History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

The Pruddai:
The Commonwealth War and Sinican Revolution:
The Coldwar began:

Also this year, the electricus sewing machine is invented by Quaeso Suedius Faunt of a Scanatan ADA.

Just so you know, world population is now 1.85 billion.

The Pruddai in Rome, protesting the considerable environmental and health hazards of Tetra-Difinxla-Plumnis (tetraethyl lead, a substance used in many gasolines since the war). After a short few weeks of investigation, the Senate finds the toxicity of the substance considerable enough to begin phasing out its use. The phase out was completed in 2100(1347).

Sinica revolution2089 1336

2090(1337) This year the first practical batramatrii are invented in a Moesian ADA, making a welcome alternative to vitreusi, although the plasticus like substance they are made of, PolyMAAF, does not let the eyes breathe very well.

2091(1338) A Britannia ADA developed zoom lenses for cameras.

The Commonwealth of Terranova this year began inciting violence and riots against Aboriginals, continuing to strain international relations.

The Republic of Monomotopai, perhaps as an echo of its previous economic and military problems, falls into a multi-factioned civil war.

Also this year, Pruddai and some workers in the Commonwealth stage protests and strikes against their government, calling it authoritarian, anti-equality, persecutive, and hypocritical. Many of these protests, after sweeping through the nation, become violent; especially after overreactions by the Commonwealth Vigiles (they are becoming power-hungry as the government gives them more and more authority over the public) these public protests are encouraged by the Roman people and unofficially by some in the Roman government as a way to persuade the Commonwealth to get with the global programme. The Commonwealth’s politicians are shiftless and continue their policies. More and more of the Pruddai generation are discriminated and imprisoned by Commonwealth government forces.

Pruddai in Totonae province also start strikes. The military governor Galus Tenioc Severus fears they are supported by anti-Roman Terranovan agents and consents to military action, resulting in 322 arrested, 156 injured, and 65 killed students. Universities are occupied by the province’s legionaries. Outraged, the Cæsar Loius personally dismisses and discharges the governor for his inept reaction to the strikes, ending the occupation within three days.

Also, the Pruddai throughout Gaul stage strikes in the month of Maius causing a total paralysis of the regions. The Pruddai here were mostly concerned only with shaking up the establishment and to parade their own values. By the end of the next month, reforms by the provinces’ senators are able to get things to resume. It is estimated over five million people participated in the strikes.

2092(1339) The Commonwealth approves of concentration camps for Aboriginals, the CM demands that they cease these xenophobic policies.

Also this year, the Pruddai experienced a triumph as they convinced the Senate to form the first imperial natural parks, upon reaching prerequisite mandates many more parks would be formed and some even reclaimed in the future.

2093(1340) The Commonwealth begins paper propaganda against its Aboriginals as well. The CM installs economic sanctions against them, the first time a member nation has had CM aggression authorized. The Cuashium Confederation also cuts out trade with the Commonwealth to avoid being targeted by the CM. In response, the Commonwealth augments its military outrageously and its Ministers begin stirring hatred against the Confederation as well.

Declaring that the CM is functionally defunct and ineffectual, Dai Ön Yeke Sinica leaves the Council and reveals it had made an alliance with the Muscovite Principalities (Moskva’s border claims were quickly approaching Dai Ön Yeke’s). Dai Ön Yeke begins expanding north and west into nomadic tribal lands, something that was forbidden by CM agreements. Not only that, but they began annexing Nihonia’s Kita-ken territories, though since they are so undeveloped and underpopulated Nihonia chooses to pull out troops from the claimed regions, cutting their loses. Dai Ön Yeke will probably own just about all the mainland by the 2120’s.

Also this year, the Commonwealth begins a euthanasia programme to kill all deformed, disabled, handicapped, and mentally challenged individuals, Aboriginals making up a disproportionate percentage. A Concilium vote a few months later expels the nation from the CM.

2094(1341) War broke out between the South Terranova countries of Mapyuchi and Patagonia over a general dispute. Mapyuchi in the end lost several islands.

Some Commonwealth city districts are converted into holding areas for Aboriginals waiting for shipment to concentration camps. They are called ‘balieno’ because they alienate the people who where once equals with everyone else in the cities. A lot of aboriginals and disloyalists flee to other countries if they can. The government protests little and is just glad to be rid of them.

The Commonwealth also begins a surprise attack against the Cuashium Confederation in the name of reunification while moving defensive armaments into the Demilitarized Zone. The next day the CM declares war on the Commonwealth with Roman and Nupiatican troops forming the majority of the attacks. There is no way the Commonwealth can expect to survive but with many CM troops now in Sinica and Rome’s need to reinforce its Slavic border in case of a Muscovite/Dai Ön Yeke attack, the war is expected to take a depressingly long time. The Commonwealth’s capital of Camosan (on Camos (Vancouver) Island) is soon under bombardment by CM coalition Vaporemes. Confusingly, although the Pruddai were all along demanding the CM to stop the Commonwealth, they now protest the war saying it will only needlessly kill more people. Some people just can’t be pleased!

1341Commonwealth war

2095(1342) Camosan is close to falling while full out extermination camps for Aboriginals are built. The Capital is evacuated to Novo Londinium - a relatively large city in the middle of nowhere of the country.

Also this year, anesthetics are developed by Roman doctors in the field.

1342Commonwealth war

2096(1343) Cheap enough to own sponte appingo (typewriters) are invented in Scanatan ADAs

Cremor Glacies, is invented by Servilia Nalia Jistonia. It soon has many flavours and she opens a parlour called [if it were English] ‘Nalia’s’.

Also this year, Alexandros Vagionius Baiso of a Britannia Inf. ADA invents a device capable of scanning a piece of paper and sending an exact photo replica by telelexy to another such devise. It allows telelexy operators to send messages without having to re-enter the message into the transmitter. They are called Scriptum Telelexy (Scixy machina)

The Commonwealth is forced to abandon its invasion of the Cuashium Confederation and most of its genocide programmes in order to protect Novo Londinium and other major cities.

A moderate revolt in Maialand forces Rome to transfer half a legion from the Commonwealth war. 1343Commonwealth war

2097(1344) Commonwealth forces are expelled from the Cuashium Confederation and the Cuashium do not begin offensives.

1344Commonwealth war

In Sinica, it is clear now that the country will fall to the revolutionaries. Emperor Ningon Mu Borjigin was moved to Sicilia where he begins living in exile. Also this year, a petra oleum tanker ship near Rullus Insula (the largest Island on Terranova’s northeastern coast) accidentally ran aground, spilling hundreds of metretii (tens of thousands of litres) of its cargo into the ecosystem. The spill is quickly clean up, though the chemicals used caused damage unto themselves.

2098(1345) The Commonwealth of Terranova’s government surrenders by the end of the year, the capital and most of the country is occupied by Roman, Nupiatican, and CM troops and all are relieved not to have to fight through another winter. 1345Commonwealth war

Seeing as the 'Babarorum Experiment' has been successful these past 10 years, in the end, the Commonwealth of Terranova becomes ‘Cai Terranovæ Territoria Concilii Mundi’ [The North-Western Terranovan Territories of the World Council (Northwest=Caus)]. With 58% of the former Commonwealth’s economy destroyed, the CM has a lot of work to do. To assist in the reconstruction, the CM forms the Transversarium Nationem Procuratonis Restauræ. Unfortunately, most Aboriginals that are released leave the country because their homes were destroyed, their communities killed off/exported/corrupted, and their confidence and comfort dissolved. The DMZ is removed.

Upon inspections of the Commonwealth's genocide programmes, it was found that their mechanical computing systems were more advanced than any other in the world. The development of systems with such innovative complexity had been specifically motivated to deal with the heavy traffic of those being 'processed' by the Commonwealth's programmes. Soon the technology and techniques were spread by the CM to help improve its own, more benevolent, programmes.

Also this year, the CM moves its headquarters from Riepus City in India to Caluula in Babarorum on the tip of Africa’s horn.

Due to assistance given to the Cuashium during the war, the Confederation becomes slightly more open in diplomacy. Negotiations prove a success and the CM’s reputation is somewhat repaired in these trying times.

Also this year, double tubed tires are invented by Manius Robnius Thomius in a Britannia Inf. ADA. They allow pneumatic tires to be made separately from the wheel well for easier tire replacement.

Also this year, due to the interweaving of the Alps provinces populations, roads, provincial laws, etc. A referendum is held to unite the three tiny provinces to make them more efficient. The results will be in by the beginning of the next year.

2099(1346) Sinica’s cultural revolution has ended. Millions have been exiled and imprisoned, and about half a million have been killed. In these ten years, it is estimated 90% of Sinica’s historic artifacts and literature spanning over 3500 years were destroyed and/or lost. Emigrants brought much but hardly a majority to other countries. The President of this Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo (People’s Republic of Sinica), the same general in charge from the start, Zedong Xun, closes off all exterior trade and agreements with the world while he begins transforming Sinica into an incredible industrial mammoth. Many of the nations adjacent to Sinica begin sliding into depressions over night since Sinica provided a safe and secure gateway of trade between the far-east and west while Sinica itself was relatively self sustaining. The CM expands its policy of war against the revolutionaries as total; invasions, bombings, and espionage begin in earnest. Unfortunately, with Xun’s revamping of tax policy, and forced job assignment programmes, Sinica begins turning retreats into victories over a dominantly Roman invasion. With the economy quickly faltering, the Pruddai encourage peaceful negotiations with the new Sinica and experiments for retooling the economy.

The Alpes referendum rules against integrating the provinces. The Senate begins plans another to take place by 2115(1362).

Also this year, the Cylindri Papyros Mechanatoris is invented by Raesod Mars Flavianus in a Scanatan ADA. This press has impressions carved into a cylinder, allowing continuous printing on rolls of paper.

After many years of public activism by the Pruddai, the Roman Senate agreed to outlaw the poaching, taxidermation, sale, purchase, and ownership for less than five years of ivory or any other derivative of elephants in the empire. Many elephant species were now near extinction. It was among the first major restrictions to poaching made by a government.

2100(1347) Advances in the knowledge of the workings of subatomic particles begin theories for generating power by fission.

Senatorial2100 1347

The Pruddai:
The Commonwealth War and Sinican Revolution:
The Coldwar began:

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian