The Alaskan general election of 2014 will be held on May 14th, 2014, as required by the 1994 Constitution of Alaska, in which the date of an election is designated as the second Wednesday in May. The ruling Center Coalition will defend 202 seats in the Duma against the Conservative Coalition (141 seats) and the Left Alliance (formerly Liberal Coalition; 57 seats). Svetlana Karalova, Premier of Alaska, is widely expected to be confirmed as the leader of the Center Coalition by the May 14, 2012 deadline of filing leadership candidates with the Committee of Elections. Sergey Akayev was elected via instant runoff voting to represent the Conservative Coalition in the elections on April 3, 2012, and his candidacy has been filed. The Left Alliance is expected to select its candidate at the coalition conference in Kialgory April 23-26.

In a change from the 2010 elections, the Liberal Coalition changed it's name to the "Left Alliance" to fully identify itself as the parties representing the left and to ensure voters that it's membership was fully committed to the future, due thanks in large part to minimal losses in 2010 (a net loss of six seats as opposed to the expected 10+). In September of 2010, the former Reform Party disbanded and its membership officially declared fealty to the Progress Party. The new Progress Party, with 31 seats in the Duma, constitutes more than half of the Left Alliance, and it is widely expected that party leader Dmitri Boganov will stand as coalition leader.

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