• 1914 = After a century of peace World War I begins in 1914 with the Croatian and French empires on one side and the Russian empire on the other. The war is started by Gavrilo Princip who assassinates the Croatian prince in Sarajevo with the support of the Russians.
  • 1917 to 1918 = Weakened by the October and February revolutions the Russian empire sues for peace.
  • 1930s = In the 1930s a rebellion led by Hitler liberates Germany.
  • 1935 to 1937 = The French colonies in Africa revolt and the French empire disintegrates.
  • 1937 = German troops occupy Paris. World War II begins.
  • 1938 = Hitler's Germany rules much of Europe.
  • 1939 = Germany invades Spain, Croatia and Britain declares war on Germany.
  • 1941 = Germany has used blitzkrieg to defeat the Croatian armies in Russia and Italy.
  • 1942 = The German army is decimated in the battle of Zagreb, the bloodiest battle in human history. Germany losses are over two million, Croatia losses are over three million. The first nuclear bomb detonated in the outskirts of Zagreb.
  • 1944 = The Soviet Union launches an invasion of the Japanese empire.
  • 1948 = Communism spreads through Asia and the Middle East.
  • 1962 = The nuclear war begins between the capitalist American continents and communist Asia. Over one billion dead.
  • 1962 = With the USA and USSR destroyed Croatia is the only remaining superpower.
  • 1971 = The first man on the moon.
  • 1989 = The African Union and the Croatian empire are at war.
  • c.1990 = The technologicaly inferior African Union is decimated by a nuclear barrage. Hundreds of millions dead.

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