• 2008 = The global nuclear winter from the wars ends in 2008.
  • 2009 = The world population is 1 and a half billion. The planet is ravaged and the project for the terraforming of Mars begins: Project Last Hope.
  • 2010 = The Australian-Croatian joint Mars habitat is complete by new year. First habitat on Mars. Population: 500 aborigines, 1000 Croats, 250 Germans, 300 French, 350 Russians, 100 British, 50 Italians, and 70 Arabs.
  • 23 January 2010: The Kučera leaves Earth for Mars. In addition to crew and cargo a full complement of 200 colonists are being transported.
  • 18 June 2010: The Kučera arrival at Mars. Colonists and supplies dropped off.
  • 13 April 2011: Eva Ljubanović becomes the first human to be born on Mars.
  • 18 October 2011: Test samples and 18 colonists to return to Earth (via the The Kučera) due to health concerns.
  • 12 March 2012: The Kučera arrives back at Earth – 80 additional colonists and supplies picked up for return trip to Mars.
  • 5 August 2012: Colonists and supplies dropped off at Mars via the cycler.

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