Ashoka's rule

Spread of Buddhism

Ashoka sent scholars to convert people to Buddhism. One of the reasons he converted to Buddhism was to convert the Hindus and Zoroastrians to establish a unified empire. This was highly successful and by 215 BC, although religious freedom was maintained, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism were minority religions in the Maurya Empire. Soon, scholars were sent to Southeast Asia, which was already part of the Maurya zone of influence, and Buddhism would grow there as well.

Roman Expansion

Rome had already, in effect, controlled all of the Greek nations except for Sparta. However, Rome had one weakness: it had no navy. Sparta, on the other hand, had a navy.

Sparta-Roman War

This war was a tremendous victory for Rome. Despite the Spartan navy, Roman manpower defeated Sparta. However, the war caused Rome to realize that it needs a navy. This navy would not be the best, but it protected Rome.

Expansion into Gaul

Rome wanted to conquer Carthage. However, Rome's navy was too weak to go directly to Carthage. Hence, the plan was to conquer land up to the Pillars of Hercules (OTL Gibraltar Strait) and then cross the little water in between the two continents. This was all part of the master plan to turn the Mediterranean into "Our Sea", or Mare Ipsum. Colonies in Gaul, which would need to be crossed to conquer Carthage, were established. The native Celtic tribes could not do anything about this.

Expansion into Carthage

Soon the coasts were at least nominally under the control of the Romans and, at around 215 BC, expanded into southern Spain. The Roman navy, using Greek sailors, sailed past the Pillars of Hercules. The anarchy in much of what was once Carthage was easily conquered by the Romans. However, a remnant of Carthage around the city of Carthage required a fifteen-month siege until the Carthaginians surrendered. Otherwise, Roman expansion was unhampered.

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