Is a low fantasy Nuclear Alternative history by User:Chad Roberts. It`s year 2012 the world of Mildly crazy happened in world already second dark ages for now.

Point of divergence


It happened in the year of 2004 of American Uprising want to dissolved. The Republican party and some to Democratic party as their main goal along few nations with it. In next year President Obama declared resigned and exile to Kenya since. 2006 United States become a mild dystopic nation under Social Democrats & few polices with the new Constitution until other uprising happen few years later and near fall of USA. They formed few new republics later, In United Kingdom Developed societal collapse a big time...


War has begin in 2008 when near-all nations to against each other for months until they bombed each other and killing almost life in earth...


As aftermath mildly civilizations were put in hold and survive nearly WW3 and mutations are rarely airborne infected near-all in plant along with humans are slowly mutated and find away to cure those mutations within several years away from now...


More Info.

Post-apocalyptic world


  • Kingdom of New Wales (2008 -)
  • Buddhist Carolinan Empire (2009 -)
  • Unnamed Tribes (2008 -)

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