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2014: The Philippine Uprising

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The Philippine Union.

The Philippine Uprising is the uprising of the Philippine Union. It started on June 3, 2014 when the Republic of the Philippines found out that through the Treaty of Paris, they rightfully owned several other countries. The Philippines, together with their ally, the United States of America took control over multiple countries. Thus, the Philippine Union was born.


On June 3, 2018, the Republic of the Philippines and the Monarchy of Malaysia went into war over the Sabah. The Philippines' side has said that the Treaty of Paris clearly stated that the Sabah is their territory, although Malaysia has denied it multiple times and has stated their own treaties as well. Due to this, a 26-day war fell into place. After all this, Malaysia surrendered and thus the whole mainland was occupied by the Philippines. The Malaysian government was now under the Philippine rule and the whole Malaysia was dissolved and became the Malaysian Islands of the Philippines. The new Malaysian military, under the Philippine rule, both attacked and occupied multiple other Southeast Asian nations.The Mega-military has also failed to occupy Taiwan, although the Treaty of Paris had stated that it is also Philippine territory due to the Republic of China rebelling against the new Philippine Union.


Philippine Union

Flag of the Philippine Union Philippines (Mainland)

MASPH Malaysian Islands

INPH Province of Indonesia

THPH Province of Thailand

Flag of Brunei Province of Brunei

Flag of Vietnam Province of Vietnam

Flag of Laos Province of Laos

Flag of Cambodia Province of Cambodia



Flag of the People's Republic of China PR China

Timeline & News

June 3-29, 2014: Flag of the Philippines Philippines vs Flag of Malaysia Malaysia (Stand-off at Sabah)                                                       The Philippines made a statement to Malaysia a month before the stand-off. However, Malaysia rejected all claims of the Philippines claiming Sabah. Thus, after multiple negotiations being rejected, a stand-off at Sabah started. The Philippines' Special Action Force fought against Malaysia's Army. After 28 days, the Philippines prevailed.

July 2, 2014:  MASPH End of the Malaysian Monarchy and the Creation of the Malaysian Islands               After the Philippines won the war, Malaysia became a province of the Philippines. All citizens have now changed their citizenship to Filipino and they were given freedom of religion. But even if this was done, the Malaysian flag was changed to the new Malaysian Islands flag to reflect Christianity 

July 3-27, 2014:  MASPH Strikes at Malacañang                                                                                                       After all of the changes, multiple Malaysians went on strike and multiple protests. Both the Malaysian and Philippine SWAT tried to hold back all the protests, although these were all successful. The Malaysians were able to reach the Malacañang Palace. A bloody riot against the SWAT and the protesters went on for several days. But realizing their efforts were useless, the protesters surrendered.

July 6: Flag of the Philippine Union Philippine Union vs Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China (Beginning of Territorial Disputes)          

The Philippines and the PRC even before the Philippine Union was formed were bitter enemies. Intense war has now begun in the region. The PhU has once again, brought in their ally, the United States of America. 

August 4: Flag of Indonesia Indonesia attacks Flag of the Philippine Union Luneta (Indonesia Declares War on the PhU)                                 

Seeing Malaysia being occupied by the PhU, Indonesia declared war on the PhU to avoid them being occupied. But their plan wasn't clearly thought out and led to a stand-off against the two nations at Luneta, Manila. Ultimately leading to Indonesian annexation.

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