20th Century

World War II (1939-1948)

  • The Manhattan Project
  • Die Glocke
  • German Victory in West Africa
  • German Victory in Europe
  • German Victory in Asia
  • Russia
  • Japan

Peace & Advancement (1949-1972)

  • NASA
  • Die Glocke
  • Universum Project
  • Moon Landing
  • Time Travel
  • Teleportation
  • Political Shifts
  • Jackson Administration

Conflict Resurfaces (1973-1988)

  • Second American Civil War
  • Germanian Revolution
  • Radical Islam
  • Russo-Indian War

The First Golden Era Begins (1989-1999)

  • Venus Landing
  • Project Frontier
  • Liberation of the Holy Land
  • Lightspeed Co.
  • African Unification
  • "War on Hunger"

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