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The 2017 Venus Cup is going to be the second CFV Venus Cup, the quadrennial Venus championship for men's national football teams organized by CFV. It is taking from 12 June 2017 to 27 June 2017 in Hilal, after the country was awarded the hosting rights in 2013 at the inaugural Venus Cup. Hilal was chosen to host the Venus Cup because of its efforts to promote football inside Hilal and to showcase a modern Arab nation.

Host Selection

Before the 2013 Venus Cup in which the host country was to be selected, CFV announced that they would be looking for bids from the lesser countries of Venus. Kennedy, Hilal, Scientological State, and Cukursia formally declared their candidacy, but the Scientological State was forced to remove its self due to its strict religious views. Voting at the 2013 Venus Cup became very intense due to alligations of corruption, and Hilal won even though major suspicion about corruption arsied.


Selection for the Venusian cup is determined by a poll of sports experts around Venus. The poll went into effect one year and two months before the Venusian cup was set to begin. The ranking is completed by 65 experts who each list the top 10 teams excluding the automatic qualifiers (defending champions, and host nation). After one year and two months before the Venus Cup, the top six ranked teams and the automatic qualifiers qualify for the Venus Cup. Polls are released monthly and currently Nova Britannia is ranked number one.

Automatic Qualifiers
Rankings as of 12 June 2016
  1. Flag of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven) New Kamchatka
  2. Flag of Nova Britannia (Venusian Haven) Nova Britannia
  3. Flag of New Florida (Venusian Haven) New Florida
  4. Flag of Kennedy (Venusian Haven) Kennedy
  5. Flag of Tianlin (Venusian Haven) Tianlin
  6. Flag of Cukursia (Venusian Haven) Cukursia
  7. Flag of Ostland (Venusian Haven) Ostland
  8. Japanese Venus flag by Hellerick 3 Saiygo
  9. Flag of Ivars d'Urgell Albany
  10. Flag of the Scientological State (Venusian Haven) Scientological State

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