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2011 MLB Season (Napoleon's World)

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The 2011 Major League Baseball season was played between April and October 2011, beginning with the Champion's Classic between the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels and culminating in the 2011 World Series. The 2011 All-Star Game was held at Island Field in Wamash, Pacifica. The Brooklyn Dodgers were crowned the 2011 World Series Champions with their Game 7 victory in New Haven, Connecticut on October 28, 2011.

Divisional Champions

NL East: Brooklyn Dodgers

NL Central: Cincinnati Redshirts

NL South: Dallas Rangers

NL West: Vancouver Pioneers

AL East: Long Island Sounders

AL Central: Yorktown Indians

AL South: Miami Suns

AL West: San Diego Padres


ALDS: Miami Suns vs. San Diego Padres: Suns win 3-2

ALDS: Long Island Sounders vs. Yorktown Indians: Sounders win 3-0

NLDS: Vancouver Pioneers vs. Brooklyn Dodgers: Dodgers win 3-1

NLDS: Dallas Rangers vs. Cincinnati Redshirts: Rangers win 3-0

ALCS: Long Island Sounders vs. Miami Suns: Sounders win 4-2

NLCS: Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Dallas Rangers: Dodgers win 4-3

World Series: Long Island Sounders vs. Brooklyn Dodgers: Dodgers win 4-3

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