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The Pan Asia Bloc:
Chinaman on the Moon:
The Space Age Cometh:

2126(1373) The recent weather phenomena seem to have dissipated, although quite a few icebergs cause hazards to ships in the north Atlanticus and Terra Australis. Flooding continues in Thule Major as well as an exaggerated summer temperature cycle in Evropa and North Terranova in which several mounting days of heat are eventually dissipated by a severe storm, bringing the temperature down to more tolerable levels for a time.

It is now the time for the CSI and Sinica’s newly formed Long Gua Ya Yuzhou Zheng (in Latin called Pan Asia Spatium Administrum (PASA)) to get back on track.


The CSI determines the best way to reignite interest in space is to begin making it possible for people to actually live in it and to make it enticing for industry. An ADA Science Station is started in June. It is a nuclear powered three-piece project due to finish in just two years. PASA designs rockets to take Taikonauts to Luna and a probe to Mars.

2127(1374) Musa II of the Mali Empire took over as Mansa, after his father, Mansa Mari Diata II died. Musa II did as much as he could to reverse the excesses of his tyrannical father, which unquestionably pulled the nation down from a great power to a regional power, but despite Musa II’s administrative ability, his grand vizier Mara Diari wielded an increasing amount of control, destined to break down the country.

2129(1376) The ADA Spatium Laboratorium is getting behind on schedule for construction.

Loudspeakers are also invented in Rome.

Also this year Sacania joined the senate.

2130's(1377+) Sarcinatomikæ (atomic batteries) become standard in space probes and other devices required to operate for a considerable time alone.

2130(1377) an Aquitania ADA invents the stapler, people were getting ever so sick of paperclips.

The first commercial magnetic audio tapes were invented by a Germania Inf. ADA.

Electricus welders were invented

Improvements made to telelexy mikrophoni. They were then tiny sound sensitive bulbs at the end of a tube of capacitors.

2131(1378) Gothia joined the Senate.

Also, the principles behind using electrons in a vacuum to project pictures on a glass screen are developed in an Italia ADA. This televisum quickly revolutionizes the media in every way, within just five years the televisum brings millions of people to places they could only hear about for the last 76 years (kind of weird that a nation would develop atomic weapons before the very idea of TV)

2132(1379) PASA in the month of Julius has five Taikonauts sent to Luna, claiming the moon (though really only to gain posterity). The mission is an orbiter/lander design, two taikonauts orbit, the three on the surface make one-man rotations over a total lunar stay of 24 hours. 800 000 000 people all over the world heard it on telelexy. Though some had no choice with Sinica boasting it over all frequencies it could overwhelm. The Pan Asia Bloc’s public appeal goes crazy while Rome and the Concilium Mundi’s slide. For one, Srivijava and Manana began drifting to the Asian side, signing a few treaties for trade and abandoning some CM placed embargoes on the PAB.

The Senate has a harsh word with the CSI for letting this kind of thing happen. All of a sudden, the great Empire, which hath brought the entire world out of darkness for the last millennium was second rate and falling. The CSI panicked and recommended Rome’s spatial effort become grouped with all CM nations to create a super transnational aeronautical agency. The Senate approved but had the CSI begin developments on a lunar mission right away. The three-year old Spatium Laboratorium is scheduled to fall into the atmosphere by 2134 to lighten the CSI’s maintenance load. Guidance systems and atmospheric reentry were the most difficult technologies for the ADAs to match to PASA.

They’d better hurry, PASA has a long term plan calling for at least five more missions to Luna and more probes farther out into the system.

One Senator was heard to remark (close enough in translation, with only the most important stuff):

“Everything we do ought to […][be] completely tied in to getting us on Luna and […] ahead of the Pan Asia Bloc, otherwise we shouldn't be spending that kind of money[…] because I'm not [personally] interested in space. […] [The] only justification for these costs […] is because we cannot allow the Oriental powers to beat us into a […] larger domain, and dominate us from the skies. We hope to beat them,[…] to demonstrate that instead of being behind by a couple of years, by Mars and Jupiter, we will pass them”

Also, the modern till machine is invented in a Dalmatia ADA. It protects a store’s cash both from thieving customers and employees!

The Island of Taioan of Xun Sinica had some demonstrations for autonomy, though they do not wish for autonomy similar to Dai Viet or Nepal’s, which were only true on paper. The largely pro-Xun police turn the demonstrations into deadly riots with almost 100 killed, 400 injured.

In the month of Sextilus this year, Paryu’s government is overthrown by anti-Roman/ proPAB rebels. Chimud, the most influential non-CM South Terranovan country, proved more than helpful in working directly with CM troops to prevent the coup’s establishment and reinstating the federal government.

The PAB implements its common currency, the Yahuo. It is a polymer banknote with the most security features to date, coming in 5, 10 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 denominations. One Yahuo is made up of 50 Baiyi and 100 Qianyi coins.

2133(1380) The first televisa for homes now fill the living rooms of many citizens and with it, the first Animum Lineamentumi are made by enterprising civilian televisum broadcasters. These moving drawings greatly entertain children and further expand the market for televisum channels. Also, to go with those homebased televisa, are remote controls to change channel, volume and to turn the set on and off.

Again also, the first safety blade razors that only make contact in a small area are invented. They greatly reduce accidental cut throats by people who can’t handle a straight blade.

2133+(1380’s) Just when you though the Pruddai were gone for good, some sons, daughters, and grandchildren of the Pruddai begin revitalizing and reinventing the Pruddai way of life. Although the amount of mind-altering substances routinely used by neoPruddai groups vary and scores of ‘higher consciousness ’ reaching practices are plentiful, the government really only minds that they are producing so much anti-war/poverty/slavery songs and protests. NeoPurddai are much more common worldwide than the first time, though the PAB has the lowest numbers of them.

2134(1381) PASA sends a rover to Luna and an orbital mapping probe to Mars.

Also, an Abenacia ADA develops the metal detector, greatly assisting the Empire’s mining industry.

The Spatium Laboratorium was successfully pulled out of orbit, disintegrating.

Julilla strove to encourage c-operation between the PAB and CM by supporting and negotiating the non-proliferation treaty, which would also be against development of pure fusion weapons. The treaty remained unsigned, but amazingly both sides were reluctant to put too much energy into pure fusion bombs, instead preferring applications in radiation therapy, batteries, and jet engines ... and regular fission boosted fusion bombs. Julilla also got an eight-year term!

Senatorial2134 1381(correct)

Asia 2134 1381(correct)

The Pan Asia Bloc:
Chinaman on the Moon:
The Space Age Cometh:

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

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