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2010 Kentucky General Elections (1983: Doomsday)

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The 2010 Kentucky general elections will take place on November 2, 2010. Voters across the Commonwealth of Kentucky will head to the polls to cast their ballots for the Presidency, the Kentucky Senate, the Kentucky House of representatives and various other local elections.

Presidential Election


On February 19th 2010 Kentucky President Jim Bunning announced that he would not seek a 3rd term as President leaving the field wide open for candidates to run. Although no one has announced their candidacy there are several potential candidates from all three of the main political parties.






Two dominating issues are on the minds of Kentuckians as they head to the polls this November.

  • The first being, whether or not to join the League of Nations. Despite having opened their doors to the world in recent years, a sizable group of Kentuckians still have very little interest in international issues. Most want to focus on regional issues and strengthening relations with other American survivor states.
  • Kentucky as of late has been abuzz over the issue of whether or not Kentucky should seek to acquire and annex more territory. Some see this as the natural progression for a new nation like Kentucky and see a slow but steady expansion as the way to go. Others believe that Kentucky should seek to expand as quickly as possible and that it should be one of if not the top priorities for the next administration. While other believe that Kentucky should annex territory only when absolutely necessary or simply remain the size they are.


At the beginning of the campaign, Kentucky voters were concerned about local and national issues with a very limited focus on relations with Virginia and other nearby nations. However on July 4th 2010 when the PUSA in the former plain states declared themselves to be the legitimate successor and continuation of the old United States of America. Since that time the debate has shifted to what Kentucky's response should be to these recent developments.

On September 16th, the official Republican candidate, John Hostettler's campaign imploded amid accusations of voter fraud and corruption. Hostettler withdrew from the race on the 21st.

The Republican Party was left with the obscure former Auditor General Edward Hatchett as the only Republican remaining in the race for President of Kentucky.

GOP operatives soon began to try persuade the conservative Democratic mayor of Evansville Brad Ellsworth to switch parties, arguing that he had a better chance of being elected as there were two other well known and relatively popular Democrats in the race.

Screen shot 2010-10-27 at 10.13.05 PM

Brad Ellsworth at a press conference announcing his decision to switch his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican

In what is now being dubbed the "October Surprise" Ellsworth announced that he would in fact switch parties citing what he saw as a "radical shift to the fringes of the far left" in the Democratic Party.

Election Day


Four days after Kentucky's general elections the Presidential results were still very much up in the air. Democrat turned Republican Brad Ellsworth, the mayor of Evansville and moderate Democratic Senator Ben Chandler are headed for a runoff scheduled for the 23rd of November. Local media estimates that Ellsworth captured 34% of the vote to Chandler's 32% with the remaining 34% divided between Democratic House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins, outgoing Secretary of Treasury Todd Hollenbach an independent and other minor candidates.


Ellsworth won the runoff easily and will be sworn when the results are certified.

County By County Results


Red indicates counties won by Ellsworth, Blue won by Democrats and gray indicated abandoned but controlled regions of Kentucky

Vice Presidential Election







Election Day

Independent Jim Ross won a plurality of the votes and faced off against Democrat Johnny Ray Turner.


Ross narrowly defeated Turner 51-49% in the runoff.

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