2013 Kenopoian coup d'état

6 July 2013


7 July 2013


Egypt, Kenopia
Israel, Arabia
Eastern Lyrobia


Ramesses XII proclaimed Pharaoh
Egyptian Empire established
Calipha Sooraya overthrown and missing
Kenopia left without head of state
Kenopia loses Egypt
Foreign invasion of Egypt


Kenopian Caliphate

Ramessid Forces


Calipha Sooraya al-Qadir
Governor Mustafa Abduh †

General Ramesses XII
General Isis Nefertari
Lieutenant Zane Bahariya



100+ tanks

Casualties and Losses

200+ killed
1000+ innocent people


The 2013 Kenopian coup d'état took place on 6 July 2013.

The coup

On 6 July 2013 hundreds of tanks drove to the Cairo Palace, where Calipha Sooraya was present that month. Meanwhile a man named Dakarai announced to the people the time of oppression and unequality was over and announced soon a coup to overthrow the Calipha would take place. While some of the people were quite satisfied, the majority of the people went into panic. Dakari then personally stormed the Cairo Palace with many tanks, shooting down the guards of the palace. While his wife Isis Nefertari and Lieutenant Zane Bahariya commanded the other forces in the cities to kill the stationed military, he proceeded to take over the palace, where he confronted the calipha. In the main hall, he met the calipha and told her his plans. He ordered his soldiers to do whatever is necessary and proclaimed himself Ramesses XII Pharaoh of Egypt and established the Egyptian Empire.


The following day Ramesses XII ordered his other forces to kill all Kenopian forces who tried to resist the establishment of the empire. The cities of Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Luxor, al-Mansura and the other major cities were all occupied by the Ramessid forces, effectively establishing control over Egypt.

Foreign involvement

Not much later on 15 July, Ramesses XII ordered his now much larger armies to invade Lyrobia and Arabia, claiming some of their territory actually belong to Egypt. A month later, the Egyptian Empire has conquered Eastern Lyrobia, Israel, parts of Palestine and the Levant. On 7 September the Roman Empire bombed and invaded the empire, Egypt detonated a nuclear bomb on Constantinople as reaction.  More than 20 countries have declared war on the Egyptian Empire and some of them have already invaded the country.

Foreign reaction


  • 42StatesUSFlag United States of America: President Barack Obama stated that he deeply condemns the actions of the coup and warns the Egyptian Empire to not make things worse by invading countries
  • New Chinese Imperial Flag China: Empress Wu Shenglong said that China does not recognize the illegal establishment of a barbaric state out of a democracy
  • Khmerempireflag Khmer Empire: Empress Sayrana said that she thinks she can speak for all that the empire is an illegitimate state and should immediately surrender its so-called independence, she also said that Calipha Sooraya should be immediately be reinstated as the rightful leader
  • Flag of India India: Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi states that India does not support the evil rebellion that supports the Egyptian Empire
  • Flag of Palaeologus Emperor (stretched) Roman Empire: Empress Sophia-Theodora stated that the Roman Empire will take actions if Egypt does not reunify with Kenopia
  • SonghaiFlag Songhai Empire: Emperor Ismail Ture stated that the Songhai Empire strongly condemns the coup d'état

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