The worst terrorist attack in history occurred on July 27th 2012 in London, England. As millions watched the start of the games the 30th Olympiad Al Qaeda terrorists smuggled a nuclear weapon stolen from Russia into the olympic park waiting for just the right moment to detonate the bomb, at 9:00pm as the American delegation entered the stadium media coverage of the stadium suddenly turned to static as a one megaton nuclear bomb created a fireball that engulfed much of east london and killed 1,300,000 athletes, spectators in the stadium, and local residents, the blast could be heard as far away as Cornwall and an estimated five million people all over southeast England watched with horror as a mushroom cloud rose over the ruins of London ...

Aftermath: Most of the British royal family were in the area of the blast and were killed in the attack. Prime minister David Cameron survived however and immediately declared martial law from the governments temporary headquarters in Oxford, suspended all civil liberties and declaring himself president of the "republic of England" a new totalitarian police state which governs the British Isles with an iron fist and with the help of the military and security services such as MI5.

The second English civil war: Within six months of the London bombings the people of Britain were fed up with Cameron's republican government with the relocation of survivors from London being slow and with the British economy on the brink of collapse members of the British communist party began planning a coup. On march 6th 2013 President Cameron and his government were assassinated by members of a terrorist group called the English people's liberation army (EPLA) led by a young policeman by the name of Peter Johnston who was angered by the government's treatment of the people of Britain and seizes control of southern England and proclaims the "united socialist republic of Britain", however most are unhappy with a communist regime and within weeks Cornwall, Wales and the Isle of Man secede from Britain and start their own countries, but Johnston wants a "united British people's union" and orders the EPLA to retake Wales and Cornwall, thus beginning the second English civil war ...

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