The 23 Stars Over Trenton Massacre was a major event in American history and what many believe to have sparked the United States Revolution. On September 6th, 1810, British Regulars rounded up 23 people whom they suspected to be conspirators in a plot to destroy the British Governor's Office in downtown New York City and had them tried and executed by firing squad the same day. There was no proof that any of the people were even involved, and even if there was a plot to begin with. This embrazened public opinion about the British occupation of the Colonies, and eventually led to revolution, after King George III ordered a blockade around New England Ports. They are immortalized on the United States Flag, which includes 23 Stars, partially for the 23 States, but also for the 23 that died on September 6th, 1810.

The victims are as follows:

Kathryn Gheller- 22, Mother of 2
George Smith- 28, Carpenter
John Smith- 13, Student
James Munroe- 15, Blacksmith's Apprentice
Sarah Morely- 37, Dressmaker, Mother of 3
Benjamin Mogen- 26, Known Patriot and Guerrilla Fighter
William Gates- 53, Carpenter
Horace Greensburough- 31, Schoolteacher
Dorothea Greensburough- 29, Homemaker, Mother of 3
Jonathan Folly- 17, Dock Worker
Fredrich Gearee- 41, Shopowner
Douglas Smith- 24, Sailor
Hermann Jahrzeit- 31, Prussian Expatriot and Retired Soldier
Penelope Foccanan- 19, Mother of 1
Agnes Honford- 23, Homemaker
John Honford- 24, Militiaman
Thomas Lendor- 22, Blacksmith
Jacob Murphy- 19, Slave
Oliver Throughman- 14, Student
Beatrice Gheller- 27, Schoolteacher
Bartholemew Thames- 35, Barber
John Loughmann- 24, Shoemaker
Anton Van der Veer- 34, Cooper