Events which happened from 2014-2010 in the Diversa Pars II Map Game.



  • The United States of America celebrate their first year of existence, it is relatively stable with a strong economy. However, after years of separation, cultural differences are a problem for the future of the U.S.
  • Brazil continues to decline from its former powerful self. The country may collapse soon.


  • After many years of separation, Scotland and England merged to form the United Kingdom with Queen Elizabeth II the monarch. This is called the Act of 2014. The capital of this new nation is London. The future is looking better for Britain.
  • Greece continues to owe a lot of money to Germany and the EU.
  • Nothing mich else happens except from all the countries fighting the Caliphate and ISIS.


  • After years of dominance over North Africa and the Middle East the so called 'Caliphate' is finally defeated in Cario in the most bloodiest battle ever seen in the 21st century. Most of the leaders are dead but a few escape to Syria and starts a group there called 'ISIS'.
  • North Africa continues to recover from the Caliphate rampage.
  • Talks begin between South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho to make an Union called the 'Greater South African Union'.

Asia and Oceana:

  • The Syrian Civil War begins between ISIS and Syria, all nations on Earth help to fight the evil Caliphate once and for all. They will be defeated soon.
  • Nothing else happens.


North America

  • After years of brutal fighting, the Northern confederacy defeats the Southern American Republic, as well as the western states of America, thus declaring the United States of America.
  • Eastern and western Canada unify.


  • The Jókaie dynasty of France is finally defeated, and France is reformed as a republic.
  • England and Scotland begin to consider Union.
  • And major economic resection in Eastern Europe appears to end, but the economy is fragile and largely propped up by loans from the west
  • The Holy See gains independence from Italy after several Pro-Catholic riots.


  • The caliphate sees its first major strategic defeat at the Seuz canal, and in Egypt and Libya support for the cause begins to dissipate.
  • Madagascar gains independence from England via referendum, thus becoming the last European colony to gain independence
  • After Years of fighting, Ethiopia withdraws from Sudan.


  • China and Japan officially end a mutual trade embargo, but relations are strained.
  • The kingdom of Khmer falls apart, and Vietnam and Cambodia are created.
  • Afghanistan gains independence from Pakistan.
  • Russia Grants Kazakhstan independence.


North America

  • The Northern confederacy bombs major industrial centres in the Southern American Republic, as well as the Western States of America.
  • Pro-Northern Confederacy Eastern Canada invades pro-Southern American Republic Western Canada in an attempt to unify Northern North America.


  • France's economy collapses due to intense population decline and labor shortages due to a low fertility rate of 1.2 births per woman. The French are considering using immigration to offset negative growth.
  • Russia enters a second collapse driven by a dip in global commodity demand, Russia's far Eastern and Muslim parts secede from it, with Korea annexing much of Outer Manchuria.
  • The collapse of the Russian sphere of influence causes a major recessionary period in Eastern Europe.


  • Liberalists in the Caliphate demand socio-economic liberalisation, with riots taking place in every major city.
  • The East African community unites.
  • The Caliphate continues to control Egypt, Libya, Israel, Jordan and North Sudan. This year it loses Mecca in the Battle of Mecca. This is a major blow for the Caliphate being that is the capital and the most defended place in the Caliphate. The capital is relocated to Cairo. The Caliph promises to recapture Mecca and begins to push into East Arabia. Caliphate loses Tunisia, a bit of East Libya, North Sudan and East Jordan. In all these areas progress is as slow as ever. Rebels begin in the Caliphate.


  • Korea's population hits 120 million with 80 million Koreans, 15 million Han Chinese, 10 million Manchus, 1 million Japanese, and 4 million people categorised as "other".
  • China begins a hard-landing in economic growth and reaches a recession. China's policy of transferring wealth into its interior causes its coastal provinces, with its different interests, to rebel. China's central government weakens and eventually provinces become increasingly autonomous. Japan and Korea take advantage and create spheres of influences within China.
  • The Philippine economy surpasses Indonesia in terms of total GDP, with labour fleeing there after Chinese collapse.
  • You have to keep in mind, the events have to lead up to the way the world is today. Also, population for Korea is too high, even if it is unified (it isn't) and the Philippine economy thing is both ASB and does not lead up to a world like our own. AND NO LIBERALS IN THE CALIPHATE ~Fires


North America

  • The continent remains relatively peaceful throughout the year, despite major disputes going on between nations.

South America

  • The continent also remains mostly peaceful, but with a diplomatic issue ending between Columbia and Argentina over various territorial claims.


  • Hungary joins the EU.


North America

  • Nunavut parts to join Western Canada and becomes a territory of Western Canada.


  • Croatia joins the EU.
  • Finally, after decades of Dutch speaking rule in Southern Netherlands, Belgium declared independence from Netherlands via referendum.
  • Finland sells its territories, including Gulf of Finland islands, Karelian Isthmus, Ladoga Karelia, Salla, Rybachy Peninsula and Petsamo, to Russia for monies, thus creating economical declines of the Russian Federation.


  • Western Sahara becomes independent from Morocco as Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, but Morocco continues control and administers them as southern provinces.


  • The Russo-Japanese border conflicts ends with a minor Russian victory. OTL Sakhalin Oblast is ceded from Japan to Russia and hopes to resettle this oblast with lots of Russians, but Japanese will stay here, speaking both Japanese and Russian. Thus, the Japanese Autonomous Oblast is created.
  • Bangladesh, after having massive protests against Indian popularity as a state, declares itself independent from India as the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

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