The Philippine Union.

The Philippine Uprising is the uprising of the Philippine Union. It started on June 3, 2014 when the Republic of the Philippines' reviewed the Treaty of Paris, after public consolidation. The treaty was then given under the Philippines' jurisdiction from the United States of America, having droped occupation from the Philippines in 1946, legally having sovreignty under multiple islands such as Borneo and the Spratly Islands. The Philippines, together with their ally, the United States of America began a new coalition, gaining back territory from established nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia, however with their own public unrest. Thus, the Philippine Union was born.


Philippine Union

Flag of the Philippine Union Philippines (Mainland)

MASPH Malaysian Islands

INPH Province of Indonesia

THPH Province of Thailand

Flag of Brunei Province of Brunei

Flag of Vietnam Province of Vietnam

Flag of Laos Province of Laos

Flag of Cambodia Province of Cambodia



Flag of the People's Republic of China PR China

Timeline & News

June 3-29, 2014: Flag of the Philippines Philippines vs Flag of Malaysia Malaysia (Entrance to Sabah)                                                      

The Philippines made a statement to Malaysia a month before the stand-off. However, Malaysia rejected all claims of the Philippines claiming Sabah or any of their subsequent territories. Thus, after multiple negotiations being rejected, a stand-off at Sabah began. Militant forces from Malaysia were sent to Mindanao at the Philippines' Public Office in the region. The Philippines' Special Action Force fought against the militant groups. Special forces were brought in without any public knowledge. After 28 days, the Philippines gained ground in Sandakan and local forces seceded to the militant forces. Meanwhile, public outcry was heard and the PNP General forced the militant forces to halt their operations until a compromise could be agreed upon.

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