War on Terror


The War on Terror, 2001-2009

The World Trade Centre Buildings in New York were hit with airplanes by mastermind Osama Bin Laden on September 11, 2001. He fled to Mesopotamia, whose dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kurdistan again on the same day. Hussein pledged to protect Osama from the USA. However, troops from the USSR, Iran, and NATO invaded Mesopotamia to remove the Ba'ath Party from power. Despite him being quickly forced out of power by the Bush administration, an insurgency rocked Mesopotamia until 2009, ending the War on Terror.

Hillary Clinton's Administration

Hillary Clinton, the Nationalist candidate for President and the wife of former president Bill Clinton, won the election in 2008. Under her presidency, peace and soft power became the way of America. It had become anti-war over the War on Terror, and under her regime, a recession in 2008 occurred. However, this recession ended due semi-socialist policies from Clinton. These policies caused her to be voted out of power in the 2012 elections, despite the effectivity.

Arab Spring

In 2010, the Tunisian dictator was overthrown. This sparked a series of revolutions in the Arab world.


Most of the revolutions were peaceful. For example, in Egypt, the dictator resigned from power and democratic elections were held. The newly elected Prime Minister of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was then forced to resign, and democratic elections were held. Morsi won these elections as well, in a show of democracy.


Some were violent, however. For example, in Syria, a civil war occurred. It ended after a series of chemical attacks, the first ones since the Korean War. Hindustan and the US utilized their soft power to establish a coalition government. However, in democratic elections, rebel groups fighting for democracy were elected into power.

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