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Eiffel Tower bombings (No Napoleon)

Emergency services at the Eiffel Tower on the night of 10/24

The 24 October 1992 Paris attacks, often referred to as 10/24 (French dix vingt-quatre), were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in France that targeted several landmarks of Paris. The strike on Paris was committed using car bombs by, through investigation, was coordinated by Israeli nationalists.

The attacks were set on four locations in close proximity, including Les Invalides, the Pont d'Iéna, Eiffel Tower, and a shooting contained at Champ de Mars. The attack was one of the deadliest in history, claiming the lives of 246 people and approximately 800 injured. Possible motives for the attack are numerous. Some think the 10 year anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship would "show the flaws of one of the world's superpowers. Many believe it was for French aid in the Arab-Israeli War and support for Palestinian sovereignty.



American attack plot

Effects and response



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