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The Coldwar began:
The Pan Asia Bloc:
Chinaman on the Moon:

2115(1362) This year, Scanata joins the Senate.

Again also, the current head of the Praetorius Politicus suggests to the Senate that the Praetorius Politicus be advanced into a secret intelligence and action agency to further promote Rome’s way of life and reduce the success of the endless Sinican spies. After much consideration, the Praetorius Politicus is re-inaugurated as the Praetorius Foederii. This development solidifies this Praetorian sect as a secret Roman-interest-ensurer and also makes some more concrete connections between the Praetorius Foederii and the Magastratus Arma. Their massive headquarters is built just outside Roma’s city limits. It’s called the ‘Aquila’ and has an office capacity close to half the combined bureaus of the Roman capitol government. Otherwise it’s the largest single office complex on the planet.


Also, the various violent refugees from Namatania, now in the Congo, begin causing problems in the central African kingdoms. The refugees entering Roman territory are usually exported back or sold to slavery, but some are accepted for education and recovery, they have refugee status citizenship.

Sinica built the first Heinium powered mersabiles, ahead of Rome in the same year, but Rome would use them much more widely.

2117(1364) 50th anniversary of WWI.

In Syoua, Cuashium Confederation, the complete skeleton of a large terasauros is unearthed, it is called Tyrannosauros.

2118(1365) Xun Sinica launched a taikonaut into space in January, this initiated Roman interest in exploration, the next month, several more CSI exploration probes were sent into orbit. Some tested communications. The existence of the Balti Constantinos, the plasma belt held in orbit by Earth's magnetic field, was also confirmed. A manned flight into space was scheduled for the beginning of the next year. As the year ended, Sininca sent the first probe to Luna, sending back transmissions for printing a grainy close up picture of the moon.

Also this year, Ice machines in Scanata, Khopm Ropika (a rickety, fast, and nauseating ride) in the Muscovite Empire (called a Fugax Vertigoinis in Rome), and barbalix (sharp, anti-personnel wire) in Lacota were invented.

The Concilium Mundi formed the Ministrerii Ferus Praesidium et Monitorum, a programme to monitor and protect endangered or potentially endangered wildlife in all CM member nations. Eventually the programme would have enforcement in non-Roman/CM Africa, for which anti-Roman/CM African countries would get angrier. The remaining Pruddai were very happy, though.

Also this year, a nuclear plant in Abanacia suffered a severe radiation containment failure due to operator errors and mechanical safety violations, the plant had to be abandoned and eventually taken down but the surrounding environment had not been contaminated. It was a serious event though for people’s confidence in nuclear power.

Again also, a Britannia Superior nuclear research facility discovered the process for turning lead into gold, however it was clearly not cost effective.

Switching things around, Sinica started testing fission boosted fusion bombs, Rome started also soon after.

2119(1366) Joius Glinnus Talmudius becomes the first ‘Astrunauticus’ in the CSI’s Mercury VII rocket, Xun sends a probe landing on Luna and several to melt on Venus.


Also this year, the first nation of Arabia since the original Cilaf is formed, called Imamate al-Magan (Magan Cilaf). Although a theocratic Islannic state, it is peaceful and rational with Rome and is able to draw in nomads to form a respectable urban centre in its capital of Muscat. The development of a native country peacefully stimulates the future civilizing of the peninsula while Magan concerns itself with developing its commerce based economy.

The refugees that had migrated to the Congo settled down for the most part and the the small wars there dwindled to raids and mass murders for a time.

The Namatania civil war spreads to its southern regions of Rhodesia (a region, while under Roman control was named after the Island of Rhodes by homesick explorers).

Also this year, an independent entrepreneur in Cadosan named Gallus Iulius Cartamas was the first to make a directed infra-red beam gun for the purpose of making a futuristic successor to Intutus Ago. He called the game ‘Lidar (LIDR) Xontari’ (Xontari being a stylized combination of the Nahuatl and Latin words for the game of chase that youngsters oh so much enjoy) Unfortunately, as computactor technology and programming at the time was rather primitive and still bulky, it was expensive to have the software required to keep tract of one’s score. The game did have a short and enthusiastic local success though before disappearing for almost 40 years.

2120's(1367+) Facilii telelexium started becoming small enough that they were usually wrist based.

Sinica started development of nuclear batteries, followed by Rome.

2120(1367) Sininca’s second Taikonaut rocket explodes during reentry, it is the first Sinican spaceflight death and somewhat falters Sinican advancement, they know it would be better to fix the problems now at their currents costs of time and resources than later when their infrastructure in the field is unalterable.

2121(1368) The Alpes unition is completed. The results prove to be profitable, perhaps other provinces could be united, Hispanian and Gallian Senators refute the benefits but the rest of senate thinks it a good idea.

Also this year, improvements to sponte appingo (remember typewriters!) are made, mostly with preventing jamming letter hammers and ink tape.

Again also, Ungueninis is invented by a Belgica chef, Eugenius Chevritus Publicola. It is a spreadable condiment copying boutyro(butter) but is cheaper since it is made with pure fat rather than churned milks.

Once more again also, seemingly on a world wide scale, a severe drought occurs in the most heavily farmed parts of the world, in the meantime, floods occur in places like Belgica, Scanata, Germania Inferior, and the former Commonwealth of Terranova. All the while, record high temperatures were able to incapacitate whole swaths of provincial communities. Italia, and the Gallia/Hispania Provinces are hardest hit in the empire while Xun Sinica is worst effected along the Hwang-Ho. This event caused panic and a bit of a damper on the world economies. Some suspected these world climate anomalies may be caused by Human made toxins that have been put into the environment for the last thousand years.

Rome can afford to ride out the drought and compensate with currency the property, lives, and crops lost; but Sinica and its loose allies haven’t the mass of resources, this cold war has been gobbling up quite a bit of their surpluses. Realizing that they cannot afford to let their economy and weapons programmes fail, Xun Sinica begins epic negotiations with its allies. These negotiations are to solidify an opposing bloc against Rome and the Concilium Mundi. The Muscovy Empire, Dai Ön Yeke Sinica, and the Djagatai Khanate are all star players for this solidification. If this bloc is successful in forming, the few free countries between Rome and its enemies; Poland, Prussia, and Lietuvia will be in trouble before you know it - Poland, the only other CM member in eastern Evropa, helps the others along in convincing them the Council is a good idea.

It won’t be all smooth though, worse effected by the drought, Dai Ön Yeke Sinica’s land were either cold and barren or dry and rocky. It is also a nation under siege by its people ever since the conclusion of the Amplus Arma nearly 50 years ago. The nation has been crumbling as five aristocrats, all of relatively continuous (Pre-Menguren) blood, work together, advocating the dethronement of the current Menguren descent dynasty while supporting rebel armies.

Xun doesn’t really care which wins (though the rebels, claiming themselves socialists definitely will win) but he wants the country as stable and willing as possible to enter this bloc. At the end of the year, the Dai Ön Yeke family is executed and replaced by the surviving three princes renaming northern Sinica: Dà Ming Guó for their new dynasty. There was little in the way of border changes during the final years of the dynasty.

The Djagatai Khanate is also in poor shape, mostly due to bilateral ethnic friction, Xun and Muscovite military assistance keeps a lid on things but although both sides are supporters of the Pan Asia formation, they cannot live with each other. The current Khan, 32 year old Timur bin Taraghay Barlas is an excellent military tactician, keeping down large rebellions and using his armies wisely, but pillage and plunder are really his only gifts as civil structure and cohesion has continually degraded over his last three years in power. It certainly doesn’t help that he discriminates against the ethnic Moghuls in the eastern provinces.

The Muscovite Empire at this time is more powerful and not totally devastated from the droughts. It has also doubled its land after the absorption of the Medius Ordeum and continuing expansion since 2076(1323). The current Czar is Dmitri Dinskoi.

Also this year, Emperor Ningon Mu Borjigin of former Nanchao Sinica dies of his old age, the loyalists and their families now protected in the Empire lose quite some hope as truly, their home and entire cultural community now has to be bundled up in a few streets of Rome’s largest cities if not to be lost forever.

The first antecompingo syntanai are invented by a Grecian ADA. Primarily used in aircraft, it helps prevent the wheels from locking up when braking.

2123(1370) The Stock market and news ticker was invented by Decius Tremellius Edinus independently in Nova Scandia.

The Ascenograd, an electricus motive staircase is invented by a Scanatan ADA.


Pan Asia flag

Dà Ming Guó Sinica is settling down, the Muscovite Empire and the Djagatai Khanate join with Xun Sinica, forming the Zhouwei Ya Ji Tuan (Pan Asia Bloc). Further expansion on this bloc will eventually include a common currency, flag, trans-Asian vaposcurr, national assembly, and even a single super-national language.

This, of course, escalated the cold war. Xun Sinica promoted limited anti-Roman/CM and pro-Sinican riots and propaganda beyond their borders before, but now with a super-national entity to contest the Concilium Mundi, the PAB actively began trying to draw new member nations. South Terranova, still unstable from the Nihonian pull-out, is a red-hot battlefield for the cold war, Africa is reconsidered also.

Prussia and Lietuvia request and are admitted to the Concilium Mundi.

In Xun’s Choson territories, there is great unrest created by patriotic friction between four main political action groups, these groups formed because of Choson’s history of passing hands and never being its own country. There are Xun supporters, Dai Ön Yeke supporters (although their cause is quite defunct), Nihonia supporters, and independence supporters. Xun sends armies in and massacres the majority of non-Xun supporting groups. A few more probes are sent by both Sinica and Rome but with the current world environmental problems, new firsts in space exploration are having to wait, public interest slumps.

Speaking of world problems, there is a temporary, though serious, scare in the oleum markets as several deposits being mined (mostly in Roman Arabia) suddenly show signs of quickly running out long before predictions. Fuel prices skyrocket, further straining nations' economies. The extrudotrusi companies have some trouble, especially since with Rome’s very affordable and efficient public electricus vaposcurr transit systems, extrudotrusi are owned sparingly and only by upper classes, new designs are smaller and stress fuel efficiency, of course.

2124(1371) Pneumatic drills are developed. The current Caesar is Titus Petillius Naevius at 55 from Moesia Inf.

Senatorial2124 1371

Asia 2124 1371

The Coldwar began:
The Pan Asia Bloc:
Chinaman on the Moon:

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

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