubo erupts, destroying 1/3 of daimyo Malvin Murasame's province and various other daimyos that were caught by the ashfall.
  • 1994 - Fantasma cartel begins raids on SPAM and IDM branches to enhance their defense against Loen bikers. Taochi begins alliance with the Fantasma after beginning drug trade.
  • 1995 - IDM begins their Roman Candle branch of electrical firearms.
  • 1998 - SPAM begins Westermarck Project and backup project Vishnu.
  • 2000 - Liana Orthodox born in the British American branch of SPAM. Los Veracruz cartel becomes a rival of the Fantasma cartel.
  • 2001 - Catholic extremist Samatar Baggi forms terrorist group L'opera di Dio, begins attacks in Ethiopia.
  • 2003 - Mughal Ocean earthquake devastates southeastern Mughal shores. Greatly devastates eastern Imerina shores.
  • 2007 - Liana Orthodox gains multiple awards for crafting of firearms, explanation of the Ortho-Constantin (Calabi-Yau) manifold, basic rapier fencing techniques, and improved microwave technology.

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