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Monster Attack

Live footage of the monster's attack on Fox News

The 2012 England Monster Attack is a disaster that struck Massachusetts of the United States of America on August 10th, 2012. It started when a 250-foot tall creature attacked and destroyed several cities of Massachusetts. The creature's path of destruction started in Boston and spread through several towns before ending at Worcester. The United States military battled the monster for 2 hours until finally resorting to nuking it, which finally killed it, but destroyed several neighborhoods surrounding Worcester.


8:34 AM, EST, Boston

The attack began when people who were on their way to their jobs were stuck in a traffic jam on the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. Suddenly, the ocean begins to look as if it were rising up from its foundation. This event takes on-lookers and tourists by surprise. They stop and stare in shock, as the true force is revealed. It was a 250-foot tall giant beast. It had 4 arms and 2 leg resembling that of a Tyrannosaurus. It had a thick tail with a club on it. It had grey skin and a thick hide and its roar was so loud it could shatter windows. The monster began to attack the bridge and destroyed it, killing hundreds of people on the bridge as cars fell into the water amid the falling steel and concrete. 

8:35 AM, EST, White House

In Washington DC, the President is called on the phone about the ongoing attack on the city of Boston. At first, the president think it's a joke, saying that monsters aren't real. But, then he is told to turn on the news, and he is horrified at the scene. He orders the military to go into Boston to kill this beast.

8:36 AM, EST Boston

The creature, which is dubbed, "Decimator" by the United Nations, makes landfall in Boston and began what would be a 46 mile rampage through Massachusetts. The creature tore its way through the city. The creature's attack was vicious and indiscriminate. FOX News was the first to broadcast this event live. After decimating the Financial District, the beast stomped through the Residential District, destroying countless buildings and taking countless lives. It was as if it was angry at humankind's arrogance. The monster destroyed the John Hancock Tower and Prudential Center, and severely damaged Fenway Park. The United Nations sent in the US military and Air Force to attack the creature, but all their military might did noting to stop the beast as it continued its onslaught. The rampage killed thousands of people.

8:40 AM, EST, Worcester

Destroyed Boston

Boston destroyed after the attack.

Scientists predicted that the monster will smash its way towards Worcester. An evacuation of several Massachusetts cities are ordered by the state government. Many people comply, but others don't. And it's not easy for those who do comply. Traffic is put at a standstill and is moving very slow as so many people and cars are trying to get out of the monster's path. 

8:56 AM, EST, Boston

In the midst of the destruction of Boston, military general Martin Allen was really hesitant to launch a nuke on the beast, knowing the damage it would cause so much damage to surrounding neighborhoods and contaminate the area. 

9:20 AM, EST, Framingham

Decimator arrived in Framingham and crushed everything in his way. FOX News reporter Jane Holmes managed to catch the creature's attack on Boston via helicopter. She was the reporter responsible for making the world aware of the monster's ongoing attack. Citizens in the Middlesex County became panicked and a military squad was sent to protect the county.

Back in Framingham, Decimator destroyed the Natick Area and stomped through the streets. People fled in panic and used their basements as shelters to keep themselves safe. It only made the situation worse as debris caved in from destroyed buildings and crushed them. Fighter jets unleashed everything they had, but the creature only swatted the jets out of the sky.

10:30 EST, Worcester

After destroying several towns, Decimator finally arrived in Worcester and laid waste to the city, killing tens of thousands of people. Witnessing the decimation of Worcester and realizing that their usual weapons would not be able to stop the monster, General Martin finally gave the order to launch a nuke. The nuke was dropped on the creature, finally killing it. But, it came at the cost of the entire suburban neighborhoods surrounding Worcester.


The attack left 2 cities and several towns destroyed, and tens of thousands of people were killed. It also crippled Masscahussetts' economy and tourism went down by 87%. The White House sent supplies of food and recovery to save the injured and starving, as the attack also crippled electricity and water lines. The attacked caused $100 billion in damages, and rebuilding went underway on January 2013.

Pacific Rim TV Spot 4 13

The monster dead after being nuked.

It is highly speculated how this creature was actually able to exist. Some people believe that the Fukushima disaster caused fallout in the ocean and mutated a blue whale, creating this massive creature. Some religious people believe it was God incarnated punishing them.

The origin of this monster is unknown, but thankfully, the attack had a chance of 1 in a trillion, meaning it was an isolated event.

On August 10th, 2013, the United States held a 1-year anniversary of the attack. A memorial was built and the skull of the monster was put on display at the Smithsonian.

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